Bullying in the Workplace

The Reality and The Solution

³Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.Harvey S.´ . Firestone . Accept no one's definition of your life. but define yourself.

The Toxic Boss Case Study ± Presentation  Pg 540 from the HRM Textbook  Group Jawss  Ms. Sera Vosarogo. Mr Joe Caniogo. Ms Naomi Waqawai. William  .

Introduction  - Describe the case study Identify the Boss Identify the Worker Identify the Non Worker Culture at the workplace .

the manager in question is concerned for output and profit. and company performance and profits will slip. Steve Lambert. the company will lose its best performers. . The main stakeholders in this situation are Amy Levitt. Employees would feel that they should not be subject to such behaviour from a supervisor. the affected employee. the company may benefit in the short term from such a management style. but seem to be afraid to make a complaint. Amy Lewitt 3. Who are the stakeholder at this case? Explain their interest? Steve Lambert. Employees of OZ Int 1.Q1. 2. and has little interest in the feelings of his employees. but if it continues. other employees feeling the pressure of a bullying manager. and the company itself. Overall. 5. Jake Stern 4.

and hope that no negative consequences ensue. or start looking for another position. Another possibility that might bring the problem into better focus for the organisation would be for Amy to go on stress leave  . report the situation as bullying. Are there any legal implication on his behavior. If you were Amy. and getting out of the company as quickly as possible.Q2. Identify whether his behavior link with workplace bully. What would you do?     Seek help from professional such as Labour department or other organization Advice HRM if any about his style and skill of management. Keep an eye out for openings in the papers for other related jobs and work passively yet continue to search Some obvious choices are: continue as is and try to handle it.

        Constantly picked on workers Humiliated in front of colleagues Name calling Physical & Verbally abused workers Screaming at workers High demand for his worker Disturb worker while sleeping at 2am Bullying is demonstrated in behaviour such as telephone calls at inappropriate times.Q3. Identify the examples of bullying highlighted in this case. throwing a sandwich and screaming at the personal assistant. .

.work etc Seek consultation with management on addressing the workplace bully in the workplace Set up a policy on workplace bully Advice on Legal Implication Work within the frame work of Labour Laws . Explain how you will deal with them if happened to you? you?          Understand what is workplace bully Identify the signs of a TB Educate staff on workplace bully Talk to staff how they feel about the boss.Q3b.

Ultimately. creating a human capital problem. leading to poor customer relations. negative organisational culture and the like. system degradation.to long-term this will affect the organisation¶s effectiveness. Over the medium. if the problem is not resolved profits will be severely diminished .Q4. What long term cost(financial or non financial) may OZ International face because of Steve Managements Style  - It can reduce: efficiency Productivity Profitability Unsafe work environment Increase absentiseem Sick leave and staff turnover A bullying supervisor will drive people out of the company.

-Unpleasant working enviroment .Culture of fear . high staff turnover Counselling -Retraining of new staff Compensation claim Legal Actions Non Cost Factor.Q4. What long term cost(financial or non financial) may OZ International face because of Steve Managements Style  - Cost Factor ±losing good employees.- - .Low Moral and employee self esteem.

Advice for the employee concerned should include a discussion of her legal rights in the situation. some representation should be made at the executive level. and a commitment to have something done about the bullying behaviour of the manager .Q5. Depending on the influence of the HR manager in the company. If you were the HRManager at OZ International and Jo and Amy came to you separately for advice what would you do?   Assured them that you will take action. and also record all the time and behavior of Steve bullyness Talk to Steve about the labour laws and explain on the implication of workplace discriminations and its effect on the organization Explain some worse case scenari  o The company faces a legal issue in regard to bullying and the HR manager should be aware of this.

Q5. If you were the HRManager at OZ International and Jo and Amy came to you separately for advice what would you do? Identify the behavior link to workplace bully  Allow him to think and his feedback  Than propose to conduct training and formulation of the workplace bully policy  .

and deal with complaints promptly and confidentially.Try to work out solutions before the situation gets serious or out of control.  Treat all complaints seriously.  .  Educate everyone about what bullying is. and to whom they can go for help.

whether or not a formal complaint has been filed.Train managers and supervisors in how to deal with complaints and potential situations.  Have an impartial third party help with a resolution if necessary.  . Encourage them to address situations promptly.

Failure to do so is simply bad management  Workers are seen to be an expense not as a human capital  Act as soon as possible  .Conclusion Workplace have ethical. legal and business obligations to provide employee with a safe and health working environment.

Conclusion Exposed the organisation to excessive risk and legal liability  HR Managers must be at the forefront in promoting safe and healthy work enviroments and stimulating managers to be aware of and accept their responsibility.  .

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