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Lecture 12

Preview for today     Confucianism as a religion Confucianism in the place of its birth Can a good Confucian ever fall in love? Confucianism as a state ideology? .

Competing claims to legitimacy     Daoists Confucians Legalists Mohists .

The Sages    Confucius (551-479 B.C.) K¶ung fu-tzu (Master K¶ung) Mencius (371-289 BCE) Hsun-tzu (298-238 BCE) .E.

Periods of Rise and Decline    Burning of the Books: 213 BCE Han revival: (206BCE -220 CE) State religion ± (see Patterns p. 274. 276. Critical conversion?) (³Confucius bashers´ in the 20th century. Patterns p. 282) 1905 Government abolished state service ±  Buddhist influence/challenge .

³Destroy the old curiosity shop of Confucius!´  Beginning in 1949. official Chinese communist critiques of Confucianism .

Love at second sight: Confucius 2.0   The confucian revival from 1978 to Present ³He who by reanimating the old can gain knowledge of the new is fit to be a teacher´ ± Analects 2:11 .

Sources of Knowledge    Five Classics (Wu Ching): Four Books (Ssu Shu) (Patterns Table 7.1) .

Is confucianism a µreligion¶?  Doctrine of the Mean: Dao? ± Heaven: ³a supreme spiritual presence. a great moral power. and a source of all´  Human action  Jen  Li  Where/what is heaven? .

Confucian Practice  Family   Ancestor Worship Five Great Relationships .

Patterns p.This thing called love«  Issues ± ± ± ± Does a good Confucian ever µfall in love¶? (Patterns«p. 147) Is there a space for individualism. 286. in the face of filial piety? Is there a space for spontaneity in the face of Confucian ritual obligation in marriage? ± . 288) (Hinduism and Love..

Confucianism Lecture 12 .

Confucianism closer to home   Are Singaporeans more µConfucian¶ than they realise? Two kinds of Confucianism ± ± Confucianism as a state ideology Confucianism as a popular ethical/moral standard .

Confucianism as normalised expectation QtA&NR=1 AI&feature=related

2002 . 27(6): 675682.An example closer to home«   Singaporean Health Care ³Reconstructionist Confucianism in Health Care: An Asian Moral Account of Health Care Resource Allocation´ by Ruiping Fan ± Journal Of Medicine and Philosophy. The Superior man: Confucius cool again« ‡ Yu Dan as China¶s Oprah ‡ Analects from the Heart: ³Chicken broth soup for the soul«´ o How to make Friends: o .