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Introduction to Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP)

1 06/16/2011

Agenda Topics
 What is SCIP and why is it important to you?  How do you obtain a SCIP account?  SCIP Operations Overview and Communities Introduction
 Case Information
Case Status, Ad Hoc Reports Inputs requisitions and SDRs FMR Case Sheets

 Case Execution (e.g. EFTS)

Partner Info

 SCIP Help  Practical Hands-On Exercises utilizing SCIP Book

2 06/16/2011

What is SCIP and what does it do?

Web portal ( to MILDEP and DoD system info for FMS (case development, execution, closure), Security Cooperation (i.e. Pseudo programs), etc. Tri-Service View SCIP introduced in 2003 and its capabilities continue to expand and improve! Passes inputs to MILDEP case execution systems: Requisitions Requisition Cancellations Requisition Modifiers Requisition Follow-ups SDRs and Attachments
Freight Tracking transactions
3 06/16/2011

Provides information via formatted reports and ad hoc queries:

Provides access to: Enhanced Freight

Tracking System (EFTS)

FMS Case Status Case Lines Active Requisitions Payment Schedules

Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDRs) FMR Sheets

EUM SCMS Other DoD and commercial web sites and information (i.e. DLA, etc.)


Where does SCIP get its data from?


(Air Force)

(Air Force)





DAILY Data Extracts



End Users
7001 Web

Portal Communications Server

Portal Database Server

4 04/22/2011 06/16/2011

Expectation Management
 Todays brief:
 Introduction and overview only NOT all features/capabilities  Will NOT make you an expert in SCIP  SCIP CANNOT answer all your questions but its a GREAT starting point!  Patience is a virtue!  There is NO access to the actual LOA or billing statement (DD-645 and

SCIP features / capabilities:

 Limited financial data  Un-programmed funds rolled up  No breakdown by commitments, obligations, expenditures  Data accuracy depends on MILDEP legacy systems (SAMIS, CISIL, MISIL, etc.)  Does NOT Automatically migrate EUM data to the EUM Community  Limited requisition data - Open  90 days only, and dependent upon MILDEP legacy systems for inputs
5 06/16/2011

 It is a priority for DSCA


Why is SCIP Important to you?

SAMM Policy Memo 11-08 (FEB 10, 2011) SCIP Capabilities
This memorandum should be given widest dissemination USG personnel and SCOs are encouraged to become familiar with SCIP's full capabilities.

 Foreign Purchaser, SCOs, COCOM, etc. has access 

 Know what they are looking at basis of their questions Provides capabilities and info that would otherwise have to be case funded  SAMM Policy Memo 06-25 (MAY 17, 2006) FMS Case Related Functions &
Funding Source: Standard Level of Service = Admin

 You can utilize when on TDY to get case info  Info and capabilities that augment MILDEP systems
6 06/16/2011

EFTS, EUM, SCMS, Corporate, ICUG, FPG, etc. FMR Case Sheets Ad Hoc Report Capabilities to find your case management answers

 Portal to Navy case management & execution tools

Case Execution and Closure

 Retrieving data from SCIP is not part of the Standard Level of Service
provided under the FMS Admin surcharge since the FMS purchaser can pull this data. If the FMS purchaser requests that USG personnel provide data readily available in SCIP, this should be considered a service and included on an FMS case. The purchaser should be encouraged to utilize the SCIP for day-today information on one or more specific case(s). Face-to-face or formal meetings to review a specific case should be rare and considered only when significant issues impact cost, schedule, or performance of the case. Each FMS case must include a note that states the number and type of reviews provided as part of the Standard Level of Service for that case. This note must be updated during the life of the FMS case as required based on changes in the program.
SAMM (DoD 5105.38-M) Table C5.T6. Case-Related Manpower Functions and Funding Source Rows #12, 15, and 18

7 06/16/2011

How do I get SCIP access? USG and International Accounts

USG: User, Supervisor, & Security Manager International: Contact your Host Nation Token Administrator (HNTA) ALL: Fill out Registration Request (SAAR) Form at  Online fillable form still need to print & sign  Sample forms (e.g. SCO, COCOM, LES, FP, etc.) posted

on DISAM network (S:\@SCIP Sample Registration Forms)

All FAX requests go to 717-605-9082 All EMAILS go to:


If the correct SAAR form is not sent to correct address, registration will be rejected and returned for resubmission through the correct channels.

