Being Ethical in an Unethical Society


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‡ If you were to present a gift to a friend, what item would you rather choose to give?

To understand public sentiment towards business ethics


1. Has business ethics really deteriorated? 2. Are the media reporting ethical problems more frequently and vigorously? 3. Are practices that once were socially acceptable no longer socially acceptable?

‡ ³We will not survive the 21st century with the ethics of the 20th «´

Business Ethics: What Does It Really Mean?
Business Ethics:Today vs. Earlier Period

Society¶s Expectations of Business Ethics Ethical Problem Actual Business Ethics

Ethical Problem



Early 2000s

Business Ethics: What Does It Really Mean? Definitions
‡ Ethics involves a discipline that examines good or bad practices within the context of a moral duty ‡ Moral conduct is behavior that is right or wrong ‡ Business ethics include practices and behaviors that are good or bad

Developing Moral Judgment
External Sources of a Manager¶s Values

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Religious values Philosophical values Cultural values Legal values Professional values

Developing Moral Judgment
Internal Sources of a Manager¶s Values

‡ Respect for the authority structure ‡ Loyalty ‡ Conformity ‡ Performance ‡ Results

Sources of Ethical Norms
Fellow Workers Regions of Country

Family The Individual Conscience Friends



The Law

Religious Beliefs

Society at Large

Ethics and the Law
‡ Law often represents an ethical minimum ‡ Ethics often represents a standard that exceeds the legal minimum
Frequent Overlap



Twelve Questions for Examining the Ethics of a Business Decision
1. Have you defined the problem accurately? 2. How would you define the problem if you stood on the other side of the fence? 3. How did this situation occur in the first place? 4. To whom and to what do you give your loyalty as a person and as a member of the corporation?

Twelve Questions
5. What is your intention in making this decision? 6. How does this intention compare with the probable results? 7. Whom could your decision or action injure? 8. Can you discuss the problem with the affected parties before you make your decision?

Twelve Questions
9. Are you confident that your position will be as valid over a long period of time as it seems now? 10. Can you disclose without qualms your decision or action to your boss, your CEO, the board of directors, your family, society as a whole? 11. What is the symbolic potential of your action if understood? If misunderstood? 12. Under what conditions would you allow exceptions to your stand?

Overview 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Defined Other side First place Loyalty Intention Results 7. 8. 9. 10. Injure Affected parties Position Disclose without qualms 11. Symbolic potential 12. Exceptions


‡ The true meaning of virtue and vice has become increasingly confused in modern times. ‡ No proper demarcation has been made between the two categories.

In the modern world, following are VIRTUES
‡ Progress ‡ Honor ‡ Love for one¶s nation ‡ Statesmanship ‡ Keeping up with the march of time

And following are VICES
‡ Lack of initiative ‡ Idleness ‡ Dogmatism and Fanaticism ‡ Debasing ‡ Meanness and pettiness of mind ‡ Whimsicality ‡ Misanthropy

But if you look carefully, the virtues are actually vices and vices are actually virtues

Nowadays Virtues
‡ Progress ‡ Honor ‡ Love for one¶s nation

Essential Nature
‡ Greed for money and social position ‡ Pride ‡ Spirit of tribalism which blinds one to the distinction between right and wrong ‡ Deceit and cunning ‡ Hypocrisy

‡ Statesmanship ‡ Keeping up with the march of time

Nowadays Vices
‡ Lack of initiative ‡ Idleness

Essential Nature
‡ Contentment ‡ Acceptance of and Resignation to the will of God ‡ Regard for religion and Firmness of Faith ‡ Indifference to one¶s physical appearance

‡ Dogmatism and Fanaticism ‡ Debasing

Nowadays Vices
‡ Meanness and pettiness of mind ‡ Whimsicality ‡ Misanthropy

Essential Nature
‡ Courtesy

‡ Fear of God and Piety ‡ Keeping oneself from unnecessarily mixing with people


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