Employee Satisfaction ² An outcome of Motivated Workforce

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Case 1 
Raunak  Radhika  Bharat

Case 2 
Ritika  Risha  Ravi

Case 3 
Ravnit  Rahul  Jaydev

Employee Satisfaction  

whether employees are happy and contented. fulfilling their desires and needs at work.

Factors Affecting 
employee motivation.  employee goal achievement.  positive employee morale in the workplace



Why is Job Satisfaction Necessary? Improves job performance Helps developing a positive organizational citizenship behavior. Liking to the work place environment Reduces absenteeism. Increases turnover . Improves customer satisfaction.

 positive employee morale in the workplace . fulfilling their desires and needs at work.  employee goal achievement. Why is motivation necessary?  employee motivation.Motivation   whether employees are happy and contented.

Motivational Theories Taylor s theory  put forward the idea that workers are motivated mainly by pay. . Mayo s Theory ‡workers are not just concerned with money but could be better motivated by having their social needs met whilst at work ‡He introduced the Human Relation School of thought. thought.

Motivational Theories Maslow s theory  which focused on the psychological needs of employees. employees. Maslow put forward a theory that there are five levels of human needs which employees need to have fulfilled at work Herzberg s Theory ‡He argued that there were certain factors that a business could introduce that would directly motivate employees to work harder .

CASELET 1 Smile Hotel Strength : Best Salaries paid to Employees. Emphasizes on Employee Training & Development Customer Service Leading Hotel Group Problem Faced : Declining customer growth rate Poor Customer Satisfaction .

An important aspects for the customer growth(short period of time) . and lucky draw. coupons.Marketing Manager Focus     Free holiday trip Discounts in holiday packages Discounts in room rent.

..HR Manager Focus     Customer service Employee recognition program Categorization on the basis of performance Rewards and motivation Boss Selected HR managers suggestion... .

Contd. Steps Taken by the Company Employee Recognition Program Categorization on the basis of performance Rewards. .

Question 1  . Do you think the recognition program was needed to motivate employees ? The CEO didn t accept the suggestion offered by the marketing managers to attract more customers but accept the suggestion given by HR manager. The salaries of employee of Smile Hotels group were the best in the industry. Why do you think he liked the HR manager s suggestion? .

Need of Recognition Program A basic human need  A leadership tool  Builds self-esteem in an individual self A effective tool  A powerful motivator  .



What more can be suggested to Smile Hotels Group to motivate its employees and improve customer service? .Question 2  .

Ways of Employee Recognition One-onOne-on-One Coaching.  Social Gatherings  Holiday party  Birthdays  Individualize rewards  .  Applause  Team Spirit.

Other Suggestions Share holding to employees Briefing among employees from time to time Opportunity for growth Job Enrichment .

CaseCase-let 2 John Morgeld joining Akay Enterpries Company Perception     Company promised about the different features Cooperative and supportive work environment for new comers. Informal Organizational culture. Excellent growth opportunities. .

First Day of John       Everyone laughed on his formal dress up. No body care about his new employee. Another new employee Patel gave the real information about the company. Finally he returned home hungry and sad. . No information about the lunch. Manger transfer his responsibility to others.

work. After work he got negative response by manager. manager. Chari. Some conditions applied by Chari. First time he got a important task in absence of Chari. He put his heart and soul in it. Chari.After Two Years        He worked under the team leader Chari. nights. . Chari. Chari all time interfere in his work. time. he also spend some sleepless nights. He completed his work as given time.

Projected Strength : Cooperative work environment Informal organization Structure Excellent growth opportunities Reality: Reality: Poor human resource management Unprofessional work environment Too much of Red tapism & bureaucracy NonNon-availability of basic amenities .

Question no. What kind of impression did Morgeld get about his organization? Would this good for the company? .1 The first impression is the best impression.

employee and even the employer was not good and attentive . even that GM not behave according to his post.Answer        Things in the new office was more casual then formal. . No body took his responsibility. No seriousness in the job performed by the people Lack of sincerity in the work. People in the company lacked in professionalism and there was abseentism in the company The attitude of the workers. A new employee Patel have lot of negative experience about the company.


Comment on the urgency of the task given to Morgeld and the way he was treated upon completion of the task.Question no. What was the impact of the work environment on his morale? . Morgled was demotivated in many ways.2 In situation A and B .

Each work have same importance no one is special. As he did not get any appreciation for the work he had done resulting in dissatisfaction. .Answer       He was de-motivated by the company s dework environment. No importance of work. Manager didn t care about employees. He completed very important work of company at the given time but he received negative reaction of manager .


Our Views Will lead to de-motivated work force deCreates a mental fatigue Higher attrition rate No scope for growth and development Absenteeism and tardiness Finally leads to dissatisfied workforce .

CASELET 3 Modern Technologies Strength :    Flexibility of work Ideal work environment Motivated & highly productive work force Working Environment :     importance of a good working environment how it helps in improvement of company turnover. A stress free environment A good working environment .

   For e.Measures taken by organizations  Providing their employees with stress-free work stressconditions.  Implementing these measures helped the company to perform well even during the period of recession . This environment helps the employees when it comes to time based work projects. tennis courts and golf courses etc.g. : providing them with natural surroundings to work Facilities like hygienically maintained cafeteria.

Various alternative work schedules Offering telecommuting and flextime.  .  All these factors helped in reducing attrition rate of the company.  Holiday on completion of project schedule.  Excellent growth opportunities for exceptional performers  High salary structure to enhance employee loyalty  Exclusive employee development plans which would help the employees to progress in their career.

Our recommendation Flexibility Recognize differences HR Valuable asset Minimum comforts Idle working condition Money not the only factor Intrinsically motivation .

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