SCIP Registration

Click to complete online SAAR form

9 06/16/2011

Online fillable SAAR Form

When you access the Registration Form you will now use a fillable form. Screen is only part of the total 8 page form need to specify country and/or program info that you are required and authorized to view and get access to on SCIP. You will still have to print it out, sign and get supervisor signature, and security data/signature

10 06/16/2011

Who are the SCIP Users?

In-Country Personnel USG DoD SCO (US) SCO Employee (FN) International Purchaser International Purchaser Agents Freight Forwarders (US/FN)

USG - DoD DSCA SC Headquarters Orgs (US) SC Field Activities (US) COCOMs (US) MILDEP Users (US) USG Contractors (US)

USG - Non-DoD Justice/Treasury (US) State Department (US)

International Purchaser Representatives International Organizations Embassy Personnel (FN) NATO, etc. (FN/US) SAFR/SALO/FLO (FN)

7001 Web
04/22/2011 06/16/2011

SCIP Token Accounts and Access How Active??

Afghanistan Albania Antigua & Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Canada

Chile Colombia Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Guyana Hungary India Indonesia Iraq

Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea Kuwait Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Mauritius Malta Mexico Moldova Morocco

South Africa NAMA Spain NAMSA St Kitts Nevis NATO Sweden NATO E3A Netherlands Switzerland New Zealand Taiwan Thailand Nicaragua Tunisia Norway Turkey Oman United Arab OAS * Emirates Pakistan Philippines United Kingdom Poland Uruguay Portugal Yemen Romania Saudi Arabia Singapore Slovenia Slovak Republic

Source: SCIP PMO Host Nation Token Administrator (HNTA Jan 2011)

Internet Web Address

USG personnel use CAC. International Partners use a TOKEN.

13 06/16/2011

SCIP Token Access

Security via Token Access Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit Encryption Physical Token Access Method LOGIN requires both (1) USERID and (2) Passcode (1) USERID = FirstInitialLast Name (e.g. FSmith) (2) Passcode = PIN + Token code = 14 letters and numbers User-assigned PIN (Alpha/Numeric) Token Code (changes ever 60 seconds) 8 Positions 6 Positions


SCIP Communities

Announcements Posted as Needed

15 06/16/2011

Each community will have a unique Menu bar Next, Click Case Status on the Case The red highlighted area is Information Menu Menu bar Information Communitybar

Note Refresh Status to determine data currency Green is good, only other status color is Yellow  AF and DSAMS provide data every day, if they dont, AF or DSAMS service will go yellow.

 Army and Navy do not provide data on


Sundays or Mondays, so they are yellow on Sunday and Monday.

 Army doesnt provide data following a

Monday holiday so it is yellow on Tuesday.
06/16/2011 16

CASE STATUS SELECT If you have access to more than one country/pseudo code, use drop down arrow to select appropriate code, and then click the View Data button to see that country/program data below Document STATUS SELECT What stage of the FMS Process are you interested in looking at?

FILTERING Filtering is done instantaneously. Default Sort is ALL documents alphabetically by Implementing Agency (IA) and Case Designator Allows the user to find a specific document by choosing the




Document Types (i.e. Case Versions)

 B = Basic = Basic i.e. initial LOA version  A = Amendment
LOA version = Amendment(s) version(s) of previous

 M = Modification
LOA version

= Modification(s) version(s) of previous

 I = Implemented = Virtual compilation of

all implemented case document versions (i.e. total of what we are currently executing for that case)
* Current Implemented Version: This case version combines the latest information on the case/lines so that you do not have to go through several amendments and modifications to find the latest change to a line. Any case versions that are still in pending (D, P, O, A) or canceled (X) are not included.



