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The Children of Israel: Judaism

Lecture 2 part 1 18 August 2009

Last Week I asked you to reflect on

The idea of World Religions Why is Judaism a World Religion?

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Historical Belief Text Practice (part 2 of the lecture)

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Off with their heads.. Pain and circumcision

Historical Timeline
Temple (Biblical) Period (1800BCE - 70CE) Rabbinic (Classical) Period (70CE - 1700s) Modern Period (1700 - Present)

The Temple Period

Abraham, Sarah and Hagar (BCE 1800) The First Sacrifice: Isaac and Ishmael
Judeo-Christianity and Islam

The Temple Period

Jews: those who live in Judea (Patterns p. 303-305) The Various conquests of Israel Independent Israel under the Maccabees (165-63 BCE)
The first Martyrs?

Roman Captivity (67-72BCE)

What s so important about the Temple Period?

The notion of sacrifice IN the Temple of Jerusalem ONLY -sanctified place The idea of the ONE true God The idea of Martyrdom Persistence on the covenant

Classical/ Rabbinic Period

The destruction of the temple by the Romans, (70CE) The Rabbinic Period (70 -1789CE)
Rabbi: my master

The Talmud
Mishnah + Gemara

What s so important about the Classical/Rabbinic Period

How did Jews deal with the destruction of the temple? How did the Jews interpret the various conquests in their people s history?

Modern Judaism
The Diaspora 1492, Spain: Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazic Jews Different Kinds of Judaism: The Enlightenment (1700s) Reform Judaism Orthodox Judaism Conservative Judaism (early 20th Century, USA) Reconstructionist Judaism (1950s, USA) Figure 8.1 of Patterns..(p.323)

Modern Judaism
Zionism: The Modern State of Israel
The Holocaust and Israel s pain Inspiration from the Maccabees

What is important about the Modern period?

Judaism in World Affairs
Is Judaism a World Religion?

The Jewish lobby ?

Beliefs: The legacy of Judaism

God and the Covenant
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Waiting for a New Age

Messianic Judaism?

Beliefs: The legacy of Judaism

Monotheism Sacrifice Martyrism

3 main themes of Judaism also prevalent in Christianity and Islam

Texts and Scriptures

The Tanakh (written)
Torah, Neviim, Ketubim

The Talmud

The Children of Israel: Judaism

Lecture 2, part 2 18 August 2009

Sacrifice in the Temple Period Replacing the Temple
Prayer Study of Talmud Charity

The Synagogue Kosher

The Sign of the Covenant Prohibitions of Circumcision Foreskin Restoration? EPISPASM

Pain both psychogically and physically
  Anesthesia PTSD? Sweden case: BBC Monday 1st Oct 01

Human Rights and legality
Only with nurse, parents and CHILD s consent

Cannot be done in public hospitals How impt is pain in the fulfillment of religious obligation? Should parents be able to decide upon the bodies of their children on religious grounds, even if it meant pain to the child?

Human Rights and legality

For Next Week

What do Jesus Christ and Saddam Hussein Have in common?