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Organizational Development Batch- SP3

Name Of The Members 1. Sonal 2. Sonia 3. Jitendar 4. Sahikant 5. Meha

What Is Human Resource Intervention?

Human Resource Is The Manpower Of The Firm, Which We Utilize To Maximize The Output Of Other Resources Available. An intervention is a series of planned actions or events performed to help the organization increase its effectiveness.

Human Process Interventions


Training and Development Process Consultation and Team Building Third-party Interventions (Conflict Resolution) Organization Confrontation Meeting Intergroup Relationships Large-group Interventions

Need for Human Resource Interventions in Schools

A school as service organization works towards the goal of imparting quality educational services to its customers the students. Like Other Organizations, human Capital is the main asset of an educational institution as well.

This intervention usually involves working with the two groups separately before bringing them together. They establish common goals and negotiate changes in how the groups interface.

Three human resource interventions

Career planning and development

Workforce Diversity

Employee Stress And Wellness

Career planning and development Career- The series of work-related positions a person occupies through life. Career planning and development are concepts which include all those events either happening to or initiated by individuals which affect a person's progress or . promotion.

Career development is the process which enables an organization to meet its current and projected manpower requirement, through provision of career opportunities for its employees. It aims at optimizing the effectiveness of human resources of the organization.

Responsibility for ones own career


clear about what you want out of life

Spend time on self-analysis and selfreflection

Know your skills, abilities, values, aspirations, wants, needs, dreams and personal style

How People Choose Careers


Social Background

Career Career Choice Choice



Efforts to improve employees ability to perform the task efficiently.

Focusing on the strength and weakness of the employee.

Introducing individual development plans, providing training and assessment.

Objectives Of Career Planning And Development

To secure the right person at the right time, in the right place. To ensure that the road to the top is open for all. To facilitate effective development of available talent. To impart to the employee maximum satisfaction, consistent with their qualifications, experience, competence, performance. To strengthen the organization's manpower retention programmes based on adequacy of career compensation, motivation management. It seeks to improve the organization's ability to attract and retain high talent personnel, since outstanding employees always are scarce and they usually find considerable degree of competition to secure their services.

Workforce Diversity

Dr. Edward E. Hubbard- A collective mixture characterized by differences and similarities that get applied in pursuit of organizational objectives. In layman's term, Workforce diversity means people from different culture coming together to achieve a given set of task.

Impact of cultural differences on work climate




Work Force



Bias in policies

Goal of Workforce Diversity


identify, attract, and retain the best people of each group.

To create a workplace where that talent can perform at its best to maximize shareholder value. To assess and understand the diversity of the marketplace and ensure we are responding to customers as they are, not as we want them to be.

Recent statistics on discretionary income by ethnic group in the US

Asians Hispanics African Americans Native Americans Gays and lesbians Those w/disabilities Women Mature Total $253.8 billion $452.5 billion $572.1 billion $34.8 billion $540 billion $796 billion $1.046 trillion $1.1 trillion $7 trillion in US buying power in minorities.

Business Approach: To Workforce Diversity

We must view all citizens in all countries as potential customers. When we find someone who wants to buy, we have to be able to connect them with someone who wants to sell---not someone who looks like them. Understanding that no matter who you are, you will have to work with co-workers and customers who are different than you.

Employee stress and wellness

Stress is the condition when the demand placed upon people exceed our perceived capacity . And the inability to balance work and family has been linked to reduced work performance, higher employee turnover, poor morale, increased work conflict and inequities in workloads

Employee Stress- The True Cost

Absenteeism- Stressed-out employees are more likely to

miss work due to health related problems. Litigation- This is the point when people feel helpless, They feel they have no control over their lives, they are more likely to resort to extreme measures. Accidents- Stress causes a narrowing of attention, preoccupation, and fatigue- stressed-out employees trying to do more with less are also likely to take shortcuts which lead to accidents. Violence- workers who feel unsafe suffer the same level of stress as the actual victims. Violence is both a cause and a consequence of employee stress.

Customer Service Problems- Having stressed-out and depleted employees serve the public virtually guarantees alienated customers. This can have very serious effects on the bottom line The Loss of Intellectual Capital- The downward spiral of high stress, diminished performance, and negative consequences creating more stress results in a gradual erosion of an organization's intellectual and interpersonal capacity

Procedures for Dealing with employee stress and wellness

Create a work atmosphere that promotes balance. A balance between work and family, a balance between stressful and nonstressful tasks, a balance between tasks that demand deadlines and those that do not. Remember to recognize and reward employees for their accomplishments and contributions. Allow humor and fun to take place in the workplace.

Allow employees to chat at work. Chatting about non-work related events is one way in which employees can decrease and prevent burnout at work. Allow employees periods of low productivity along with periods of high productivity. It is okay to ask your employees to give 110% occasionally but not everyday.

Final Conclusion