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What¶s New in Oracle Database 11g
Blaine Brothers Sr. Technical Consultant Oracle Public Sector

The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle¶s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.

Continuous Innovation Audit Vault Oracle 8i Oracle 8 Oracle 7 Oracle 6 Oracle 5 Oracle 2 Database Vault Grid Computing Automatic Storage Mgmt Self Managing Database XML Database Oracle Data Guard Real Application Clusters Flashback Query Virtual Private Database Built in Java VM Partitioning Support Built in Messaging Object Relational Support Multimedia Support Oracle 10g Oracle 9i Data Warehousing Optimizations Parallel Operations Distributed SQL & Transaction Support Cluster and MPP Support MultiMulti-version Read Consistency Client/Server Support Platform Portability Commercial SQL Implementation .

000 functional tests run daily on a grid of over 2000 processors ‡ Triple the number of cross-functional tests run versus Oracle Database 10g ‡ Over 15.Oracle Database 11g Highest Quality R&D ‡ Over 1500 developers and testers spread across eight development labs around the world ‡ 479 Development Projects ‡ Over 235.000 hours of testing ‡ Exhaustive battery of security tests .000.

Oracle 11g .Real Innovations SecureFiles Advanced Compression Online Upgrades and Patching OLAP-based Materialized Views Workload Capture and Replay Real Application Testing Total Recall Real Application Clusters Performance Management Physical Standby Real-Time Query          .

<Insert Picture Here> Oracle Database Scalability and Performance .

Oracle Partitioning 10 years of innovation Core functionality Oracle8 Oracle8i Oracle9i Oracle9i R2 Oracle 10g Range partitions. list-list. global range index Hash and composite range-hash partitioning List partitioning Composite range-list partitioning Global hash indexes Oracle 10g R2 1M partitions per table Reference Partitioning Virtual column partitioning Automatic interval partitioning New composite partitioning: range-range. list-range. list-hash .

Benefits of Partitioning ORDERS ORDERS ORDERS Europe USA Jan Large Table Difficult to Manage Feb Jan Feb Partition Divide and Conquer Easier to Manage Improve Performance Composite Partition Higher Performance More flexibility to match business needs .

New in Oracle Database 11g Automated Partitioning: Interval CW_CASES CW_CASES Jan Feb Jan Feb Mar .

New in Oracle Database 11g Automated Partitioning: Reference Orders Inventory Orders Line Items Jan Orders Feb Back Orders Pick Lists Orders Mar .

New in Oracle Database 11g Business Driven Partitioning: New Composite CW_CASES >5000 CW_CASES >5000 CW_CASES Gold 10005000 10005000 Silver Jan Feb USA EUR USA List-List EUR Range-Range ‡ Date by order value List-Range ‡ Region by order value ‡ Region by type .

statistics. constraints. c2 number.Virtual Columns & Partitioning Create table t1 ( c1 number. histograms ‡ Used by expression evaluation when applicable ‡ 11g can partition on virtual columns . c3 as (c1+c2) virtual) ‡ ANSI syntax ‡ Look just like regular columns from SQL perspective ‡ Support for indexes.

New in Oracle Database 11g Partition Advisor ORDERS ORDERS ORDERS Europe USA Jan Feb Jan Feb .

hash key SQL Profile SQL Advice Indexes & MVs Partition Advice Well-t ed SQL Schema ‡ Integrated. range key and interval ‡ Hash.Partitio i g Advisor Packaged Apps Custom Apps SQL Workload SQL Advisor SQL Access Structure A alysis A alysis New! SQL Pla u i g Partition Analysis ‡ Considers entire query workload to improve query performance ‡ Advises on partitioning methods ‡ Range (equal-interval). MVs . non-conflicting advice with Indexes.

data warehousing ‡ Compress All Data Types ‡ Structured and unstructured data types ‡ Typical Compression of 2-3 X ‡ Cascade storage savings throughout data center .New in Oracle Database 11g Advanced Compression ‡ Compress Large Application Tables ‡ Transaction processing.

mirrors.Compression for Mainstream ‡ Oracle 9i compresses table data only during bulk load ‡ Data warehousing.Compress 10 largest tables in a database ‡ Reduce table data by half. standby. dev. backup. increase CPU usage 5% ‡ Savings cascades into test. etc. ILM ‡ Table compression is now viable for all applications ‡ Compress during random updates ‡ Typical compression ratio of 2x to 3x ‡ Database directly reads compressed data bypassing decompression overhead ‡ Strategy . . archiving.

