. A Property Management System comprises of a software module capable of supporting a variety of activities in front and back office areas

submitted by :-Jaya S Nair Bsc 2008-2011

Front office is my subject of interest. and property Management system is a subject which is very interesting since we actually learn how the computer application work at the industry.

Most front office function is performed at front desk. The functional efficiency of a front desk depends on its design and layout.
PMS application help us to save time and make work more efficient, and is also very user friendly . This project would also be boon to all the student who actually are interested to known about Property Management system, And their functions in the hotel industry .

Conference & banqueting


Sales & Marketing

Customer Service

Purchasing &Supply Chain

In room Services

Central Reservations Concierge & Visa Consumer Accounting & Finance Front Desk Golf & Membership House Keeping

Leisure SPA¶s

Introduction On Property Management System
‡The Generic term used to describe application of computer hardware & software used to manage the hotel is known as Property Management System (PMS) ‡Property Management System has changed from being a tool for operations management needed to include guest history and CRM tools, to deliver the highest return of guest. That's the reason It s known to be the heart of large hotel. ‡There are many different types of Property Management System available but a user business will want to work with the different companies to determine which property management system best fits their needs. E.g. Of PMS are

o Opera
o Fidelio

Opera Reservation System OBI .Opera Sales Catering OQMS .Opera Enterprise Suite OPMS .Opera Property Management System OS & C .Opera Revenue Management System .Opera Quality Management System ORS .Opera Business Intelligence ORMS .

Rate Management Tools provide greater control over rate inventory and availability. Accounts Receivable gives us a clear financial picture of your entire operation. Opera's Multi-Property functionality can help you dramatically reduce your hardware. Front Desk makes check-in remarkably fast and easy. software and labor expenses by running multiple properties of a single database. Perform Night Audits with no system downtime. .Opera Property Management System .


Configuration New user configuration screen A user can be locked out if he enters the wrong password more than 3 times The password should not be less than 6 figures and it should be a mixture of letters and numbers Possibility to define which applications a user can access .

users can be granted access to multiple properties. Use of this feature allows users access to multiple properties using the same login credentials (including their Cashier ID) with a customizable set of permissions for each property .Logging In Multi-Property Login Multi-property license is active.

Profiles .Relationships Realtionships now made easier with the possibility to remove Advanced Relationship handling .

Rate Query If the average rate button is ticked the rate grid will show the total rate/no of nights In the case of rate change this will show The total rate will show the rate X no you the rate for the of nights first night only .

Source Codes can now be selected via the Source Group ± as known earlier with the Market Code and Market Group Reservations New Hyperlink on room type and room in Reservation Screen. that takes you directly to the configuration details Multiple CRS/GDS numbers can now be entered on a single reservation with the added possiblity to search for all CRS/GDS numbers of a single reservation .

If Reservation is selected.Reservation Colors It is now possible to define what the colour of a certain reservation should represent If Market Code is selected. the colour will be entered on the Market Code level as known today. the codes are configured as below and can be completely hotel specific . if VIP Level is selected an additional colour option will appear in the VIP code configuration. the option to configure free format codes appears in Configuration -> Reservation -> Codes When choosing Reservation in the parameter setting.

Rates ± Value Added Rates If this new parameter is switched on. the rates can be configured as added amounts per person in the Rate Code The Split button allows you to split an existing Rate Detail in two (3) parts .

Housekeeping ± Task Assignment More colours No of rooms No of credits showing .

Housekeeping ± Facility Management New overview screen of the total number of tasks per room type .

different Track It entries can be configured to automatically create traces ± and of course.The new functionality Track It allows the hotel to keep track of luggage. linked to specific reservations and monitored with statuses like ÄDelivered to Room³ or ÄLocated in Luggage room in West Wing³ Additionally. Track It The ticket numbers can be entered. all Track It items show with lamps on the Reservation screen . lost items and maintain cars for valets.

Log Book The Log Book is here ± now all inter-departmental communication and handover can be handled in Opera .

To accommodate a natural work flow. the Disable / Enable Phone button has been moved to a tick box in the Print Folio screen .Cashiering Now Opera offers the ability to allow negative cash drop by switching off the parameter for positive cashier drop.

as with negative postings today . Reference field also becomes mandatory when negative payments are posted. any rebate posting done in a credit card transaction code will be validated against the total debit of the bill.Cashiering ± Credit Card Rebate With functionality Credit Card Rebate Validation switched on.

