Personality Traits & Attributes required for Marketing, HR & Finance executives

Introduction Marketing Executives Marketing of products and services is an extremely challenging task in the days of global competition. competition. protect and distribute wealth. calls for further refinement in attributes of finance personnel. Further. techniques. made solutions are available. the role of marketing executives has become more complex than ever and in this context marketing executives need to have certain kinds of attributes and personality traits. them. delivering available. traits. through the best channels and providing minimum customer satisfaction is a great task in marketing. They hardly had any choice. tailor choice. goals. as well as investment products and mutual funds that may be used to implement the solutions decided upon by clients to reach their financial goals. But today. customers also have social. disability and long-term care longinsurance. considerations. health. Hence creating a need among customers. there is a lot of competition among the qualified people in this area. the customer get what they want. marketing. This competition area. and other services to provide solutions to individuals and businesses to help them accumulate. clients about financial products. Thus. executives offer recommendations to their wealth. For this report. . Finance Executives Financial executives generally those who use financial strategies. including life. In olden days the customers had to buy whatever the company offered to them. environmental considerations. Further.

Department plans the annual programs in terms of recruiting.Introduction HR Executives It derives largely from the 20th century but incorporates older notions about the 20th management of people at work. Thus the task of HR manager has become more challenging than ever process. industry. . And this has made it necessary for HR managers to possess some special attributes and qualities that make almost suitable to the industry. before. before. selecting and performance appraisal. Choosing one among a lot and choosing one among two both are same and difficult in terms of selection because the organization has to be very careful in the selection process. A detailed version of how the Human Resource work. appraisal.

Special Characteristics of Marketing Executives  Passion  Leadership  Can-do attitude  Work ethics  Flexibility  Humility  Physical condition  Joyfulness  Clear and pleasant voice  Fearless  Self reliance  Persuading and convincing customers  Rational thinking  Initiative  Rapport building  Gathering the information.  Good Stance  Manifestation .

Some of the key virtues of successful financial Executives:             The ability to provide a vision The strong personal value or belief The ability to make desired outcomes tangible The ability to listen to superiors & subordinates The willingness to provide appropriate information to stakeholders The ability to build strong personal relationships The ability to find and acquire new prospects Convincing prospects to trust the advice and to take action Keeping up with regulatory compliance and industry law Maintaining product knowledge in a competitive and dynamic industry Industry deregulation has created greater competition and is pressuring income The ability to maintain precise desired outcomes .

Keeping records. Ability to understand people. Negotiating Coordinating with others. Personal Credibility. Personal effectiveness. Training in various personnel functions Self Control. Good Knowledge about the existing policies. Answering questions. Interview Skills. Meticulousness. Quick reflex and speed. Building Bonds. Presentation skills. Stress Management. Gathering information. Business Ethics. . Assessing situations. Advising. People Handling Skills. Human relations handling skills. Team Work Skills. Interpersonal skills. Power to persuade. Behavioral Skill. Ability to make decisions and solve problems.Basic Attributes and Personality Traits for HR Executives Ability to speak and write well. Interviewing. Explaining issues. Business / culture awareness. Leadership Qualities.

systems and also with the human mind.  ³IF THE BASIC ATTRIBUTES & PERSONALITY TRAITS OF MARKETING. Finance and HR is one of the ruggedest jobs as deals with the products. Human Resources and Finance Executives in Shimoga district. The statement of the problem is to study and analyze the Basic Attributes and Personality Traits required for Marketing. HR and Finance field is the problem of study´. Many of the executives are quitting their jobs as their personal virtues are not matching with the qualities required for the relevant field. THEN THE COMPANY WILL SURELY FETCH LOSS´ .Research Methodology  Statement of the problem Marketing. Executive¶s job is considered to be a skilful job with rational ability. HUMAN RESOURCE AND FINANCE EXECUTIVES ARE NOT GOOD. And hence ³Studying what exactly the virtues required for the executives to survive in Marketing.

To know and study the executive¶s opinions on mental aptitude required for them. To understand the executives role in contribution towards victory. To understand what precisely the executives are. To know the expectations from executives.Objectives of study:  To know and study the executive¶s opinions on fitness and manifestation. To determine the effectiveness of executives. To know and study the indispensable qualities required for the executives in customer relationship management.        . To know how executives play diverse roles in different circumstances.

that is Automobile companies. Insurance and Manufacturing industries. Hr and Finance areas in Automobile companies. ITes. Banks. Banks. The respondents were chosen randomly from each of these companies. amongst the executives in the Shimoga district. The sample is divided in areas in Shimoga district data. industries. companies. This research is all about studying the virtues data. The industries.Research Design  Exploratory research and descriptive research design have been used at length for the present study. ITes. sample survey method has study. study.     Sampling Plan Sample unit: Shimoga District in Karnataka State Sample size: 64 Sampling Method and Selection: Judgment sampling under non probability sampling In the present research the judgment sampling under non-probability sampling is being nonused for the collection of primary data. Thus the respondents are executives in district. Since the working professionals¶ size was more. sample size of 64 respondents divided amongst these different companies considered for the study. Insurance and Manufacturing industries. been adopted for gathering primary data. Marketing.  .

