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Introduction What is disaster Disasters in Pakistan System overview Major features Technology used System design ERD SSD, SD, class diagram Limitation Future work Conclusion references

y GSM based disaster management system is a web

based auto message generation system. y At the time of disaster, communication and coordination is the key to efficient and effective relief dispatch y Usually, communication and relief dispatch remain haphazard, especially in the early phases of a disaster. This system is designed to overcome this problem.

What is a disaster .

. Azad State of Jammu and Kashmir & North-West Frontier Province. the capital of Pakistan. killing all 146 passengers and six crew aboard.2005 in Muzaffarabad District. 2010 near Islamabad.Disasters in Pakistan Earthquake on 8th October. Pakistan 3. Punjab and Baluchistan regions of Pakistan and affected the Indus River basin Floods directly affected about 20 million people Airblue Flight 202 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight which crashed on 28 July. Sindh.000 people are dead The 2010 Pakistan floods began in late July 2010 following heavy monsoon rains in the Khyber Pakhtun khwa.5 million people are homeless And 80.

System Overview .

. y The maintenance costs are low y GSM modems is a wireless modem which is a quick and efficient way to get started with SMS. y Sending SMS messages fast. because a special subscription to an SMS service provider is not required.Why GSM system?? GSM based systems benefits and features are: y Making communication possible and fast for the victims of disaster y Reading and writing SMS messages.

Existing disaster management systems y SAHANA Disaster management system y y A mobile Disaster Management System Using the Android Technology DEWNII: A trilingual disaster and emergency warning network SAHANA DISASTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MOBILE DISASTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Receive SMS Search the optimal path Save the best path Send the optimal path to the agent TRINLINGUAL DISASTER AND EMERGENCY WARNING NETWORK Disaster alarming device Send SMS Store records of agents Missing person registry rganization registry Volunteer management Inventory management Situation management .

Major Features of System y Managing Agents and Donors y SMS y Sms application y System s Auto generate SMS Functionality y Send/Receive SMS y Generating Reports .

. address.1. Managing agents and donors y The system manages the agents and donors information in the database. It saves their name. email. The importance of saving donor and agents details is that at the time of need system can search the agents and donors information within same location. etc. phone number.

Our application receives SMS then it automatically checks type of disaster and the place of disaster. y SMS Application: y SMS application has five forms.SMS GSM modem we send and receive the SMS and y Using also store all incoming SMS into database. Then it sends to related agent help and denotations. y Form Connection: y Server Main y Send Message y Receive SMS y Delete SMS .

city name . city . city . address ) Agent to agent: ( alert type .SMS cont y System s Auto generate SMS Functionality: y System receives the alter message by the registered agents . message of Donation information ) y y y Message is stored in the data base. sending the message ) Victim and Agent format ( Disaster Type" City "Address") Donor to system format ( Donor . name . message that will be sent ) Agent to donor : ( alert type . after receiving messages it split it into three parts and then it send it to the database to get the data regarding alter message. y Using this application we also delete the SMS. . y Message format y y y Agent to other format: ( disaster type . agent .

we can generate these reports according to our requirements. y This can be achieve by the admin or system s users by selecting the query in the text field.Generating reports y system can automatically generates the reports that can give the information of affected victims in disaster. .

Technical Features we Used y Software Specifications Language y ASP.NET Framework 4.0 y Microsoft SQL sever 2008 y Together6 for UML models .NET for database access y .NET y ADO.NET for web application y C # .

Change the SQL database to another (oracle. the presentation.System Design y We use an N-Tier architecture. y Reasons to use N-tier architecture:  The main benefits of n-tier architecture:   Change the web application to desktop application.  Easy to process . etc)  Reduce the business and the programming complexity. y What is N-Tier Architecture?  It is a client-server architecture in which. the application processing and the data management are logically separate processes.

Using this layer you can change web application to desktop application GSM Controller GSM hardware Controlle r .


Use Case diagram <<include>> Admin Manage Agent <<include>> Donar DMS Application Add Agent <<include>> <<include>> Search Agent Update Agent Delete Agent Add Donar <<include>> <<include>> Agent Manage Donar <<include>> <<include>> Update Donor Delete Donor Victim Send SMS to Agent <<include>> <<include>> Send SMS <<include>> Send SMS to Victim Send SMS to Donar Search Donor SendSMStoSystem .