Growing Data Volumes 100 80 Database Size (TB) 60 40 Size of the largest data warehouse in TopTen Programs 245% Increase just from 2003 to 2005 20 0 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 Source: 2005 TopTen Program. November 2005 © Winter Corporation. USA . MA. Waltham.

000.500.000 $2.000.000 $500.5 tb 1.000.5 terabytes« If 1gb storage = $72 $3. 5t b 4.So how do we control storage costs? Lets take example of 13.5 t b .000 $2.5 t '1 1 . 5t b '0 3 '0 5 '0 7 '0 9 40 .000 $1.500.000 $0 b 13 .000 $1.

Traditional Storage Approach All data resides on single storage tier High Performance Storage Tier = $72 per Gb Active Active All data on active = $972.000 .

Information Lifecycle Management Partition data onto appropriate storage tier High Performance Storage Tier = $72 per Gb Low cost Storage Tier = $14 per Gb Read only Storage Tier = $7 per Gb Active Less Active Historical .

Information Lifecycle Management Reduce storage costs accordingly High Performance Storage Tier = $72 per Gb Low cost Storage Tier = $14 per Gb Read only Storage Tier = $7 per Gb 5% Active 35% Less Active 60% Historical $49.000 .800 $67.700 $58.

Benefit of Partitioning Significantly reduces storage costs« Cost of Storage $1.000.000 $200.000 $0 IL M Be fo re W ith IL M .000 $800.000 $400.000 $600.

600 $22.700 $58.400 .000 Lets use compression factor of 3 $16.800 $67.Advanced Compression Reduces storage requirements across all tiers« 5% Active 35% Less Active 60% Historical $49.600 $19.

000 $600.000 $200.000 $400.000 $800.Benefit of Data Compression Compression further reduces storage costs« Cost of torage $1.000 $0 IL M Be fo re W ith IL M .000.

600 .000 Single tier storage Application specific Offline archive Manual process High cost Multi tier storage Application independent Online archive Automated process Low cost $58.Oracle Database 11g Storage Benefits Managing data growth $972.

Server Results Cache taking the buffer cache to the next level ‡ Caches results of queries. or pl/sql function calls ‡ ‡ Cache is shared across statements and sessions on server Significant speed up for read-only / read-mostly data join join join join T1 T1 T1 GBY GBY join join T2 T2 T3 T3 GBY GBY Q2: Use itquery cache Q1: build transparently cache join T4 T5 join T6 . query blocks.

Server Results Cache ‡ Caches results of queries. or pl/sql function calls ‡ Read consistency is enforced ‡ DML/DDL against dependent database objects invalidates cache ‡ Bind variables parameterize cached result with variable values join join Table 4 query 1 result is executes cached Group by result join Table 1 Table 2 join Table 3 cached query 2 uses cached result transparently Group by join Table 5 Table 5 . query blocks.

OCI Consistent Client Cache like cache fusion between server and client Application Server Consistent Caching Database ‡ Caches query results on client ‡ Improves performance for read-mostly tables ‡ Faster response time .eliminates network round trips ‡ Saves server CPU ‡ Consistent with server ‡ Cache proactively refreshed when result set changes ‡ Maximum age of consistency info can be set .

OCI Client Result Cache alter table DEPT cache results ‡ Unified interface with Server result cache ‡ Per process cache shared across multiple sessions/threads ‡ Works with all 11g OCI-based clients ‡ Including ODP. PHP. JDBC Type 2.Net. ODBC ‡ DBA just sets size of client cache to activate ‡ Client side parameter to overwrite client cache size .

