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Who is the professor in Educ 501?

A. Dr. Penelope Colisao C. Dr. Patricia Manejero B. Prof. Rohel Saral D. Dr. Rosalio Tenorio

A. Dr. Penelope Colisao

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Who said that Wisdom is knowledge?

A. Socrates C. Aristotle B. Plato D. Confucius

C. Aristotle

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Objects exists whether or not there is a human mind to perceive them

A. Pragmatism C. Naturalism B. Realism D. Idealism

B. Realism

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Who said Knowledge is Power

A. Sir Francis Bacon C. Jean Jacques Rosseau B. Rene Descartes D. Winston Churchill

A. Sir Francis Bacon

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Tabula rasa means

A. Table rate C. Breed Chart

B. Race Tablet D. Blank Mind

D. Blank Tablet

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The studies of humanities?

A. Monasticism C. Humanism

B. Naturalism D. Relativism

C. Humanism

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Father of Modern Education

A. John Locke C. Robert Owen

B. John Dewey D. Karl Marx

B. John Dewey

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Belief that Education, like human nature, is constant

A. Idealism C. Perrenialism B. Existensialism D. Behaviorism

C. Perrenialism

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Incorporated Greek ideas into Christianity

A. St. Joseph C. Karl Marx B. Rev. Charles Hart D. Thomas Aquinas

D. Thomas Aquinas

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Voltaire said that Education should be free of religiosity. Who is Voltaire?

A. Sigmund Freud C. Johann Herbart B. Francois Marie Arouet D. John Comenius

B. Francois Marie Arouet

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Mens sana encorpore sano

A. A sound mind in a
sound body

B. Men are commonly


C. Monthly period

D. Men by nature are

generally evil


A sound mind in a sound body

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Believes that by reflecting on our own experiences, we build our own understanding of the place we live in
A. Essentialism C. Liberalism B. Constructivism D. Totalitarianism

B. Constructivism

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Founder of Communism

A.Vladimir Lenin C. Karl Marx

B. Joseph Stalin D. Dimitri Medvedev

C. Karl Marx

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Uses teaching strategy of Rewards and Punishments bringing Discipline/Self-control

A. Positivism C. Naturalism B. Constructivism D. Behaviorism

D. Behaviorism

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Experiential Learning thru games is a teaching strategy used in

A. Pragmatism C. Experimentalism B. Perrenialism D. Constructivism

A. Pragmatism

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