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Name: Sharekhan Company Limited Punch line: Your Guide To The Financial Jungle Site of Sharekhan was launched by 8 Feb,2000 Telephone no: 022-67482000 Toll Free: 1800227500 working under SSKI (Shantilal Shewantilal Kantilal Ishwarlal) Ltd. SSKI was founded in 1922. SSKI entered into real broking in 1985 They provides you a complete life cycle of investment solution in equities, derivatives, commodities and depository services SSKI has been voted the best domestic brokerage in by Asia money Polls 2004

Sharekhan provides 4 in 1 account.Sharekhan Limited Vision To be the best retail brokering Brand in the retail business of stock market. Mission To educate and empower the individual investor to make better investment decisions through quality advice and superior service. ‡ Demat a/c ‡ Trading a/c: for cash calculation ‡ Bank a/c: for fund transfer ‡ Dial and Trade: for query relating trading .

Sharekhan Limited .

Sharekhan have wide network. ‡     . Sharekhan provide both online and offline services. mail alerts. stock recommendations etc. They provide good quality of services like daily SMS alerts.Sharekhan Limited ‡ PRODUCT OF SHAREKHAN LIMITED ± Mutual fund schemes ± Insurance ± Portfolio Management System ± Shares ± online and offline ± Bonds ± Fixed Deposits ± Commodities ADVANTAGES OF SHAREKHAN: Sharekhan have good research team to keep eagle eye on stock market.

Services .

Competitors . THREATS Volatility of the share market. Technology Online fund transfer. SWOT ANALYSIS OF SHAREKHAN STRENGTHS First brokerage firm to go online. Large Products basket. Low annual maintenance charge WEAKNESSES High brokerage charges but now they have overcome this by a new prepaid scheme in which brokerage is reduced to half. OPPORTUNITIES Huge market. Research reports.‡Huge market. Recommendations from clients.

TESTIMONY OF CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE ³Most Preferred Stock broker in India´ India¶s largest consumer study initiated by CNBC Awaaz and conducted by AC Nielsen . .ORG Marg covering 7000 respondents .21 products and services across 21 major cities.

TraditionalTrading With Reference to Sharekhan LTD´ .Research Title ³A Study of Customer Satisfaction of Online Trading VS.

Objective of research ‡ What are the reasons for customer satisfaction in area of online share trading how they can be improve? ‡ What are the reasons for customer dissatisfaction and how these problems can be solved? ‡ What problem online and offline share trading customer face? ‡ To learn the online terminal used for trading. ‡ To gain practical knowledge of the share market. .

Hypothesis Ho= There is no significant difference between Customer Satisfaction of Online Trading VS. Traditional Trading. .

‡ Profile of respondents: Businessman ‡ Tools of data collection: Questionnaire. Jaipur ‡ Sample size: 60 ‡ Sampling method: Non-Probability sampling ‡ Study: study is descriptive in nature.Jaipur. ‡ Sampling extent: Study will carry out in Johri Bazar. ‡ Sampling Element: Existing customer of Sharekhan Ltd. .Nominal and Likert scale.of Johri Bazar.Research design ‡ Population: All the existing customer of Sharekhan Ltd. Telecalling ‡ Secondary data: Data from internet and journals ‡ Primary data: Data collected from questionnaire ‡ Scaling technique.

Account opening and other charges.1. please mark the reasons.4=highly dissatisfied. please mark the reasons. Lack of security Lack of knowledge of software Login problem.5=can¶t say) 1.3=dissatisfied. Regular Updates _____4. Brokerage Charges Thanks for spending your valuable time. 2=satisfied.Busines 2.(1=highly satisfied.Other_ _ _ _ _ _ _ . 7) Are you satisfied with brokerage charged by the company? Yes No 8) Are you satisfied with service provided by relationship manager? Yes No 9) According to your preference rank the attributes of a Sharekhan trading company. Customer Service _____ 2.Services 3. Name ________Address _______Occupation.QUESTIONNAIRE 1) Do you trade or invest? ---------2) Do you trade online or offline? -------3) Are you satisfied with your existing Broker? Yes No 4) Are you satisfied with tips given by share khan?____________ 5) Are you satisfied with services provided by the company?__________ 6)(A) Are you satisfied with the services of Online trading portal as compared to offline? satisfied Not satisfied Can¶t say b) If yes. Trustworthiness____ 5. Proper Guidance ______3. Time saving Easy to use Information available Anywhere trading available Easy brokerage structure c) If no.

Analysis of data Q1)Do you trade or invest? trade invest 2) Do you trade online or offline? online offline 22% 12% 78% 88% .

Analysis of data 3) Are you satisfied with rate of return? yes no 4)Are you satisfied with tips given by share khan? 40% 41% yes no 60% 59% .

Analysis of data 5) Are you satisfied with services provided by the company? 6)(a) Are you satisfied with the services of Online trading portal as compared to offline? 5% 47% 53% yes no satisfied 49% 46% not satisfied can't say .

Analysis of data 6(b)If yes. . please mark the reasons Lack of security 31% 34% Lack of knowledg e of software Login problem. please mark the reasons Time saving 8% 30% 31% Easy to use Information available Anywhere trading available 34% 32% 6(c)If not satisfied .

Analysis of data 7)Are you satisfied with brokerage charged by the company? 8)Are you satisfied with ser ice pro ided by relationship manager? 40% 60% 37% yes no 63% yes no .

Analysis of data Brokerage charge highly satisfied 20% 28% dissatisfied 22% 28% higly dissatisfied can't say 40% higly dissatisfie d can't say satisfied 22% 28% dissatisfie d Regular updates highly satisfied satisfied 2% 5% 5% .

Analysis of data Proper Guidence highly satisfied satisfied 30% 41% dissatisfied higly dissatisfied can't say 42% Trustworthiness 2% 15% 10% highly satisfied satisfied 31% dissatisfied higly dissatisfied can't say 5% 7% 17% .

Analysis of data customer service 3% 15% 18% highly satisfied satisfied dissatisfied higly dissatisfied can't say 27% 37% .

Main purposes of investments are returns & liquidity. Easy to use Information available. Brokerage charge by the company is also not pocket friendly. Most of the customers are online trader. Easy brokerage structure. anywhere trading available. Regular Updates. Most of the customers are dissatisfied by services. Trustworthiness. The main reasons of customer satisfaction are Time saving. In stock market large number of customer are traders in comparison to investors. Brokerage Charges. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Customers of Johri bazaar mainly trade in commodity market .Finding & Conclusion ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ According to the survey most of the customers of ³Sharekhan Ltd´ says that it is not friendly. Most of the customers are the dissatisfied with Customer Service. tips provided by the company. Proper Guidance.

‡ The portfolio manager should be strong so that customer are satisfied with rate of return. ‡ The company should focus on advertisement. ‡ The company should reduce its brokerage charge as many people concern about brokerage charge rather than services provided by the company. ‡ The should focus on minimizing its area of dissatisfaction.Reccomendations ‡ The company should improve its Customer Service & Proper Guidance facility ‡ The company should improve its research team so that the tips provided by company will satisfy the customer. ‡ The relationship manager should make good relation with customers. .

Kothari.wikipedia.com ‡ 6. http://www.www.eurojournal.net/search 4.com 2. http://stocktrading markets. 2010. www.R. Research methodology . International Journal of Innovation creativity and management ‡ 5.com 3.Bibliography ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 1 .sharekhan. C.

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