Example CASE STATUS SELECT To filter on Case Designators beginning with T and Document Type B : 1. Select CC, if needed 2. Leave IA box blank (-) 3. Type T in the first position of the case designator box 4. Select Document Type B using the Drop Down Arrow

Case ID CC - IA - Designator

30th Edition Implementing Agencies: Green Book page 5-26 Web Designators: See Green Book, page 6-17 Case
19 06/16/2011

In this example the output will include all Case Designators beginning with T for all IAs, all Customer Services, all BASIC Document Types and all Document Statuses. Bonus Question: What type of cases are T Cases? HINT look at Green Book Page 6-17

20 06/16/2011

Another Example CASE STATUS SELECT 1. Filter on DOCUMENT STATUS 2. Select All Pending from the Drop Down Menu

Depending on the filters used, the number of cases and the total values may be overstated, since the data selected may include Amendments, Modifications, implemented, pending, and interim closed cases.

21 06/16/2011

In this example the output will include all Pending Document Statuses. We have several Basic or Amendments in D or O status.

To get a complete report of all the data displayed highlight Printable View of This Report and click.

22 06/16/2011

1. Reports may be several pages long. 2. Can be converted to MS Excel files by clicking on the EXCEL icon

Printable View

* The dollar values are not displayed for cases in Development (D) or Proposed (P) Statuses
23 06/16/2011

Excel Format

* The null in the Customer Service field on BN-D-SAD indicates that a Procuring Agency code has not been entered
into DSAMS as of this date. Web
24 06/16/2011

Recap on how to get DETAILED DATA: FOUR Step Process


Once you find the case of interest, you can either :

1. Double-click that case to open it, or 2. Highlight the case of interest and then click the Report Drop Down arrow below to pick the desired report and then click the View Report button

Example 1.From Case Status Select chose the appropriate filters. In this example, IA = D, Document Type = B, Document Status = All Implemented. 2.Highlight a specific Implemented case 3.Select a specific report from the drop down menu, i.e. Document Detail Report 4. Select View Report Web

25 06/16/2011

Case Details Two (2) Virtual screens choose viewing option(s) via Report Navigation Bars

Report Navigation Bar


Report Navigation Bar

Case Document Type Navigation Bar If no document-no tab! In this example there are no amendments

26 06/16/2011

Reports Menu Choices

What info will you find in each type of report?

 Case Detail 
 Provides a brief description of a case  Case Information, Funding, Requisition Information, and Case Closure Document Detail  Provides information on document types for a particular case regardless of   
whether they are implemented or in progress. Each tab is divided into five different sections: Document Information, Funding, Financial Data, Payment Schedule, and Quarterly Payments. Select an individual line to display the report with the following headings: Case Information Requisition Information Case Values and Case Milestones. Displays an Active Requisitions List of all open requisitions and those requisitions completed within 90 days. TCN -> EFTS

 Case Line Detail  Active Requisition Detail  SDR Detail 

27 06/16/2011

 Open or completed within the last year (at a minimum) Document Timeline  Important dates related to the lifespan of case documents

SCIP Help Feature What does Net Case Value mean? What does the Customer Request Status Code mean?
Hover mouse over any field in Blue and Click for Definitions and / or meaning of codes

Case Info can be converted to MS Excel files by clicking on the EXCEL icon

06/16/2011 28 28

Ad Hoc Reports
Another user option is to create (and potentially save) a user defined Ad Hoc Report to obtain specific case information that isnt already available in the standard pre-defined SCIP Reports

3 1 2
1. 2. 3.

