Program Description

Tuition Includes: Classes, Living Accommodations, Three Meals per Day, and Transportation to Dalian Once a Week 180 US$ /Week: Students will immerse themselves in 18-24 credit hours of Chinese language and culture classes. In addition to Chinese language classes, the cultural elective classes that my be offered are Chinese cooking, traditional Chinese instruments lessons, Chinese music appreciation, as well as traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. *No Chinese language experience is required.

Academic Credit

Although the dates of your participation in this program are flexible throughout the year, the transfer of academic credit to your university will be subject to your university’s requirements. Please see your academic advisor for further information regarding these requirements.

Internship Opportunity

80 US$ /Week: Native speakers of English may apply to teach 8 hours of conversational English per week (no teaching experience required) and take 8-12 hours of Chinese language and culture classes.

*Available year-round to all students,
flexible dates

Enrollment Deadlines

Participation requires an application process. Internship opportunities will be greater for those participating in the majority of a full semester during the academic year.

First Semester: September 1 – January 10

Enrollment Deadline: July 15

Second Semester:

March 1- July 10

Teaching English
Teaching Chinese students conversation English will not only be an excellent resume builder, but will also partly support your stay in China. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING EXPERIENCE! All university students who are native speakers of English are qualified for the position. DJTU-IEI will prepare some teaching materials for your reference but your own creativity is encouraged. An orientation is offered by DJTU-IEI within the first week of your arrival to familiarize students with the local environment

Application Process
•Submit the following to apply •Application form •A copy of your passport page •Transcript and Resume •2 passport size photos •Payment of 20 US$ application fee •After you receive your acceptance letter, you will need to budget for your plane ticket to Dalian, and apply for your Visa to China. •Upon your arrival to Dalian airport, we will pick you up to transport you to our university.

Contact Information
USA Mr. Wu Yang 2935 Marshall Ave APT 20 Cincinnati, OH, 45220 1-845-709-4264 Zachary Hayes Program Consultant CHINA Mr. Ted Wang Director of International Program #999 Bingang Road Lushun Economic Development Zone Dalian, Liaoning Province 116052, China Phone: +86 411 8697-8589 Fax: +86 411 8624-5194 E-mail:

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