The Post Charges will be allowed for as long as configured in the Rules The Open Folio can remain in house for as long as desired.Cashiering ± Open Folio Open Folio works in conjunction with Post Charges ± this allows you to check out a guest with an open balance. . Possibility to search for Open Folios only in the Advanced tab of the Billing Search screen.

. ‡Managing the quality of cleaning and housekeeping. ‡Managing the buildings "look. ‡Giving each department the tools to become more proactive in addressing guest complaints and maintenance needs. guest loyalty." ‡Improving guest service.Opera Quality Management System (QMS) Opera QMS provides your property with tools to improve guest services. ‡Quick task management. ‡Improving inter-departmental communication. and guest retention Management and Communication Benefits ‡Guest complaint management.

ORS provides your central reservations agents or global sales staff with the tools to maximize bookings and increase revenues better than ever before.  By combining the power of integration with an innovative array of functionality. S&C provides industry-unique functionality that is derived from the power of Opera's integrated enterprise design. ORS offers the much desired single image inventory system to your enterprise.Opera Reservation System Opera Sales & Catering (S&C) (ORS) provides the tools needed to service the Sales force that sells to the individual property and property chains. enterprise inventory system. The Opera Reservation System is part of the industry's first truly integrated. . Unified with the OPMS & OS&C.

a revenue maximization technique which aims to increase net yield through allocation of available resources to predicted demand.Opera Revenue Management System Opera Revenue Management System (ORMS) is a powerful. Revenue management is a management approach to optimizing revenue. . The ORMS application understands the patterns of a property's specific business practice. and comprehensive revenue management system that helps sell the right resources to the right customer at the right time for the right price. demand patterns and reacts automatically by adjusting the forecast and the rates that the property should be charging to maximize Yield. generally based on managing potential revenues for a given capacity at a certain point in time . agile.

and other areas of relevant importance for identifying trends and getting answers to business questions that affect the hotel's future.OPERA Business Intelligence (OBI) The OPERA Business Intelligence (OBI) module provides complete. The information available in OBI is comprehensive. The data is presented in understandable. financial history. . including past and future reservations. company and travel agent statistics. multidimensional graphical models and users can drill down for more detail. pace comparisons. relevant business insight to users from all levels of the hotel infrastructure.

report generator. etc.Fidelio Property Management System Fidelio and its Importance in Interdepartmental coordination and Communication ‡Promotes smooth functioning of all departments where ever it is installed. Advantage of Fidelio Hotel Management Software Package Fidelio is an eco friendly package as it makes the paper work redundant and eliminates filling and storage cost. ‡Helps in up keeping of the hotel¶s goodwill with the guest. ‡Reduces paperwork and helps in saving money and extra stationery. ‡Eliminates communication gap between the departments and provides quality services to the guest. It has a user definable and friendly screen with color coding by using a set of 12 codes to indicate the status of each room by a 12 ± clock code. . user definable report menus and night audit . Complete graphical illustration of each flow allows the front office staff to monitor and control the occupancy of every room in the hotel..  It is a highly flexible programme unlike other software management system and other facilities like screen painter .

During night auditing.Disadvantage and Problems Since it is very expensive the underutilization will be very expensive. ISI¶s full-featured call accounting system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. The color coding in floor plan is not prominent enough as shading causes confusion. for 2hours the terminals are shut down. properties can use their telephone system as a strategic tool to gain increased revenues . Fidelio Two-Way PMS Interface ISI Telemanagement Solutions¶ new two-way Fidelio interface not only helps increase your phone revenues. Locator information of the guest gets deleted automatically after a particular time. Its maintenance is also expensive as compared to other system and if proper locking is not done. thus check inns and check outs during the period can¶t be taken through computer. anybody can access guest profile in front office and hence guest information can be easily altered or erased . but also helps you increase guest satisfaction and possibly even room occupancy rates. It is possible that there is no provision to lock anyone from reading valuable information hence such provision should be made. With Infortel Hospitality. User ID should be kept.



Cenium Hotel Management Overview Essential properties of Cenium One complete software package covering the full set of Hotel Management requirements. either directly or via the network of Microsoft Partners . One Complete System that saves time and money. one user interface. one system One Database (Microsoft SQL). Easy to implement. one standard database. 24/7 support.

Cenium Property Management Property Management System (PMS) provides a broad range of facilities to manage most of the business processes relating to single and multiple property operations. Sweden. ‡ Customer care functionality. Denmark. ‡ Simple and flexible user interface. Feature Highlights ‡ Access to all system functions from one application. ‡ Secure. city and business hotels in Norway. password controlled access Cenium Hotel Management System has already been successfully proven by resort. Iceland. ‡ Multiple properties managed within one system. USA and Asia .


