A brand is an image.. Yes a holistic image!!!

Image Fit Image Misfit ?


Targeting & Positioning (STP). ‡ Integrated marketing Communication Strategy.Case Overview Barak Obama s Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy ‡ Introduction. ‡ SWOT Analysis. ‡ Conclusion . ‡ McCain s Campaign. ‡ Segmentation.

Obama ‡Born on 4th august 1961 ‡Parents : Brarack Hussein Obama Sr.Joined Harvard Law School ‡First African-American President of Harvard Law Review ‡Served in Illinois state senate for 7 years ‡1992. Christain from Kansas ‡Mother re-married to an Indonesian Muslim ‡4years in catholic school in Jakarta ‡Studied political science at Columbia University in New York ‡1988.married Michelle robinson ‡Fox News Channel John Gibson called it Obama dirty little secret . Kenyan Muslim Ann Dunha.Barack H.

Achievements ‡First Black to lead a major U.S Party ‡First presidential nominee from state of Hawaii ‡First Presidential nominee with non-US citizen father ‡First candidate to have more than 1million contributors ‡First African American to be president of Harvard Law Review ‡Only nominee to attend Columbia as undergraduate ‡First US President graduate of Harvard Law school (after Hayes in 1845) ‡Biggest fundraiser campaign in US History .

‡Multicultural background could make him a well-rounded US president ‡Obama father was a non-US citizen ‡ Muslim name ‡ Obama defeating Hilary Clinton could upset his female voters ‡ Relatively less experience: Hillary. Obama worked for 2years in US senate and 7years in Illinois senate ‡ Did not had any foreign affairs experience.SWOT ‡Obama a charismatic leader‡Education ‡Skilled orator and lawyer ‡Proactive and strategic thinker ‡Understands his customer and his needs and deals individuals in the right way.22years in Navy. McCain. .35 Years.

a major concern at the time of economic downturn .SWOT ‡American people were affected severely by Economic turmoil ‡McCain wrong decision of taking Sarah Palin as candidate for Vice President.affected female voters ‡McCain continuous emphasis on Vietnam War. portrayed him out of touch with public sentiment ‡American high level of discontent with ‡Is average American ready to accept a outgoing administration non-Caucasian president? ‡Obama inexperience in foreign affairs was challenged ‡Older Americans inclination to republicans ‡International community eyes on US election.

Segmentation & Targeting Age Gen Y (18-27 years old) Gen X (27-43) Baby Boomer (44-61) Community African American Latino Community Gay & Lesbians Asian American & Pacific Islanders Professionals Business Networkers Professionals Asian Americans .

the following target segments have been identified: 1) Obama and his team were very clear who their supporters were 2) Youth. particularly those below 30 years of age. Obama and his team have provided hope o fit the customer s needs . 3) Swing states and Swing voters 4) The minority communities Knowing the target group.Identify Target Market Following careful considerations.

What would happen if the brand is in fact a person? .Marketers today are urging for brands to take on personalities for it to better relate to target audience.

‡ Positioning of brand : change brings new hope and opportunities ‡ Slogan : Yes We can . facilitated by clear and crisp theme and slogan which were consistent through out the campaign.demonstrates a strong action with simple and clear message for the people ‡ Change is exactly what the frustrated people wanted and Yes we can leads to a promise by the people to be engaged in making this change . a star and an idol with lots of followers ‡ Fresh brand appearance. Barack Obama was developed to become a personal brand ‡ He has become an icon.Strategic Brand Management & Positioning ‡ As political campaign took on marketing persona.

‡ Obama s Can Do Attitude makes him a brand that delivers positive messages to pull people together ‡ Obama.positioned to reverse Bush s actions ‡ Logo . The design became one of the most recognized political brand logos during 2008 U.S. Presidential election and is being used again for Obama s re-election campaign .The Obama logo was the flagship symbol of Barack Obama s presidential campaign.

