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Stats: 80% of voters search for information and news online (Pew Internet Project)

Voters andPRESENTATION TITLE reporters 26% of voters get their news and information are looking forWILL DOabout politics fromNew Poll Reveals Trends in your (Tulchin Research, Facebook and Twitter HERE Facebook, Twitter, and iPhone Use Among campaign online, Voters) and the media look 89% of reporters source stories on blogs, 65% on Facebook and Twitter (Cision Media Survey) to the web for 57% of voters rely solely on the internet to get their daily news (Pew Internet Project) breaking news.

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Stats: 44% of voters in 2006 reported information they found online influenced who they voted for. (The Internet and Politics by Sarah Oates, Diana Marie Owen, Rachel K)

New media, social PRESENTATION TITLE media in general, DO HERE WILL allows you to influence voters and media to convince them you can win.

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Stats: RESOLVE was able to shift public perception of embryo donations 8% by using only online ads. (Chong + Foster RESOLVE Case Study)

New media allows PRESENTATION TITLE you to tell the story DO HERE WILL of your success in near real time and change voters¶ perceptions of you as a candidate.

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Stats: The largest growing demographic on social networks, and the most reliable voting block, are adults age 45 or older.

The internet is the PRESENTATION TITLE quickest and WILL DO75% of adults age 18 to 24, 57% of adults age 25 HERE to 34, and 35% of adults over the age of 45 have cheapest form of a presence on at least one major social network. That equals over 50% of adults online. mass communication (Pew Generations Online 2009 Report) available to campaigns.

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Stats: The average online giving amount between Generation X and Baby Boomers is $850 per year.

The internet is the PRESENTATION TITLE most cost-effective, DOThe average conversion rate of supporters to WILL HERE donors from email marketing programs is 3%, efficient means of three times greater than of direct mail. (Convio Online Giving Benchmark Study, 2010) fundraising, and provides you access to money within a day.

How to Start a New Media Program
1. Find your target audience online and talk to them.

PRESENTATION TITLE 2. Create a compelling online presence around engaging supporters. WILL DO HERE
3. Establish a presence on the right social media sites. 4. Begin with the basics and work your way up. 5. Integrate new media into every area of your campaign. 6. Give people opportunities to get involved online and offline.

You Will Need Tools to Manage
Website Voter Data Email

Forms Analytics Monitor

Common Mistakes
1. T(oo) M(uch) I(nformation):

PRESENTATION TITLE 2. "Sunshine Disinfects´ WILL DO HERE Sending emails that do not have a clear ask or that do not tie the ask to the
general theme.

Post content people do not want to know or don¶t need to know.

3. ³Speaking Mandarin to a Frenchman´
Using the right writing style on the wrong online medium.

4. Casting the net too wide
Creating an online presence on too many social media site and not being able to manage it.

Questions? PRESENTATION TITLE Riche Zamor, Partner WILL DO HERE (617) 299-9194 @socialcontxt

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