´Intra-Corporate Entrepreneur.µ


Intrapreneur A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk taking and innovation.  . Intrapreneurs have entrepreneurial skills blended with managerial skills but operate within the confines of an organization.

Any of the ´ Dreamers who doµ. Those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an Organisation. service or process & work to bring their vision to fruition within the framework of a large organization. .Defined as«  Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs who stay home. managers who catch hold of new idea for product.

They want responsibility & have a strong need for individual expression & more freedom in their present ORG.y Individuals who believe strongly in their own talents. frequently desire to create something of their own. structure No freedom² frustration at work & become less productive² leave ORG to achieve selfactualization elsewhere y y .

Causes for interest in Intrapreneurship y Intrapreneurship increased due to Hyper competition. Individual who believe strongly in their own talents frequently desire to create something of their own. y .

Innovations gives new life to the Business y Frequent y Achieve y Become goals more faster business leader instead of being follower of the competitors .How does Business benefit? y Firms create competitive advantages by discovering new and better ways to compete in an industry.

How do Intrapreneurs benefit? y Flexibility y Less restrictions but supportive environment y Recognition y Their ideas are vehicles towards advancement value to organization y Increased .

trial & error must be encouraged. y Ideas & general areas supported by top management should be identify. y Experimentation.Implementing the Intrapreneurship Culture y Encourage employees to be creative y New Ideas must been encouraged. by top management. y Inhibiting creative problem solving y Money & human resources must be available on the line . y Secure commitment to intrapreneurship in the Org. supported & experimented.

Intraprenur should free to alter plan to achieve success as he sees it. A multi.Implementing the Intrapreneurship Culture y y y y y y Organisation needs to use more technology to make itself more flexible. .discipline team-wok approach need to be encouraged. Must have to learn to be more proactive with fewer resources Has to establish strong support culture Reward system has to develop.

and exchanges y Encourage employees to develop through training programs. y More fair evaluation system has to form.Implementing the Intrapreneurship Culture y Treat intrapreneurial teams as profit centers rather than as cost center y Allow team members a variety of options in jobs. in innovation efforts. alliances. .


Intraprenural Qulaities y y y y y Intraprenurs are visionary leaders. They posses creativity & understand the internal & external environment. . Always encourage open discussion. They encourage teamwork They always uses multi disciplined approach.

Companies that get it y 3M Post-It Notes y Apple Ipod y Google Orkut Google News .

000 employees.3M y Formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. y With over 76. a suburb of St. medical products electronic circuits and optical films. Paul.000 products. is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based in Maplewood. . Minnesota. laminates. abrasives. electronic materials. passive fire protection. including: adhesives. dental products. they produce over 55.

a co-worker. Spencer shared his idea through seminars in which he shared the features (and benefits) of this semi-adhesive to fellow 3M employees. Finally.Example:Example:. Art Frey.(Post it Notes) y y y y 3M scientist Spencer Silver invented a not so sticky adhesive in 1968. But no one really caught the vision of his product for five long years. recognized the need for Spencer's idea! .

y . he found he could keep them secured in place and then easily peel them off when he was done.. he decided he'd try using some non-permanent adhesive that was available at his workplace.CONTD. By placing this adhesive on the back of his markers. y After attempting various methods.

a company that encourages employees to spend no less than 15 percent of their time at work developing their own ideas and projects.. Twenty-five years later.Contd. y The man took his new discovery to the management at 3M. Post-It Notes¨ continue to be one of 3M's top-grossing products. With the company's support. the resourceful man researched and developed a new product. y y .

Conclusion y You don't have to own a large corporation to foster intrapreneurship. and then give them the time. space and resources needed to turn those ideas into reality. y . All you need is the ability to encourage employees to develop new ideas.

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