The Nine Dilemmas Leaders Face

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Presented by: Adeline P. dela Cruz For MBA 512:

Dynamics of Change and Corporate Leadership

July 16, 2011

–from Late Latin & Greek dilemma: ambiguous proposition ; means two assumptions, two premises; a situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavorable or mutually exclusive; In Logic, it is

an argument that presents two alternatives, each of which has the same consequence.

to make sure that this asset performed. who was to run the center. head of human resources.Background  The opportunity to define the dilemmas of leadership presented itself when Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) decided to build an Edenic leadership center for its managers and employees. he did what any good banker would: He told Michele Darling.  When Al Flood. . the CEO of the bank okayed the plans. and Hubert Saint-Onge.

one on one.What Darling and St. Onge did was: To create a mission and a curriculum for the center. by interviewing CIBC's 27 most senior executives. .

The ff. questions were asked  What factors in the business environment most affect CIBC's leaders?  What cultural changes does the bank need to be more successful?  What organizational capabilities does it need to build?  What are the most pressing management-development needs?  What features should leadership-center programs include?  .

Saint-Onge began highlighting phrases like "we must do A." When he was done.. he found nine "core leadership dilemmas." ." or "in going after X.Results of the interview  Poring over the interviews. we must not lose sight of Y..but also B.

The Nine Core Leadership Dilemmas .

Dilemma #1 Broad-based versus   High Visibility Leaders .

Independence versus   Dilemma #2 Interdependenc e    .

Dilemma # 3   Long Term versus   Short Term .

Dilemma # 4 Creativity versus     Discipline .

Dilemma # 5  Trust versus    Change .

Dilemma # 6 Bureaucracy Busting  versus Economies of Scale   .

Dilemma # 7 People  versus   Productivity  .

Dilemma # 8  Leadership versus   Capability  .

Dilemma # 9   Revenue Growth Versus Cost Containment   .

when you do want them to. of course. the never-ending balancing act of managerial Bongo Board in which you try to give people independence and authority while making sure they use it in a way you'd approve of if they asked.Nine Dilemmas What do you do with them?  First. central dilemma." Its name: empowerment vs. but they form a single. notice that pattern. Says SaintOnge: "These are all different. alignment. which you don't want them to do except. .

locate your outfit (or yourself or your boss) on the grid. Take each dilemma. Draw a 45 [degree] diagonal to represent a balance between the two. 10 being best. Then on a scale of 1 to 10. make a chart. This chart shows a company that pursues revenue growth aggressively but doesn't mind costs well. and put one horn on a vertical axis and one on the horizontal.2nd.  .

What do you see? Are you usually below the diagonal (too controlling) or above it (too loosey-goosey)?  .Nine Dilemmas -What do you do with them? Set these up with all the "empowerment" tendencies on the vertical axis and the "alignment" group on the horizontal.

Dealing with Dilemma -Always a Balancing Act  Just like a ballerina. The goal is to manage better in both directions--you want maximum empowerment and maximum alignment. and as far out toward the upperright-hand corner as possible. you want to be spot on the diagonal line. This is because both sides of each dilemma are good: You want creativity and you want discipline.  .

"  .The most important lesson of the Nine Dilemmas: Leadership is about ambiguities. Says Michele Darling: "The dilemmas helped us come to a different understanding of the roles a leader plays. not certainties.

but only half right. and you can help by showing them that they are right.” Polarities can help diagnose and deal with a group's resistance to change ….Polarity Management "Successful leaders explore both ends.  .

Ambiguity Management  Big strategic facts aren't always so clear …Embracing ambiguities can be a powerful way to learn about a changing world.  .

Making Meaning polarities and ambiguities. a third role for managers emerge: that of making meaning. Says Darling: "The defining role of a leader is to sort out a message" from these mixed signals and  cross-purposes. from .

FORTUNE Magazine. March 18. Stewart and Reporter Associate Sheree B. by Thomas A. Curry.References:   The    Nine Dilemmas Leaders Face. 1996   .

” .Quick Quote: “ The hardest job a leader has is to navigate among often conflicting goals. Identify them first. and you can steer a winning course.

.Thank you for your attention.

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