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The brand name "Amul" ("priceless" in Sanskrit). 

Formed in 1946, is a dairy cooperative in India. AMUL is based in Anand, Gujarat. A part of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF)

 To provide quality products that offer the best value to consumers for money spent. .VISION OF AMUL  To serve the interests of the milk producers.

67 Million litres per day Milk Collection (Total . 9774 crores (US $2.2 Billion) .2 million litres (peak 12 million) Milk Drying Capacity 647 Mts.45 billion litres Milk collection (Daily Average 2010-11)9. per day Cattle feed manufacturing Capacity3690 Mts. of Village Societies-15.2010-11)3.712 Total Milk handling capacity per day-13. per day Sales Turnover -(2010-11)Rs.GCMMF . of Producer Members-3.An Overview ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Year of Establishment-1973 Members17 District Cooperative Milk Producers' Unions (13 Members & 4 Nominal Members) No.03 Million No.

000 retailers with refrigerators.00.000 distributors.  5.DISTRIBUTION NETWORK  300 stock keeping units. .00.  3.000 non-refrigerated retail outlets.  1.  46 sales offices.



Various Amul milk forms .

Production process MILK-O-TESTER electronic weighing scale .



Taste of India .online orders from web site Codification of Raw Material is an easy to understand manner. Quality Checks at every level.TQM .Kaizen -Hoshin Kanri . Implementing as well as Educating suppliers about things that improve the quality. Payment of milk suppliers on time.Amul Girl . .     Branding and Advertising of the product .

Honoured for IT excellence in 2001 . . Breeding and cross breeding of animals for better milk production. .Automatic milk collection system Active Customer feedback in prodcut improvement & for incresing product lines.Wireless sets in village . .Artificial Insemination Information technology integration and widening the reach of IT at village level.Electronic milk testers .    Using technology optimally.

Sort (Seiri) . wholesellers likewise umbrella organisation. . suppliers .Sustain (Shitsuke) Self managing leadership course for employees .Set in order (seiton) -Shine (Seiso) . cooperative societies.Standardize (Sieketsu) .   Active involvement of employees. Implemented 5S principles.

.Direct retailing Amul has recently entered into direct retailing through "Amul Utterly Delicious" parlours created in major cities . Amul has plans to create a large chain of such outlets to be managed by franchisees throughout the country.

Reverse logistics MILK CHURN  from dairy to vcs POUCH MILK TRAY from retailer to dairy BOTTLE from retailer to dairy DAMAGED PRODUCTS from customer to retailer then to dairy .

SWOT analysis of Amul (GCMMF) Strengths ‡ Weaknesses ‡ Opportunities ‡ Threats ‡ .

Hindustan Lever. Nestle and Britannia ‡Still competition from MNCs in butter ‡Growing price of milk and milk products ‡Ban on export of milk powder .SWOT Analysis Strengths ‡Largest food brand in India ‡High Quality. chocolates etc Threats ‡Competitors . Low Price ‡World's Largest Pouched Milk Brand ‡Annual turnover of US $1504 million ‡Highly Diverse Product Mix ‡Robust Distribution Network Weaknesses ‡Risks of highly complex supply chain system ‡Strong dependency on weak infrastructure ‡Alliance with third parties who do not belong to the organized sector Opportunities ‡Penetrate international markets ‡Diversify product portfolio to enter new product categories and expand existing categories like processed foods.

THREE FLOWS IN SUPPLY CHAIN Product flow Information flow Money flow .

Raw Milk ‡ Packaged Condensed Milk Ghee Butter Cream Dried Skimmed Milk Powder Ice cream Beverages . packaged products. Its supply chain one of the most complicated in the world.000 retail outlets across the country. and delivers goods to over 500.6 million farmers (many illiterate).Business Model ‡ Every day Amul collects 7 million litres of milk from 2. converts the milk into branded.



Establish telecenters and enhance technology in villages. To purchase all milk that member farmers produced.AMULS INITIATIVE IN RURAL AREAS ‡ ‡ Insurance against natural calamities. To sell liquid milk at affordable prices so as to serve a large number of consumers ‡ ‡ .

Amul Marketing in Rural Sector in India Advertisements on Aakashwani Road Shows Hoardings .


Provide reasonable Margin to retailers as compared to competitors. 250 ml milk pouch should make available to retailers for selling. because lower income family has intention to buy small pouch milk. Consider on the supply of product in the peak season. Incentives & schemes should be given to the retailers.Suggestions and Recommendations ‡ Company should start printing packaging date on milk pouch. this motivates them to promote company·s milk and milk products ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .


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