On / Off ‡ No need for C compiler ‡ No file system DLLs ‡ Java ‡ Just one parameter ± On / Off ‡ JIT ³on the fly´ compilation ‡ Transparent to user (asynchronous.³Native´ PL/SQL and JAVA Compilation ‡ 100+% faster for pure PL/SQL or Java code ‡ 10% ± 30% faster for typical transactions with SQL ‡ PL/SQL ‡ Just one parameter . in background) ‡ Code stored to avoid recompilations .

Server Side Session Connection Pooling (Database Resident Connection Pool) ‡ Allows multiple Oracle clients to share a server-side pool of sessions ‡ Clients can connect and disconnect at will without the cost of creating a new server session ‡ Note that Shared Server removes the process creation cost ‡ But not the session creation cost ‡ Similar to Web Server connection pooling model ‡ Big speedup for PHP applications ‡ Other networking features: ‡ Network Fast Path for simple SQL performance ‡ High throughput support for Bulk Data Transfers ‡ IPv6 addressing support .

Faster Performance Database Resident Connection Pool 2000% Java Just-In-Time Compiler 12 10 Query Result Caching 140 120 100 140% 120% 100% Client Side Caching 0 1000% 6 4 60 500% 2 0% 0 br C onnect i ons Sp e e d 40 20 0 Quer i es Up to 20 x connections RAC Performance Enhancements 1 160% 140% 120% 100% Up to 11 x Faster Oracle Secure Backup 140 120 100 150 Up to 25% Faster Oracle Streams Enhancements 200 Optimizer Stats Collection 1000 0% 0 100 600 400 50 0% 60 40 20 0 Quer y I nt ensi ve B ackup 0 R epl i cat i on 60% 40% 20% 0% 200 0 Stats Collection Up to 70% Faster Up to 25% Faster Up to 2 x Faster ¡ ¢ ¡ ¡ ¡   1500% 0% 60% 40% 20% 0% I m p ro vem en t Up to 22% Faster ¡ ¡ 00 Up to 10 x Faster .

<Insert Picture Here> Oracle Database Reliability and High Availability .

Examples of Sustained Innovation Enterprise Grid Computing SMP Dominance RAC Clusters for Availability Grids of low cost hardware and storage .

database.Make the grid as easy as a single system ‡ Expert system for cross-cluster performance diagnostics ‡ Zero-configuration node management ‡ Quality of service management ‡ Seamlessly manage resources across middle-tier. and storage ‡ Policy-based performance and workload management .11g Grid Directions ‡ Simplicity .

RAC Optimized Cache Fusion ‡ Improved performance for read-intensive workloads ‡ improves any read from disk (not cache) whether short random reads or large table scans ‡ Throughput improved up to 70% for internal read-only benchmark .

Other RAC Enhancements ‡ Seamless integration with XA and Microsoft Transaction Server ‡ Fine tune performance.2. failover.0.3 Database Storage ‡ Runtime Connection Load Balancing works with OCI Session Pools . scaling. management ‡ Faster and more robust handling of instance crashes and hangs ‡ Most of this also in 10.

ASM Fast Mirror Resync 1 ‡ Fraction of time to establish redundancy ‡ Only changed blocks are resync¶ed Failure time < DISK_REPAIR_TIME 2 ‡ Benefits: ‡ Fast recovery from transient failures ‡ Enables pro-active maintenance Disk again accessible: Only need to resync modified extents .

SITEB SELECT preferred_read FROM v$asm_disk. .SITEA S ASM_PREFERRED_READ_ FAILURE_GROUPS=DATA .ASM Preferred Mirror Read ‡ Allow local mirror read operations ‡ Eliminate network latencies in extended clusters Site A Site B Extended Cluster P ASM_PREFERRED_READ_ FAILURE_GROUPS=DATA . SELECT * FROM v$asm_disk_iostat.

