Bangsamoro Juridical Entity


Outline of Report Bangsamoro Juridical Entity Mindanao¶s area. people and resources MAP:  areas to be covered if BJE is created Bangsamoro People Bangsamoro Homeland Bangsamoro struggles GRPGRP-MILF Peace Process 2 .

Outline of Report History of MILF Why MILF negotiate with GRP? MOAMOA-AD     What if MOA-AD was signed? MOAPossibilities Why US Ambassador Kenney is to witness the ³aborted signing´ of MOA-AD? MOAGEOPOLITICS BEHIND BJE 3 .

US INTEREST Analysis      Distance of Mindanao to Central Government Indigenous people because of religion? How does it impedes the 4 elements of state MOAMOA-AD for lasting peace? RECOMMENDATION 4 .

5 .BANGSAMORO JURIDICAL ENTITY Is a generic term referring to the proposed self governance system on the proposed territory in Mindanao contemplated under the GRP-MILF GRPpeace negotiations.

chromite. and Settlers (from Visayas and Luzon) Rich natural resource base: agricultural lands of 3-M hectares. iron ore. 18 provinces can be found in Mindanao (Census 2007)) 6 . copper.MINDANAO Second biggest island group. potential oil deposits in Tawi-Tawi/Sulu Tawi-Tawi/Sulu and central Mindanao/Liguasan marsh. Bangsamoro. 3silver. etc). minerals (gold. includes Sulu archipelago. TriTri-people composition: Bangsamoro. Mindanao/Liguasan touted as food basket of the Philippines Mindanao has the highest number of poorest provinces in the country (out of 22 poorest provinces in the country. Lumads (IPs). chromite. with a total of 10 million hectares in land area.

Tagoloan and Tangkal. Nunungan. In Lanao del Norte that voted ´yesµ in 2001 plebiscite *north cotabato *735 barangays wherein a plebiscite will eventually be conducted 7 . Pantar.Areas to be covered if a BJE is created Present Geographic area of ARMM *Municipalities of Baloi. Munai.

8 .WHO ARE THE BANGSAMORO PEOPLE? The Bangsamoro people refers to those who are natives or original inhabitants of Mindanao and its adjacent islands including Palawan and the Sulu archipelago at the time of conquest or colonization of its descendants whether mixed or of full blood.

The ancestral domain became public domain and the bangsamoro people came under the American government. 9 .BANGSAMORO HOMELAND Historically. bangsamoro land consists of territory of which under the influence of the Moro Sultanates 200 years before the Spanish regime.

Eventually by the end of 1960¶s after the waves of migration. the population of Mindanao changed by having the Christians as majority and the Muslims as the minority to their own ancestral domain. 10 . and Ranao to the newly-created newlyPhilippine republic.Migrants came from Visayas and Luzon in 1900¶s authorized by series of public laws. 1936 Constitution declared Mindanao and Sulu inhabitants to be citizens of the Philippines. gained land titles in the form of Torrens titles against the native titles of bangsamoro people American turned over the sultanates of Sulu. Maguindanao.

(Lumads). Bangsamoro s renewed struggle triggered by Jabidah massacre in 1968. led to the formation of the MNLF led by Prof. Sulu.Bangsamoro became the collective name of Islamized and non-Islamized inhabitants of nonMindanao. Tri-people refers to TriMoro. Palawan. and settlers. IPs (Lumads). Nur Misuari MNLF war for independence in the 1970s with tacit support of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) led by Libya 11 .

MNLF rejected the Marcos-initiated plebiscite and Marcosdeclared the continuance of their war for secession 12 .Bangsamoro struggle Tripoli Agreement ± signed 23 December 1976 by MNLF with Marcos terminating their war of liberation in exchange for autonomy of 13 provinces Marcos unilaterally implemented the agreement by creating Provisional Regional government and calling for a plebiscite among the 13 provinces if they will join the autonomous region.

Only four provinces.Pres. TawiTawi voted to be part of ARMM. MNLF protested the inclusion of such in the Constitution and demanded full implementation of the 1976 Tripoli Agreement. X. 19. namely Maguindanao. 01 Aug 1989. peace negotiation was terminated in May 1987 NewlyNewly-elected Philippine Congress enacted RA 6649 creating the Regional Consultative Commission for establishing the autonomous region. and TawiMaguindanao. 11. 1989. Congress passed RA 6734 providing for the Organic Act of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). Art. Lanao del Sur. 1986 and later ³constitutionalized´ autonomy in Muslim ³constitutionalized´ Mindanao . it was inaugurated on Nov. 13 . 1987 Constitution provided for the creation of an autonomous Muslim Mindanao region subject to constitutional processes. Aquino reopened negotiations with the MNLF immediately after taking over in Feb. 1989 and a plebiscite for its ratification was held Nov. Sulu. MNLF rejected the whole process and declared continuous war against the GRP.

14.Pres. Aquino¶s successor in 1992. 2001. ordered resumption of peace talks with the MNLF. existing provinces under ARMM were not allowed to opt out. OIC acted as third party mediator. Fidel Ramos. on Aug. 14 . Basilan province and Marawi City were the only areas that were added to the expanded ARMM.

GRPGRP-MILF Peace Process ” Will acknowledge unique history and identity of Bangsamoro people ” Will recognize and protect Bangsamoro rights to their land and natural resources ” Will ensure Bangsamoro¶s direct participation in sociosocio-economic development efforts within their Ancestral Domains ” Will explore workable formula for genuine Bangsamoro self-governance self- 15 .

Libya between the Philippine government and the MNLF in December of 1976 . Salamat Hashem split from MNLF and formed their group of rebellions which was now called the MILF on 1984 16 . Later.HISTORY OF MILF MILF (MORO ISLAMIC LIBERATION FRONT) came from MORO NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT that was founded in 1968 by Nur Misuari Missuari signed the Tripoli Agreement which was done in Tripoli.

Why did the MILF negotiate with GRP? The MILF had negotiated to the government on peace process because they sought to ³permanently address the aspirations of the Bangsamoro for freedom.´ 17 .

Establishment of genuine self-governance selfsystem appropriate for them and the resources that can be found therein 18 .MOAMOA-AD The proposed homeland will be under the BJE (Bangsamoro Juridical Entity) which will have the authority over it.

*³basic law´. its own police and internal security force. legislative and electoral institution *full authority to develop and dispose natural resources 19 .The planned Bangsamoro homeland will have it¶s own. *system of banking and finance * Civil service *Education.