Front Office Computer Application General Management Module *Revenue Analysis *Operating Statistics *Financial Analysis * Rooms Management Module *Room Status *Registration *Room Assignment *Room rate Information Guest Accounting Module *Folio Management Reservation Module *Availability/ Forecasting *Reservation Records .*Reservation Confirmations *Room Pricing * Revenue Management *Credit Monitoring *Transaction Tracking .

‡ Distribution Systems CRS PMS CRS SWITCH INTERNET .

date database that is accessible to its subscribers through computing terminals. Hotels z Rental Cars Airlines Cruises .GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS A global distribution system (GDS) can be defined as a centralized and permanently up to.

serve more than 57. and SAS. Amadeus Revenue Management System (RMS) Amadeus Distribution - . Amadeus is the youngest of the four GDS companies.000 travel agency locations and more than 10. Iberia. 55.500 airline sales offices in some 200 markets worldwide.000 hotel properties. 400 airlines. among the largest of their kind in Europe. Lufthansa. The solutions Amadeus offers include: Amadeus Hotel Platform . 52 car rental companies.Founded in 1987 by Air France. and 229 tour operators. 33 railroads. 9 cruise lines. Comprehensive data network and database.

Africa. October of 2001.000 locations. Serves travel agencies at approximately 45. 33 car rental companies and 368 tour operators. . Cendant Corporation acquired Galileo International for approximately $1.8 billion in common stock and cash. 500 airlines.Galileo International was founded in 1993 by 11 major North American and European airlines. and the Asia/Pacific region. Europe. North America. 227 hotel companies. the Middle East.

Sabre connects more than 60.000 hotel properties. and 229 tour operators.. 52 car rental companies. Our Brands 400 airlines..GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS ± Sabre Sabre was founded in the mid 1960¶s by 4 major North American Airlines. 55. most predominantly American Airlines. . Sabre became a separate legal entity of AMR (parent company of American Airlines). 33 railroads. 9 cruise lines. Represented in 45 countries. In July of 1996. is a leading provider of technology for the travel industry.000 travel agency locations around the world.

Inc. Worldspan currently serves 20.021 travel agencies in nearly 90 countries and territories.GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS Founded February 7. Northwest Airlines. solutions. Worldspan was originally owned by affiliates of Delta Air Lines. Worlds pan has successfully developed the strategies.. Worldspan connects approximately 421 airlines. 40 car rental companies. 1990. 39 tour and vacation operators. . and services to ensure the company¶s long-term success in the new webbased world of travel distribution. and 44 special travel service suppliers. 210 hotel companies. and TWA.

GDS SWITCH COMPANIES To pass the data between the GDSs and the Central Reservation Systems (and Offices) and to reduce the costs of individual connections to each GDS PURPOSE: Pegasus Solutions WizCom International ‡ Founded in 1989 by16 ‡ Began in 1987 to hotel companies and offers provide GDS the UltraSwitch and reservation communication link services ‡ Originally known as ‡ Subsidiary of Cendant THISCO .

Email. Resorts and Inns via Interface. Communication or Fax .TRAVEL AGENT Reservations SWITCH (WizCom or Pegasus) Travel Agency CRS Hotels.

. the functional efficiency of a front desk depends on its design and layout. Since most front office functions are performed at front desk.Conclusion This project has set out the information required regarding property management system for the different hotel to function effectively . Property Management System is an Oracle-based. fully integrated System built from the ground up for maximum efficiency and exceptional Guest Service . customer-centric design ensures all areas of property including non guest operated interfaces to operate in complete unison. In this way the value of any property management system can be enhanced through strategic management of the hotel property that supports the required pms. Its integrated.

com ‡www.micros.google.K. ‡Managing Front Office Operations.Bibliography Primary sources ‡Front Office faculty. Brooks. a book by Michael L. S. a book by Mr. Webliography ‡www.com . Bhatnagar.Saurabh Bhattacharya ‡Front Office Management. Mr. Kasavana and Richard M.

Mr. Saurabh Bhattacharya. The matter presented in this report is not a reproduction from any report submitted to IIAS. ´PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMµ completed and submitted by me is an original work conducted under the guidance of Lect. Date: 15/02/2011 Jaya S Nair BSCTHM-3rd year .DECLARATION I the undersigned hereby declared that the project report entitled. Information stated in this project is true. Goa or Madurai Kamaraj University. Place: Goa. The empirical findings in this report are based on data collected by myself. I do understand that any such copying is liable to be punished in any way deemed fit by the institute authorities.

Thank you .

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