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Lecture 13: Part 1

For Today«   

Revisiting the definition of religion: (from Lecture 1) Revisiting sub-themes sub(throughout lectures) Exam µsuggestions¶

html Does it consider the µmixing¶ of religions? µmixing¶ Does it consider the mutual historical lineages of religion? Does it consider the conflicting boundaries between religions? Why have they chosen those religions in particular? particular? What about other religions? .What¶s wrong with this picture? picture? istory-ofistory-of-religion.mapsofwar.

911)  Soteriology: Heaven.Revisiting the initial definition: A Religion«  « is a belief in the existence of a reality beyond the physical world God the Father. 117. Hell. Moksha (Lectures 9-10.Tien  . The Almighty (Lectures 2-6) 2 Brahman.1112)  Nirvana. Dao (Lectures 7-8. Soteriology: Purgatory.

Revisiting the initial definition: A Religion«  « focuses on µtrue¶ human nature in the context of a transcendent reality Buddhism: Life as Suffering  Christianity: Life as Sinfulness  Hinduism: Caste. Dharma  Daoism: Qi and Harmony  .

Analects) Ching. Talmud) Ching. Koran Manuals of practice (Vedas. Old/New Testaments) Tripitaka. (Bhagavad Gita. laws      Bible. personal and social activity. beliefs and values. Dao De Ching. Stories and moral lessons (Bhagavad Gita. Parables) Inspired Authorship or Testimonials (Quran.Revisiting the initial definition: A Religion«  «has written ideas about ³correct´ knowledge. Talmud. . ethics. I Ching. Tendency towards structural organisation (Tripitaka.

Mosque. practice. Synagogue  Calendrical and Sacramental Rites  Religious Duty: Dharma. or social or personal activity that is thought to enhance the self and those around us Formalised: Church. Li  . Jihad.A Revisiting the initial definition: A Religion«  «involves the participation in institutionalised forms of worship.

Bodhisattvas. selfselfcrucifixion  Personal Sacrifice   Sacrifice for the Salvation of Others  Jesus. Martyrs. Saints . Fasting. Hinduism Asceticism. Immolation.A Revisiting the initial definition: A Religion«  ³«contains within its belief and practice some form of sacrifice´  Ritual/Ceremonial sacrifice  Judaism.

Retrospective Lecture 13: Part 2 .

Tom Cruise.  McDonals and Ramadan. McDonalds in Islamaphobia  .  Saddam Hussein and Jesus. Oprah Winfrey and Confucius. Little Mosque on the Prairie.Religions Come alive  Pop Culture in our Course Content Harry Potter. Star Wars and Wu Wei.

 IVLE FORUM . Not just about reciting knowledge. but about deploying it.Religions Come alive  Harnessing your intuitive knowledge.

SubSub-themes Sexual Orientation  Sin and Punishment  Pain  Love  Commercialisation of religion  Gender  Essential ³I´  .

John and Cardinal Newman Anglican Communion and Ordination of Homosexuals  Gene Robinson .Sexual Orientation   Ambrose St.

Sin and Punishment  Heaven. Hell and Purgatory .

Pain     Judaism and Circumcision Islam and Ramadan Buddhism and Immolation Dalits and caste .

Love    Loving your enemies as a µcommandment¶ Falling in love and filial piety/duty Arranged Marriage/Online dating in Hinduism .

Commercialisation    Religious ritual devoid of its µreligiousness¶ Religion separated from its origins Religion misunderstood/exaggerated  Islamaphobia .

Religious Duty   Bhagavad gita and Dharma Islam and Jihad Islam as µstruggle¶ (Lecture 5)  Jihad versus McWorld (Lecture 6)  .

Gender  Women and their religious roles Ordination of women in Christianity  Majapathi in Buddhism   The µinferiority¶ of women .

damn slack´  Time management  Concise answers instead of long winded responses  Legibility  Mental and Physical Preparation  ..Suggested study tips for the exams ³.

Core themes  Founding figures and counter institutional impact      Charisma? Humble beginnings? Administrative/political leadership? Military prowess? AntiAnti-establishment? Schisms Sectarian conflict Divergent beliefs Conversions and de-conversions de-  Sects and denominations     .

Core themes  Critical converts and the Spread of religion    Proseletism/spreading Proseletism/spreading the word Granting official status Designation into specific categories .

Militarism and conflict  Religious justifications for violence .Core themes  Monotheism and µpolytheism¶ One God or Many?  God/s is personified or has human attributes?  Visual depiction of God is possible? Permissible?   Violence.

where?  Divine intervention God as saviour  Saving yourself  Praying for God/s intercession  . how.Core themes   Sacrifice (see slide above) Salvation and the afterlife  Soteriology: Soteriology: what. when.

Religions Come Alive  Thank you and Good luck .