Ad-hoc Report
Use to Create a NEW Report Use Previously Saved Report HELP will assist with Ad Hoc

ADHOC EXAMPLE Display all the BN requisitions (by Case, NSN, Requisition #, Quantity, etc) where: 1. Status Date is equal or greater than 07/16/2010 2. Priority is 06 or less.
29 06/16/2011

User Inputs - Requisitions

Your countrys authorized users can utilize SCIP to electronically enter and submit requisitions for materials and services that are within the scope of your applicable (e.g. Blanket Order and CLSSA) FMS Cases

Just a small portion of the total available requisition form fields that are available

30 06/16/2011

User Inputs - SDRs

Your countrys authorized users can utilize SCIP to electronically enter and submit Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDRs) and Attachments for your applicable FMS Cases

Just a small portion of the total available SDR form fields that are available

31 06/16/2011

FMR Case Sheets

To request a SINGLE report, type in the Case Identifier Fields. The report File # will be displayed. Clicking on the file, SCIP will provide an EXCEL report with the single case.

To request MULTIPLE reports, do not type in the Case Identifier Fields. The report File # will be displayed. Clicking on the file, SCIP will provide an EXCEL report with the all the filtered cases included.

06/16/2011 32 32

Now for the Case Execution Community

Current options in Case Execution include access to Enhanced Freight Tracking System (EFTS) and DLA Asset Visibility (AV) and DLA Emall (with limitations)
06/16/2011 33 33

Select EFTS from the Menu Path

06/16/2011 34 34

What is the Enhanced Freight Tracking System (EFTS)?

 Secure web-based capability providing end-to-end in-transit visibility of
Security Cooperation material Access via SCIP Case Execution

 Collects, processes, and integrates transportation related information

generated by:  Military Departments, Defense Logistics Agency, USTRANSCOM, carriers,
freight forwarders, commercial sources, and Purchasers

 Goal is complete picture of the distribution pipeline - Outbound/Inbound  DSCA is actively encouraging countries / FF to participate  DoD actively obtaining / populating data for data base
35 06/16/2011

Quick Search Search by TCN, Requisition #, Track #, Part #, or NSN


Access to EFTS is automatic for accounts which have been granted permissions to view requisitions. Account holders attributes will limit what can viewed.


TCN Details

Movement Indicator

Use + Drill Down Menu to see detailed data

37 06/16/2011

Partner Info


Partner Info


SCIP Help and Training

 Designed to be intuitive for SC users  Embedded (i.e. in Community Tab Help) Guides in SCIP 
for nearly every community of interest New Help Community with Help Desk / Trouble Report electronic submission & search capabilities
SCIP Training and Help

SCIP incorporated into DISAM curriculum SCIP on DISAM Web Page:
 DISAM SCIP Presentation


 DISAM Enhanced SCIP Help & Exercise Package

SCIP Guides
Logon Guide
Location: Welcome Page, Center; Select Logon Guide Token Administration Guides Location: SCIP Home / Menu Path; Select Token Admin; There are 3 guides available Case Information Community User Guides Location: Case Information / Menu Path / Help Select: Case Information User Guide Ad hoc p.13-20; Inputs p.21-69 (single/batch); Information Extracts p.70-73; Requisition Summary p.74; FMR Case Sheets p. 76 Case Execution Community User Guide Only available for Enhanced Freight Tracking System Location: Case Execution / EFTS / Help; Select: User Tutorial Partner Information Community User Guide Location: Partner Info / Menu Path / Help; Select Partner Info User Guide. Security Cooperation Management Suite Community User Guide Location: SCMS (COP) / Menu Path; Select User Guide End Use Monitoring (EUM) Handbook Location: EUM / Menu Path / Support; Select Resources / Other Documents / SCIP Handbook Corporate Info User Guide Location: Corporate Info / Menu Path / Help; Select Corporate Info User Guide Help Desk User Guide Location: Help / Menu Path / Help; Select Help Desk User Guide Web

SCIP FAQ and Other Links to the SCIP including the SCIP Exercise and Enhanced Help Guide

42 06/16/2011

SCIP Hands-On Exercises

Use purple SCIP Case Info Community Practical Exercises and Additional Help Files Book
43 06/16/2011