Prepareo by
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
&N|T | &N|T |
O Detlnltlon, scope ano lmportance ot envlronment
O Neeo tor publlc awareness
O Concept ot an ecosystem
O Structure ano tunctlon ot ecosystem
O Prooucers, consumers ano oecomposers
O Lnergy tlow ln tbe ecosystem
O Lcologlcal successlon
O Fooo cbalns, tooo webs ano ecologlcal pyramlos
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
O |ntroouctlon, types, cbaracterlstlcs teatures,
structure ano tunctlon ot tbe
 a) torest ecosystem
 b) grasslano ecosystem
 c) oesert ecosystem
 o) aquatlc ecosystem ponos, streams, lakes, rlvers,
oceans, estuarles)
O |ntroouctlon to blo olverslty oetlnltlon.
O Genetlc, specles ano ecosystem olverslty
O 8logeograpblcal classltlcatlon ot |nola
O value ot bloolverslty: consumptlve use,
proouctlve use, soclal etblcal, aestbetlc ano
optlon values.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
O 8lo olverslty at global, natlonal ano local levels
O |nola as a mega olverslty natlon
O Hot spots ot bloolverslty
O Tbreats to bloolverslty: babltat loss, poacblng ot
wllollte, man wllollte contllcts
O Lnoangereo ano enoemlc specles ot |nola
O Conversatlon ot bloolverslty: |n-sltu ano e×-sltu
conservatlon ot bloolverslty.
Flelo stuoy ot common plants, lnsects, blros
Flelo stuoy ot slmple ecosystem pono, rlver, blll
slopes, etc..,
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
O Lnvlronment means ¨ to enclrcle or
O All tbe blologlcal ano non-blologlcal entltles
arouno us ls calleo as envlronment
Lnvlronment ls oetlneo as ¨sum total ot
water, alr ano lano ano tbe lnter-relatlonsblps
tbat e×lst among tbem ano wltb tbe buman
belngs, otber llvlng organlsms ano materlals¨
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Lnvlronmental sclence
O |t ls tbe stuoy ot tbe envlronment, lts blotlc ano
ablotlc components ano tbelr lnterrelatlonsblp.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Lnvlronmental englneerlng
|t ls tbe appllcatlon ot englneerlng
prlnclples to tbe protectlon ano
enbancement ot tbe quallty ot tbe
envlronment ano to tbe enbancement ano
protectlon ot publlc bealtb ano weltare.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Lnvlronmental stuoles or Lnvlronmental
Tbe process ot
eoucatlng tbe
people tor
preservlng quallty
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Types ot envlronment
O Natural envlronment
O Man maoe envlronment
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Natural envlronment
O Natural envlronment ls cbaracterlzeo by
natural components. All blotlc llvlng) ano
ablotlc components non llvlng) are createo
tbrougb natural process.
O Lg: soll, water, alr, trees, raolatlons, etc.,
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Man maoe envlronment
O Man mooltles tbe envlronment uslng mooern
tecbnologles accorolng to bls neeos to a great
O Lg: bouse, roao, scbools, rallway llnes, parks, etc.,
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Multlolsclpllnary nature ot
envlronmental stuoles
Life sciences
Biology, Biochemistry,
Microbiology, Bio-tech,
science, etc.,
Physical sciences
Physics, chemistry, earth science,
atmospheric science,
oceanography, geography, etc.,
Civil engg, chemical
engg, hydraulics, nano
technology, etc.,
Economics, sociology, law, education,
management, mass communication, etc.,
Basic and applied
Management and awareness
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Multlolsclpllnary nature ot envlronmental stuoles
O Life science:
Helps ln unoerstanolng blotlc components & lts
&seo tor tlnolng solutlons to envlronmental problems.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Multlolsclpllnary nature ot envlronmental stuoles
O !sicaI sciences:
Atmospberlc sclence
&seo to unoerstano tbe pbyslcal ano cbemlcal
structure ot ablotlc components ot envlronment
along wltb mass ano energy transter.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Multlolsclpllnary nature ot envlronmental stuoles
O Matbs
O Statlstlcs
O Computer sclence
useo as a ettectlve tool ln envlronmental
tor oeallng soclo-economlc aspects assoclateo
wltb varlous oevelopment actlvltles.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
provloes guloellnes ano legal measures tor
ettectlve management ano protectlon ot
O Clvll englneerlng
O Hyoraullcs
O Cbemlcal englneerlng
O Nano tecbnology
provloes tecbnlcal solutlons to envlronmental
pollutlon control ano waste treatment tor
protectlon ot envlronment.
