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Book Report CFM Project

Submitted to: Prof. R.L Raina

Submitted by: Achal Arora Mukul Kaura Md. Muntaha Ali Pranav Patil K Rakesh Kumar Ramsem Lungran Jai Prakash Meena Subash Narayana B

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Boss-Subordinate Relationship

Business Culture

Theme: Leadership Which leadership gets Results?

Theme: Leadership What do Great Managers Do?

Theme: Leadership Only Motivation that works!

Theme: Boss-sub relationship BossSet up to Fail?

Theme: Boss-sub relationship BossWho manages whom?

Theme: Boss-sub relationship BossIs this what you would like to be?

Theme: Business Culture How (Un)ethical are you?

Theme: Business Culture Fair Processes Unfair results

Theme: Business Culture Strength U Strength

Communication insights

Summary tables

Research oriented approach

Research was based on survey of 80,000 managers


1. Good teams function like an organism. 2. Do you want to keep recharging your employees or have a generator with them

Communication insights
Is it high salary, Is it punishment, Is it increment, Is it even promotion. X X X X

The only motivation that works is to make the job interesting.

Communication insights
Accurate description and diagnosis of a problem can capture attention of reader even though you may not have a perfect solution to present

Article 1 Leadership that gets results

Management insight Offer leadership based on demands of situation and not based on your personality trait Forget praise. Forget cash. Forget punishment. You need to make their job more interesting

Further expectation How to build in the flexibility to adopt a different style every time? Ways and means of making dull jobs more interesting What works to reverse set a relationship thats spiraling down -

2 One more time How do you motivate employees 3 The Set up to fail syndrome y

Misses onBoss sub-ordinate relationship can set in early important stages and may spiral up or spiral down themes relevant in 2011 thereafter. Summary table of key learning's

4 Saving your Rookie managers from Rookie managers should quickly learn to themselves delegate work instead of resorting to micromanagement y do? 5 What great managers Capitalize on Employees strengths. Activate Employees strengths. Transparent process helps to build employee morale and builds agreement even though the results may not be favorable 7 Teaching smart people how to learn Members in the organization are always expected to choose between single loop and double loop learning 8 How unethical are you? Prejudices, biases and preconceived notions almost prevent us from being totally ethical in any given situation 6 Fair Process: Managing in the knowledge economy 9 The discipline of teams 10 Managing your boss Teams are the best Organizational Structures for today's Corporate World

What should be done if triggers fail to activate the strength Is it possible to be transparent in all situations or are there some exceptions? -

How to get rid of prejudices and biases?

Innovative team building activities

A Boss-Subordinate relation based on 2-way How to do this without playing politics respect and trust is beneficial to both parties . or favourites

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