UCC 4 : Delete Delete Agent Agent U N SE ASE AME SCOPE PRIMARY ACTOR PRECONDITIONS SUCCESS GUARANTEE Disaster management system Admin User must have admin privilege Admin can delete the profile anytime. Could be multiple times a day FREQUENCY OCCURRENCE OF Preconditions: ‡User must have admin privileges Success Guarantee (or Post conditions): ‡System operator can search donors available any time he login and delete profile .

. will sends the conformation y FREQUENCY OF OCCURRENCE: Could be multiple times a day. System will ask for login ID and password 4. System operator can proceed with his work if login ID and password accepted. System operator will request to login. System message.UC 4 : Delete Agent cnt d y MAIN SUCCESS SCENARIO (OR BASIC FLOW): SYSTEM OPERATOR ACTION 1. 3. SYSTEM RESPONCE 2. Admin delete the profile of agent 5.

role. email. mob.location ) {Show Results in TextBoxs} 3: Delete Agent ( Firstname ) {Conformation Message} .cnic.SSD s Admin 1: Search Agent (firstname) {Show Result in Gridview} System 2: Select Agent ( Name.

1: deleteagent(firstname): oid 1.1.2: CloseConnection(): oid £ ¥ ¤ £ £ ¢ ¡  SD £ d delete_agent da DALController c ConnectToDatabase .1.1.1: deleteagent(firstname): oid 1.1.i i ial Controll r Object1 1: deleteagent(string): oid 1.1.1: E ceuteQuery(q): qlDataReader 1.

search on load donar BussinesLogic..delete donar +deletedonar:void +AddNewDonar:void .agentOnload +searchagentonload:DataSet -Controller +getContoller:Controller +AddAgent:void +AddNewDonar:void +location:void +searchagent:DataSet +searchagentonload:DataSet +updateagent:DataSet +updatetheagent:void +deleteagent:void +searchdonar:DataSet +searchldonnar:DataSet +updatedonar:void +deletedonar:void donar +searchdonnar:DataSet BussinesLogic.delete agent +deleteagent:void BussinesLogic.update donar +updatedonar:void BussinesLogic.DALController +DBConnection:SqlConnection +DataAdapter:SqlDataAdapter +ResultSet:DataSet +QueryCommand:SqlCommand +QueryResultReader:SqlDataReader +Webform1:void +AddNewDonar1:void +location:void +searchagent:DataSet +searchagentonload:DataSet +searchupdateagent:DataSet +updateagent:void +deleteagent:void +searchdonar:DataSet +searchonloaddonar:DataSet +updatedonar:void +deletedonnar:void +webform:void +ExceuteQuerySet:DataSet .ConnectToDatabase +DBConnection:SqlConnection +DataAdapter:SqlDataAdapter +ResultSet:DataSet +QueryCommand:SqlCommand +QueryResultReader:SqlDataReader +ConnectToDatabase +ConnectToDB:void +ExceuteQueryset:DataSet +ExceuteQuery:SqlDataReader +UpdateQuery:int +UpdateQuerySet:int +SpecificQuery:object +CloseConnection:void .search agent +searchagent:DataSet BussinesLogic.location +searchondonnar:DataSet +location1:void BussinesLogic..AgentHandler +updateagent:DataSet +updatetheagent:void +Webform1:void +webform:void DataAccessLayer.DonarHandler BussinesLogic.Class Diagram BussinesLogic..Controller -c:Controller BussinesLogic.update agent BussinesLogic.

Deployment Diagram D pp ca ion D S pp ica ion ¦ § System Requirements Processor: 2 0 Mhz R : 1 GB H D : 20GB Opera ing Sys em: windows 7 /window xp window vis a Ope a ing Sys em © ¦ ¨ N F amewo k 4 0 ¨ ¦ ¨ .

N-Tier Architecture Business Logic Data Access Layer Presentation Layer GSM controllat .

Home .

Add Agent .

Delete Agent .

Send message .

Report generation .

y RSS fields . y We can build its mobile application more efficient and easiest communication system.Future work y We can use Google API to fine the coordinate of the struck location.

y Since the system will be automated. y The reason for using GSM for our disaster management system is the fast and effective communication with the victims and donors at the time when disaster strikes.conclusion y The proposed system shall allow for effective coordination between the Agents and Donors. the relief efforts can be integrated from the very beginning. .

php?release _id=551918&group_id=127855 y http://www.nowsms.References y .

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