There s a new morning sun (a hope. and that Obama is it! . change) rising over America.

Because it s white. Bush claimed the W ‡ The blue O and the red stripes represent the flag ‡ The red stripes represent the plains. shining over the plains. not sunset . the American farmland ‡ The O s whitespace represents the sun.Why the Obama logo is a pure genius? ‡ The O represents Obama and he can use the logo without his name next to it. He s claiming the O as George W. it evokes sunrise.

For contrast. take a look at the other campaign logos .

Obama and his team have extended the brand to swing voters.‡ After creating & developing a clear and healthy personal brand. Obama is portrayed as the next generation of American Leader . ‡ Being a young and energetic brand.

Communication & Technology in Political Campaigns .

It was strong messaging and strong branding. Yes We Did: An inside look at how social media and design built the Obama brand.. It was a win for the power of a strategic vision. executed in an integrated media campaign.Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy The Obama campaign wasn t a win for technology. it was a win for strategy. that was published in May.) . 2009. executed across different channels (Harfoush wrote in her book.

‡ FighttheSmears. .‡ Revolutionized the election campaign. ‡ Audio visual media . ‡ New media like text messaging. ‡ BarackObama. and blogging.com ‡ Advertisements in 18 video games ‡ Direct Mails to Individual ‡ Tech savvy and a Blackberry addict.com Website launched to combat and dismiss rumors and fabrication.page on FLICKR with pictures of his family and his campaign and also numerous video clips on YouTube. social networking.

‡ Music video called Yes. We Can song inspired by Obama s speech at the primary New Hampshire on Jan 8. 2008 to remind them about the election the next day and to ask them to vote.com where he discussed his views on faith and politics. ‡ Initiated a site to communicate with Christians called FaithBase. ‡ The Obama campaign figured out how to use mobile marketing effectively and efficiently. ‡ Mass text message to the public on November 3. 2008. ‡ The web was used effectively to raise funds for he campaign and acquire votes. .

com Community Blackplanet MiGente Glee AAPLS Target Audience 18-25 18-25 Baby Boomers Remarks Helped his fans interact with him Helped his fans interact with him Talked about his growing up days Discussed Education & Family Written in Spanish to reach out more people Included details of National coming Out Day Discussed Obama s thought on faith & politics Change the law & politics to solve people s problems. Helped them network socially & professionally.Group Focused Websites Created by Obama s Campaigners Basis of Segmentation Age Website Facebook MySpace Eons. African American Latino Gay & Lesbians Asian American Professionals Linkedin AsianAve Business Professionals Asian Americans .


I was fortunate to be able to grow up seeing Americans from varied viewpoints .Different sites had different information targeted at the individual communities but a message common to all the different websites was.

‡ Lost on the technology front. . ‡ Perceived Techno.Illiterate image. ‡Concentration on Conventional Methods (TVC).McCain s Campaign ‡ Lagging Behind online usage.

000 4600 330 28.Obama Vs McCain Fan Following Website Facebook Twitter YouTube videos Subscribers Viewer Visits Obama 2 million 112.000 97 million McCain 600.000 1800 115.000 2 million .

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . not only in registering their voting rights but also as volunteer workers for his campaign Strong Media presence and his numerous visits helped to lobby for supports in key swing states. calling on people to be united is a powerful message to touch their hearts 68% of the voters in 18-24 age group and 69% of 25-29 voted for Obama. Leverage on web technologies like Facebook or MySpace.Conclusion ‡ In a country that has been increasingly divided e. gender and racial equalities etc. reaching out to the young target Groups and non voters in the past . Obama capitalized on his strengths and opportunities to his competitive advantage while effectively turn around his Weakness and threats. by wealth distribution . opinions on war.g. engaging their involvement . where People has been the most important P. Classical example of marketing 4P s . 5P s etc.

. Do You still doubt that Marketing is just for Sales & Advertising.He shaped people s perceptions by having been elected as 44th President of USA.

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