October 6, 2011

An assembly of school administrators, guidance councilors, teachers and representative of parents group to discuss cyber bullying and online threats. Attendance to this event is by invitation and FREE

1. Provide awareness of cyber bullying and other online threats to kids. 2. Provide a platform to document cases of cyber bullying. 3. Submit recommendation of Web Safety PH for deliberation/consideration of the concerned stakeholders. 4. Get a suggestion and consensus of all stakeholders on how to collectively address the threat.

1. 2. 3. 4. School Administrators Guidance Counselors Representative of parents organizations Traditional and New Media


1.00 Sponsors Talk 1.15 State of Cyber Crime in the Philippines

9.20 Audio Visual Presentation: Cyber Bullying and Online Threats 9.25 Key Note Address 1: The Need for Anti Cyber Bullying Law and Salient Points of the Bill 9:55 BREAK [Sponsors Time]

1.45 Keynote Speech 4: The Cyber Crime Bills 2.15LGU Best ICTPractices 2.45 Q & A 3.15 WORKING BREAK: Draft a Recommendation 4.15 Presentation of Recommendations [at Random] 4.15 A School s Practice 4.45 Closing Remarks Co-Presentor

10.05 Web Safety PH Recommendations Sonnie Santos 10:25 Keynote Address 2: Education in the Digital Era 11:05 Keynote Address 3: Digital Parenting

12.00 LUNCH [Sponsors Time]


Open Invitation

If you would like to be part of this event as participant or sponsor, you may send us email at thedirector[at]wsph[dot]biz or call us at 02-994-8520

Web Safety Philippines is a project conceptualized by Sonnie Santos on June 2010 as an offshoot to his training module Protect Your Brand: Use Social Web Responsibly . He thought if adults are affected by their irresponsible or ignorant use of the web, how much more are kids? The one time seminar held at Microsoft Philippines on July 10, 2010 became a regular roadshow, an announcement only site became a blog for cyber wellness and social media safety. The original concept is to educate parents to keep their tweens safe online, has evolved and the campaign now includes the youth, teachers, nannies, the professionals and corporations.

1. Launched the cyber wellness advocacy here in the Philippines 2. Launched WatchaWebtrap! Roadshow [Cyber Wellness Seminars] a. Parent s Edition b. Youth Edition c. Nannie s Edition d. Teacher s Edition [cyber bullying] e. Professional s Edition f. Corporate Edition 3. Launched the 1st Cyber Wellness Social Web Campaign [blogs, facebook, twitter] 4. Gave inputs to the office of a counselor in QC for a local ordinance for internet café s

By the end of Season 1 [SY 2010-2011] we have rendered a total 20 cyber wellness seminars dubbed watchawebtrap! to different organizations. Maiden Run: Mircrosoft Philippines- Parents Edition 2nd Run: Victory Greenhills- Parents /Youth Edition 3rd Run: SPECS- Parent s/ Youth Edition 4th and 5th Run: WWCF Makati Parents Edition 6th Run: CCF St. Francis Square- Parents/ Youth Edition 7th and 8th Run: Waltermart Makati- Parents Edition 9th Run: Waltermart Makati Youth Edition 10th Run: MMBC- Youth Edition 11th Run: International Christian Academy- Parents Edition 12th Run: HOPCC Sta. Rosa Laguna- Parents Edition 13th Run: Notre Dame of Marbel University- Youth Edition 14th Run: St. Jude Catholic School- Parents Edition 15th Run: CGF Academy of Learning and Leadership 16th Run: PUP College of Engineering- Youth Edition 17th Run: GIGCC- Youth Edition 18th Run: Perpetual Help University- Youth Edition 19th Run: Imago Dei School- Parents Edition 20th Run: Muntinlupa Christian School- Youth Edition

At the start of Season 2, we launched 2 new modules, as follows: 1. 1st Run: Commission on Appointments: Professional s Edition 2. 2nd Run: Crown Regency Hotel- Corporate Edition One of the major project for this season, and the purpose for this proposal, is the Anti-cyber bullying and cyber wellness Boot Camp for the academe and parents organization.

1. Received the Best Advocacy Blog for 2010 2. Recognized by media as a result of interviews, tv and radio guestings. The highlights are as follows: a. Reporters Notebook b. UnangHirit c. FailonNgayonZDNet Article d. Yahoo Article e. ABS CBN Article

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