Developed by IBM at Almaden Research centre.

 Aims at giving computers highly developed

abilities.  Enables computers and humans to work together more as partners.  Employs video camers.

 Physiological measurements were correlated to emotions.  Measures six basic emotions. Multidimensional scaling (MDS) 2.  Data subjected to two analysis 1. skin temperature. heart rate. Discriminant function analysis. .  Measures GSR. Human physiological traits are reliable resources for identification of emotions.

MAGIC Pointing Eye tracker Emotion Mouse .

 Two MAGIC pointing techniques are.  Use gaze to redefine the position of cursor. Pointing and selection were aided by gaze tracking.  Liberal  Conservative .

Gaze position reported by eye tracker True target will be within the circle with 95% probability Eye tracking boundary with 95% confidence The cursor is warped to eye tracking position. .. which is on or near the true target Previous cursor position far from target (e.g. The liberal MAGIC pointing technique: Cursor is placed in the vicinity of a target that the user fixates on. 200 pixels) Figure 1.

. far from target Figure 2. The conservative MAGIC pointing technique with ´intelligent offsetµ. along the initial actuation vector Previous cursor position.Gaze position reported by eye tracker True target will be within the circle with 95% probability Eye tracking boundary with 95% confidence Initial manual actuation vector The cursor is warped to the boundary of the gaze area.

Accurate High speed Reduce manual stress and fatigue. Ease of use .

Eye gaze is not precise enough to operate Movements of eyes are voluntarily controlled while at other times it is driven by external events. .

. More compact and reliable  Illumination from an off-axis and on-axis source generates a dark pupil image and bright pupil image.  Working.


Figure 3. The glints. Bright (left) and dark (right) pupil images resulting from on ± and off ± axis illumination. or corneal reflections. from the on ± and off ± axis light sources can be easily identified as the bright points in the iris. .


 Range up to 5m from camera.  Fast and low cost pupil detection technique. . Very Robust.  Able to detect pupils from wild field of view.  Can be used for even people with glasses.

 Emotions are important to the computing community.  Sensing of physiological attributes.  A non-invasive way to obtain information about a user is through touch.  The computer determines the user's emotional state by a simple touch on the mouse. related to emotions. .


Finds out the areas of interest of the user. The attentive system .SUITOR-The Simple User Interest Tracker.

 ordinary household devices . refrigerators & ovens when we look at them. Security purposes.  Eg : Working of television . .

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