Multlolsclpllnary nature ot envlronmental stuoles
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
O Lnvlronmental eoucatlon
O Mass communlcatlon
useo ln olssemlnatlng envlronmental
Multlolsclpllnary nature ot envlronmental
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Scope Scope
O LvS bas wloe scope ln large number ot areas ano
aspects wblcb may be summarlzeo as tollows
Natural resources tbelr conservatlon & management
Lcology & 8loolverslty
Lnvlronmental pollutlon ano control
Soclal lssue ln relatlon to oevelopment ano envlronment
Human populatlon ano envlronment
Tbese aspects ot envlronmental stuoles bave olrect
relevance to every sectlon ot tbe soclety.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Scope Scope
O Many career optlons bave emergeo ln tbls
tlelo tbat are broaoly categorlzeo as
Researcb & oevelopment R&D) ln envlronment
Green aovocacy
Green marketlng
Green meola
Lnvlronment consultancy
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Researcb & oevelopment ln envlronment Researcb & oevelopment ln envlronment
nvironnentaI scientists
O L×amlnes envlronmental problems ln a
sclentltlc manner
O Carry out R&D actlvltles tor oeveloplng
cleaner tecbnology ano promotlng
sustalnable oevelopment.
O Tralneo manpower ls neeoeo to oeal wltb
envlronmental lssues
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Researcb & oevelopment ln envlronment Researcb & oevelopment ln envlronment
O Lnvlronmental management & envlronmental
englneerlng are emerglng as new career tor
envlronmental protectlon & management
O Pollutlon control laws belng more strlngent,
lnoustrles are tlnolng lt olttlcult to olspose waste
O To avolo lltlgatlon companles are trylng to aoopt
green tecbnologles wblcb woulo reouce pollutlon
O Cleanlng up ot tbe wastes proouceo ls anotber
potentlal market
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Green aovocacy Green aovocacy
O |ncreaslng empbasls on lmplementlng varlous
acts ano laws relateo to envlronment, neeo tor
envlronmental lawyers bas emergeo wbo sboulo
be able to pleao tbe cases relateo to
ater pollutlon
Alr pollutlon
llollte etc.,
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Green marketlng Green marketlng
O Ouallty ot tbe proouct ls ensureo wltb
|SO mark
O Marketlng gooos tbat are eco trlenoly bas
ecomark or |SO 14000 certltlcatlon.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Green meola Green meola
O Lnvlronmental awareness can be spreao
amongst masses tbrougb mass meola llke
Aovertlsements etc.,
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Lnvlronment consultancy Lnvlronment consultancy
O Many non-government organlzatlons
NGO), lnoustrles ano government booles
are engaglng envlronmental consultants
tor systematlcally stuoylng ano tackllng
envlronment relateo problems.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
|mportance ot envlronment |mportance ot envlronment
O Any person wlll be attecteo by
envlronment ano also be wlll attect tbe
envlronment by bls oeeos
O Alr, water, tooo, ano lano are all
contamlnateo by tbe lnoustrlal actlvltles,
because ot tbe lack ot selt olsclpllne
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Global vs local nature ot envlronment Global vs local nature ot envlronment
O Lnvlronment ls global as well as local ln nature
O IobaI issues
Global warmlng
Depletlon ot ozone layer
Dwlnollng torests
Lnergy resources
Loss ot global bloolverslty etc.,
Attects tbe manklno globally tor tbat we bave to
tblnk ano plan globally.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Global vs local nature ot envlronment Global vs local nature ot envlronment
O LocaI issues
|mpact ot mlnlng or byoro-electrlc project ln an area
Problems ot olsposal ano management ot sollo waste
Rlver or lake pollutlon
Soll eroslon
ater logglng
Sallnlzatlon ot soll
Fluorosls problem ln local populatlon
Arsenlc pollutlon ot grouno water etc.,
tor tbls we neeo to tblnk ano act locally.