ASM Rolling Upgrades and Patches ‡ Maximizes database availability in a cluster ‡ How it works: ‡ Place cluster in µRolling Migration¶ mode ‡ Bring down ASM on a cluster node ‡ Upgrade or patch software ‡ Re-start ASM ‡ Stop µRolling Migration¶ mode after upgrading all nodes .

Self Managing Database Auto-Tuning Tuning Advisory Instrumentation .

Self Managing Database Auto-Tuning Tuning Advisory Instrumentation .

HPUX.Automatic Memory Tuning ‡ Automatically adapts to workload changes ‡ Unifies shared (SGA) and process (PGA) memory management ‡ Single dynamic parameter for all database memory ‡ Maximizes memory utilization ‡ Helps eliminate out.of-memory errors ‡ Gets and releases memory from OS: Linux. AIX ‡ Built in safety-nets to work under runaway workloads ‡ Pace needy components ‡ Not shrink below minimum O/S Memory O/S Memory SGA SGA PGA PGA . Windows and Solaris.

ADDM for RAC Database-Level ADDM ‡ Performance expert in a box ‡ Now RAC specialist too! Self-Diagnostic Engine ‡ Identifies the most ³Globally Significant´ performance issues for the entire RAC database ‡ Database-wide and instance-level analysis ‡ Database-wide analysis of: ‡ Global cache interconnect issues ‡ Lock manager congestion issues ‡ Global resource contention.g. IO bandwidth. e. hot blocks ‡ Globally high-load SQL ‡ Skew in instance response times Instance-Level ADDMs Node 1 Node 2 Node 3 ‡ Allows drill down to instances ‡ Runs proactively every hour (default) ‡ Directives to filter results .

Management Scalability Manage Highly Complex Integrated Applications ‡ ADDM for RAC ‡ Partitioning Advisor ‡ Fully Automatic SQL tuning ‡ Streams Performance Advisor ‡ Capture/Replay of high load SQL ‡ Capture/Replay for Database Workloads .

Oracle Data Guard Unlocking the Value of Standby DBs Standby for DR and Backup Logical Standby for Realtime Query Standby for Online Upgrade. Readable Physical . Auto Failover Standby for Testing.

Physical Standby with Real-Time Query Real-time Queries Concurrent Continuous Redo Shipment and Apply Primary Database Real-Time Query Physical Standby Database ‡ Read-only queries on physical standby concurrent with redo apply ‡ Supports RAC on primary / standby ‡ Queries see transactionally consistent results Immediate appeal to the many users of physical standby DR with real time query is unique in the industry ± no idle resources Handles all data types. but not as flexible as logical standby ‡ ‡ ‡ .

Oracle Data Guard 11g Offload production reporting to standby Real-time Queries Production Database Standby Database ‡ Simultaneously available in read and recovery mode .

Oracle Data Guard 11g
Offload database backups to standby
Real-time Queries

Production Database

Standby Database

‡ Complete database and fast incremental backups

Oracle Data Guard 11g
Test Application against upgrades and patches
Real-time Queries

Production Database

Standby Database

‡ Switch to µsnapshot¶ standby for testing purposes

Oracle Data Guard 11g
Rolling upgrades
Real-time Queries

Production Database

Standby Database

‡ Test on standby and µroll¶ to production

Oracle Data Guard 11g Switchover to new standby system Real-time Queries Standby Database Production Database ‡ Changed standby becomes production .

