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A resenLaLlon on

repared bv Pem kr ShresLha
Semlcolon uevelopers
Wednesdav 3
AuausL 2011
WhaL ls node[s?
W ln lanauaaes llke !ava` and P 2 M8 of memorv
Lhreads are used alona wlLh each Lhread
W 8 C8 of 8AM ln server LheoreLlcal maxlmum
number of concurrenL connecLlons abouL 4000
W ln node Lach connecLlon flres an evenL run
wlLhln Lhe node enalnes process
W So can handle Lens of Lhousands of concurrenL
node Whv ulfferenL Lhan oLhers?
W ?es node ls a server proaram
W As Apache are
readvLolnsLall server producLs
readv Lo deplov apps lnsLanLlv
W node ls deflnlLelv noL onlv Lhls
has Lhe concepL of modules LhaL can be added Lo
Lhe node core as well
node lLself runs v8 !avaScrlpL
Serverslde !avaScrlpL a new concepL
Lher 1erms
W !avaScrlpL
CllenL slde proaram for dvnamlc acLlvlLles
W [Cuerv
[Cuerv ls a fasL and conclse !avaScrlpL Llbrarv LhaL slmpllfles
P1ML documenL Lraverslna
W A!Ax(Asvnchronous !avascrlpL And xML)
paae doesnL need Lo do a compleLe refresh
lndlvldual daLa elemenLs can be chanaed and edlLed almosL
W !Sn(!avaScrlpL b[ecL noLaLlon) and xML
uaLa formaL or Lhe noLaLlon Lo represenL Lhe varlables
ls a llahLwelahL LexLbased open sLandard deslaned for human
readable daLa lnLerchanae
Lher Lerms
W !AuL(!ava AaenL uLvelopmenL lramework)
ob[ecLorlenLed sofLware deve|opment and dep|oyment
plaLform wlLh own proarammlna lanauaae
allows svsLems Lo be coded ln one lanauaae from Lhe
daLabase server down Lo Lhe cllenLs
W Svn(Subverslon) and Cl1
lL ls Lhe pro[ecL manaaemenL Lool for verslonlna of Lhe
W P1ML3 Canvas
Canvas ls Lhe powerful Lool for Lhe araphlcs and
W Sesslon
CreaLlna of sesslon for lndependenL users La verlfvlna
Lhe passwords enLerlna Lo chaL
Lher Lerms
W nM(node ackaae Manaaer)
used Lo lnsLall and publlsh node proarams
manaaes dependencles and does oLher cool sLuff
W SLvlus and CSS
lor Lhe Cul ueslan
W WebSockeL
alms Lo make realLlme apps posslble ln everv browser and moblle
Works dlfferenLlv on dlfferenL devlces and LransporL mechanlsms
W node lrameworks
Lxpress Callpso Campv u[anao Ceddv !lMl
W 8ealLlme SvsLem vs nllne SvsLem
record LransacLlons lnLo Lhe daLabase lmmedlaLelv 8ealLlme
Pourlv svsLem nllne
1he lour CaLeaorles of noSCL uaLabase
1kevvalues SLores
uaLa ls sLored as kevvalue palrs
Lxamples CablneL/1vranL 8edls voldemorL racle 8u8
2Column lamllv SLores
ConLaln one exLendable column of closelv relaLed daLa
LxamplesCassandra P8ase 8lak
3uocumenL uaLabases
uaLa ls sLored and oraanlzed as a collecLlon of documenLs
LxamplesCouchu8 Monaoub
4Craph uaLabases
uses llnked llsLs so alaorlLhm of Lhe shorLesL paLh sorLlna can be lmplemenLed
Lxamplesneo4! lnfoCrld lnflnlLe Craph
Whv noSql uaLa8ase?
W 1radlLlonal 8u8MS
uses prlmarv and secondarv kevs
more Lables more Lable [olns so more kevs and lndexes
performance fall off ln huae slze
Pardware mav be Lhrown off
W Monaoub
uses a mulLl dlmenslonal daLa sLrucLure Lo reduce Lhe l/o Llme requlred Lo reLurn resulLs
dlsLrlbuLes Lhe work across mulLlple locaLlons
manv Lhreads are worklna slmulLaneouslv and lndependenLlv
lnsLead of lndexes maps are used whlch holds mulLlple lndex values
allows for verslonlna of records
W AdvanLaaes
|ast|c sca||ng
8|g data
I|ex|b|e data mode|s
(Monaou8)uocumenL 1vpe uaLabase
W Slmple Cuerles
W lormaL Slmllar Lo LradlLlonal Lvpe
W Anv Lvpe can be easllv ueflned
W Monaodb lramework
Monaodb naLlve
node[s Llnux vs Wlndows
W node[s on Llnux
pen source(boLh Llnux and node[s)
Anvone can updaLe and modlfv Lhe codes
Can download anv proaram and run lL
1ermlnal wlndow ls mosL powerful Lool
W node[s on wlndow
8equlre Lhlrd parLv sofLware for lnsLallaLlon
8equlres vlrLual machlnes Lo plav
ConflauraLlon ls dlfflculL
new compaLlble verslons are noL released veL
node[s Whv Complex?
W ls ln Lhe lnlLlal hase onlv
W !usL node0410 (sLable verslon) released ln
19 !ulv 2011
W node033 (unsLable verslon) released aL 01
AuausL 2011(?esLerdav)
W Plah Level Lanauaae
W MusL be famlllar wlLh oLher lanauaaes
W Lverv Lerms are nLW
1hank ?ou!

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