A personal interview method district. was adopted with the help of a Questionnaire. The questionnaire contained 30 Questionnaire. Secondary Data  Secondary data were collected using many sources such as news papers. interviewed 64 respondents in Shimoga district. The result data. The researcher questionnaires. Sources of Data Primary Data  Primary data were collected using structured questionnaires. reference to the books and the internet. graphs.Statistical Tools: Likert¶s scale is used for ascertaining the weightage of Tools: respondent¶s data. The respondents were requested to give their frank reference). the mean score has been used to interpret the data. magazines. questionnaire. opinion on all the questions in the questionnaire. . enclosed for the reference). (Format of the questionnaire has been questions. of the research is presented through tables followed by pie charts and bar graphs. questions with closed ended questions. journals. internet.

This study enlightens in terms of areas. and for the executives in terms of building indispensable skills required for their professional growth in the cut-throat competitive cutscenario. and what the reasons behind in attrition. new job or retaining the existing job. what precisely the executives are. There is a need for study about the executives in the field of Marketing. scenario. At present the attrition rate has been job. increased enormously in all three areas. It could be getting a problems. Finance and HR since they are facing lot of problems. why they look for change. . their executives. This research would help corporates to retain attrition.Need for the study.

limited time and limited effort. The scope includes theoretical and practical aspects of Marketing. consequently it is necessary to enquire into the difference in all the resources. are great differences in development between countries which seem to have roughly equal resources. would be easy for the research purpose with limited cost. Researcher met Marketing. areas. Automobile companies and Manufacturing industries. There business. three areas. HR and Finance plays a vital role in the development process of modern business.     . There are great differences in development process of modern business. business. Marketing. HR and Finance executives in Banks. Insurance. This study is conducted in Shimoga city as the research not only as the study was limited only to this city. HR and Finance executives in organization with reference to their good Attributes and Personality Traits. As the convenience of researcher for the study this city surrounding city. effort.Scope of the study  The scope of the study is confined to Shimoga district only. Traits. and ITes companies.

The study is limited to Shimoga district only. the project should be completed within a stipulated period of time. Lack of proper understanding of questionnaire.     . all information is not revealed to outsiders as it may harm to company¶s progress. Limited sample size. Due to some company policies. time. rules and regulations.Limitations of the study:  The time factor is one of the major boundaries because.

Hence it can be said instruments.Summary of the findings: The survey shows that the majority of executives were aware about the basic attributes and personality traits required to survive in this competitive scenario. as far as leading organization is concern. other department colleagues so that integration would happens towards the client¶s interest. Knowledge and experience is very important interest. This study shows clearly that executives should have personal potential while dealing with customers. clients. So leadership quality plays a vital role for concern. Thus it can be said that a greater growth. the executives in terms of their career growth. personality is required for HR executives to get the things done from others. However most of the executives give much priority to the top criteria that a good health. It has been observed from this study that finance executives literally have lot of qualities while dealing with company¶s financial instruments. physical appearance and mental ability plays a vital role while handling with clients.  . qualities. others. levels. This gives us an insight on the marketing executive¶s basic awareness of necessary qualities. that executives should be able to handle good situations at the same time predict uncertainties and need to be taken care of necessary steps to protect the company at all levels. scenario.

HR and Finance executives´ was conducted by group of 16 MBA students/researchers. During the research the respondent¶s positive response helped researchers to do the study effectively. effectively. thus executives solutions.    . executives. the vast majority of them see a bright future for themselves and their profession. reap the benefits of such an authoritative position. Most rated their future of a profession as ³very good´ to ³excellent. As summed up: ³Skills and knowledge position. most feel they are on top of the learning curve and can now technology. Many professionals pointed to industry regulation. career. That is.´ clients. more training and greater technology. enabling executives to better help clients.´ while only a few said that industry hurdles have made them consider another career. Planning is becoming more main stream. This research work helped the researchers to give an insight on the basic personality traits and attributes for the executives. with better products. need to have a proper plan while dealing with customers. profession. compliance and competition as an increasing concern. up: is getting better.Conclusion:  The research on ³Basic attributes and personality traits required for Marketing. to customers about solutions. Such awareness is making it easier to talk issues. students/researchers. employees as well as financial instruments An additional development that points to a bright future is to many professionals say they are simply becoming better at their profession. Another positive trend noted is that consumers are becoming more aware and more educated about personal and all current issues.

Professional career need to be chosen by choice not by chance. chance. it. HR and Finance areas that while choosing the first job of their career they have to be very clear about how will this job help them to build their career. career.Continued« By this study it can be suggested to the executives of Marketing. . In this perceptive strong personality traits and attributes are required for \ respective executives in their chosen field to excel in it.

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