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By Noshina Arif DA Degree College For Women phaseVIII


Term goals:

21st century teaching approaches, Teach students to think and conceptualizes the Ideas and concept more creatively. To lighting an intellectual spark in a student. To develop Individual style and creative problem solving skills with the help of ICT tools. To overcome stereo type way of seeing & drawing.

Short Term Goals


are Introduce to the language and techniques of drawing & learn to visualize their thoughts & ideas allowing them to gain skills which are necessary for success in other fine art mediums.


Enhancement of creativity

1. Stimulating their brains through different exercises, dialogues 2. By developing visual journal or diary, by visiting outdoors using internet. 3. By self evaluation ,Studio critique. Slide presentations of other art works. 4. use brain storming , word association techniques 5.By making judgment about their personal art work. 6. By visiting art gallery museum, by applying ICT Tools 7. Studio assignment sketch book 8. Completion of student work according to action plan

2. observation, vision

3. development of critical appreciation 4. out of the box thinking 5. Decision making 6. Give awareness of global and contemporary art 7. Portfolio development 8. Curetting display of students work

1.Rigid atmosphere kills creativity 2. Less opportunities to go & observe the outdoor s. 3. Unavailability of model 4 .Shortage of time 5. Fixated mind sets of students 6. Less observant 7. Unavailability of multimedia

1. Providing relaxed environment to students 2. Write an application to get permission to take students on outdoor trips. 3. Ask college authority for requirement of a model or arrange any substitute mod 4. Ask students to give their for availability of free periods 5. Encourage students to take chance spontaneously & accidental results 6.Ask student to Keep a visual diary& record events what they see. 7.Use your personal Laptop

Memory Drawing

Creative Drawing

March 2012

Observational Drawing

Gesture Drawing

Contours Drawing

Blind Contour


y Art Galleries and museums y Word processing, Multimedia y Web Site y Movies about Art y Art Education Links y Books about Art