SQL Apply and Streams Improvements

‡ Support XMLType data type (CLOB) ‡ Support Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) ‡ Apply performance improved up to 50% ‡ SQL Apply additional PL/SQL Package support
‡ Support Fine Grained Auditing ‡ Support DBMS_RLS (Virtual Private Database)

Why Oracle Data Guard?
Invest in Disaster and Performance Protection

Disaster protection only Recovery mode only Rarely used Manual intensive Low ROI

Disaster & performance protection Simultaneous read & recovery Use in production & testing Automated High ROI

Flashback for Rapid Recovery from Human Error

Flashback Query

Flashback Tables

Flashback Database

Flashback Data Archive

years ‡ Automatically stores all changes to selected tables in Flashback Data Archive ‡ Archive cannot be modified ‡ Old data purged per retention policy PO Archive Tables ‡ View table contents as of any time using Flashback SQL ‡ Uses ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Change Tracking Long term history Compliance Auditing ILM User Tablespaces Flashback Data Archive Oracle Database .Flashback Data Archive Total Recall Select * from purchase_orders AS OF Midnight 31-Dec-2004 ‡ Long term retention .

Oracle Recovery Manager Protect Against Data Loss New in Oracle Database 11g« Data Recovery Advisor .

Automatic Storage Management Protect Against Disk Loss New in Oracle Database 11g« Fast Mirror Resync Preferred Mirror Read .

Real Application Clusters Protect Against Server Loss New in Oracle Database 11g« XA Transactions spanning multiple servers Improved runtime connection load balancing .

Flashback Protect Against Human Error New in Oracle Database 11g« Total Recall Flashback Transaction .

Oracle Data Guard Protect Against Site Failure New in Oracle Database 11g« Snapshot Standby Readable Physical .

<Insert Picture Here> Oracle Database Information Management and Data Security .

Image and Video Relational Characters. Numbers.Complete Information Management Secure Enterprise Search Enterprise Wide Search Content DB and Records DB Content Management in the Database XML Integrated Native XML Database Text Text Indexing and Classification Location & Spatial Location Enabled Databases Multimedia Audio. LOBs . Dates.

Complete Information Management Secure Enterprise Search Complete Set of Connectors Content DB and Records DB Universal Content & Records Management XML Binary XML Support Text RDF and OWL Support Location & Spatial 3D Support Multimedia Medical Image Support Relational New SecureFiles LOB Storage .

New in Oracle Database 11g Critical New Data Types RFID Data Types DICOM Medical Images 3D Spatial Images .

etc. deduplication. and with more capabilities ‡ Transparent encryption.Oracle SecureFiles Consolidated Secure Management of Data ‡ SecureFiles is a new database feature designed to break the performance barrier keeping file data out of databases ‡ Similar to LOBs but much faster. and scalability of database ‡ Superset of LOB interfaces allows easy migration from LOBs ‡ Enables consolidation of file data with associated relational data ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Single security model Single view of data Single management of data File system access still available . reliability. ‡ Preserves the security. compression.

.NET.Database and File System Interfaces ‡ SecureFiles can be accessed by both database clients and file system clients ‡ Database clients use extended LOB interfaces ‡ JDBC. ODBC. PL/SQL ‡ 11g has a highly optimized streaming protocol for SecureFiles ‡ File system clients use the file system protocols implemented in the XML DB repository ‡ FTP access ‡ WebDav Access ‡ Mountable NFS V4 file system (preview only) . OCI.

write gathering.SecureFiles in the Database Breaking the Performance Barrier File Read Performance (MB/second) 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0. LOB prefetch SecureFiles Linux Files LOBs 1 10 100 ‡ Much faster than LOBs with more capabilities ‡ File system-like performance with database functionality! File Size (MB) .1 ‡ Innovative technology for high performance large object data ‡Smart buffering. intelligent locking ‡Fast bulk data transfers.

OLAP SQL Star Queries Cubes but no SQL access SQL Views over Cubes Transparent SQL Rewrite to Cubes .Integrated BI in the Database .

Materialized Views Typical Architecture Today SQL Query Region Date Materialized Views Sales by Region Sales by Date Query Rewrite Sales by Product Sales by Channel Product Relational Star Schema Channel .

New in Oracle Database 11g Cube Organized Materialized Views SQL Query Region Date Materialized Views Query Rewrite Product Channel Automatic Refresh OLAP Cube .