* |t ls very lmportant to make everyone envlronmentally
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
|nolvlouallstlc nature ot envlronment |nolvlouallstlc nature ot envlronment
O Lnvlronment stuoles ls very lmportant slnce lt
oeals wltb most lmportant problems ot llte wbere
eacb lnolvloual matters llke,
Sate ano clean orlnklng water
Hyglenlc llvlng conoltlons
Clean ano tresb alr
Fertlle lano
Healtby tooo
Sustalnable oevelopment
|t we want to llve ln a clean, bealtby, aestbetlcally
beautltul, sate ano secure envlronment tor a long tlme
ano wlsb to bano over a clean ano sate eartb to our
tuture lt ls most essentlal to unoerstano tbe baslcs ot
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Neeo tor publlc awareness Neeo tor publlc awareness
O Goal ot sustalnable oevelopment cannot be
acbleveo by any government untll tbe publlc bas
a partlclpatory role ln lt.
O Publlc partlclpatlon ls posslble only wben tbe
publlc ls aware about tbe ecologlcal ano
envlronmental lssues.
O L.g.: A orlve by tbe government to ban tbe
lltterlng ot polytbene cannot be successtul untll
tbe publlc unoerstanos tbe envlronmental
lmpllcatlons ot tbe same.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Neeo tor publlc awareness Neeo tor publlc awareness
O Tbe publlc bas to be maoe aware tbat by
lltterlng polytbene, we are not only oamaglng
tbe envlronment, but poslng serlous tbreat to
our bealtb.
O A Cblnese proverb
 f ou pIan for one ear, pIant rice, if ou pIan
for 10 ears, pIant trees and if ou pIan for 100
ears, educate peopIe"
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Contemporary |nolan envlronmentallsts Contemporary |nolan envlronmentallsts
O [ustlce ÷ Kuloeep Slngb ÷ Green juoge
O M.C. Mebta ÷ Green aovocate
Contrlbuteo to envlronment
O |n 1991, supreme court ot our country lssueo
olrectlves to make all currlculum envlronment
O Tbls olrectlve was, ln tact, ln response to a publlc
lnterest lltlgatlon P|L) tlleo by M.C. Mebta vs unlon
ot |nola 1998) tbat prompteo tbe ape× court to
glve a manoate tor creatlng envlronmental
awareness among all cltlzens ot |nola. 8aseo on tbe
juogment, envlronmental stuoles ls belng taugbt as a
compulsory course to all stuoents.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
Concept ot Lco mark Concept ot Lco mark
O |n oroer to lncrease consumer awareness about
envlronment, tbe government ot |nola bas
lntroouceo a scbeme ot eco-labellng ot consumer
prooucts as ' eco mark' ln 1991.
O Lartben pltcber ls a symbol ot eco trlenoly ano
our traoltlonal berltage.
O Lco mark ls awaroeo to tbe proouct tbat ls maoe,
useo ano olsposeo ott ln a barmless manner.
O %o disseninate environnentaI awareness
Lco clubs tor cblloren's
Lco task torce tor army men
Have been launcbeo by tbe government.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
To sum up, lt ls essentlal to create envlronmental
awareness because:
Lnvlronment belongs to all ano partlclpatlon ot
masses ls a must tor successtul lmplementatlon
ot envlronmental protectlon plans.
Llvlng ln a tecbnologlcally oeveloplng soclety, our
lltestyles ano attltuoes bave become selt
orlenteo. Lnvlronmental awareness ls neeoeo to
cbange tbe mlnoset ot mooern soclety tor an
eartb orlenteo approacb
Tbere ls a neeo to make tbe publlc
envlronmentally aware ot tbe serlous bealtb
lmpacts ot envlronmental pollutlon ano tbelr
rlgbt to llve ln a clean ano bealtby envlronment.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL
O Tbere ls a urgent neeo to create awareness among
people tbat we bave no otber optlon but to tollow
sustalnablllty prlnclples. Only tben llte ot manklno
on tbls eartb woulo be secure ano our tuture
generatlon woulo be sate.
wat's te use of a beautifuI ouse if ou
don't ave a decent pIanet to put it on!"
Lven lt we begln tooay, tbe restoratlon ls e×pecteo
ln tbe ne×t 40-50 years.
[banslranl.R AP/LCL

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