Database Security and Compliance Configuration Mgmt Pack Advanced Security Label Security Database Vault Audit Vault Secure Backup Secure Deployments Encrypted Data Data MultiMulti-factor Classification DBA Controls Monitor. Encrypted Consolidate Data on Tape . Alert.

Security and Compliance Deploy Certified Configurations Oracle Configuration Management Pack .

Security and Compliance Strongly Authenticate and Authorize End Users New in Oracle Database 11g« Advanced Security Kerberos authentication Strong passwords .

Security and Compliance Encrypt Data in Database New in Oracle Database 11g« Tablespace level encryption Hardware based master key protection Transparent Data Encryption .

Security and Compliance Add Multi-factor DBA Controls Database Vault .

Security and Compliance Consolidate and Monitor Audit Information Audit Vault .

Security and Compliance Encrypt Backups New in Oracle Database 11g« Backup compression Oracle Secure Backup .

So « What is the perennial customer challenge ? Change .

Upgrade or Clone Configure and Maintain Production System Set Up Test Environments Package Incidents for Support Online µHot¶ Patching .Lifecycle of Change Management New Change Assurance Capabilities Detect and Tune Performance Changes Capture and Replay Workload Provision .

‡ Accumulates logs at the Standby site ‡ Preserves zero data loss . Snapshot Standby Perform Testing ‡ Can Replay Workload against the Snapshot Standby ‡ Discard testing writes and catch-up to primary by applying logs ‡ ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO PHYSICAL STANDBY.Set up Test Environments using Snapshot Standbys Physical Standby Apply Logs Open Database Back out Changes ‡ Convert Physical Standby to Snapshot Standby and open for writes and application testing ‡ ALTER DATABASE CONVERT TO SNAPSHOT STANDBY.

Database Replay Realistic Testing ‡ Recreate actual production database workload ‡ Capture production workload incl concurrency ‡ Replay workload in test with production timing ‡ Analyze & fix issues before production Middle Tier Production Environment Capture DB Workload Standby/Test Environment Oracle DB servers Replay DB Workload Storage .

SQL Performance Analyzer Realistic Testing ‡ Test impact of change on SQL performance ‡ Capture SQL including statistics & bind vars ‡ Re-execute SQL in test environment ‡ Use SQL Tuning Advisor to seed SQL plans Production Environment Capture SQL Standby/Test Environment Oracle DB servers Execute SQL Queries Storage .

Support for Online Hot Patching ‡ Oracle already supports rolling patches between nodes in a cluster ‡ 11g adds online patching of a running Oracle executable (single instance or cluster) with no downtime ‡ Integrated with OPatch ‡ Many one-off patches can be hot patched ‡ Great for diagnostic patches .

Make Change Safe Realistic Testing with Database Replay ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Recreate actual production database workload in test environment No test development required Replay workload in test with production timing Analyze & fix issues before production Client Client « Client Production Test Replay DB Workload Middle Tier Capture DB Workload Oracle DB « « Test migration to RAC Storage .

Make Change Safe ± Find Regressed SQL with SQL Performance Analyzer .

Oracle Real Application Testing Innovate Change Faster Artificial workloads Partial workflows Months of development Manual intensive High risk Production workloads Complete workflows Days of development Automated Low risk 149 Days 149 Days 11 Days .

NET Improvements ‡ Simple compilation of PLSQL and Java Stored Procedures ‡ Manageability and Diagnosability ‡ Support Workbench ‡ SQL Performance Analyzer ‡ SQL Test Case Builder .Other Oracle Database 11g Highlights ‡ Performance and Scalability ‡ Security ‡ Query Result Cache ‡ Tablespace and LOB Encryption ‡ TimesTen Cache ‡ Secure Configuration Enhancements ‡ Business Intelligence ‡ RAC Scalability Enhancements ‡ BI Publisher Reporting ‡ High Availability ‡ Supermodels for Data Mining ‡ Data Recovery Advisor ‡ Unstructured Data Management ‡ Readable Physical Standby ‡ Enhanced XML indexing ‡ VLDB/ILM ‡ Interval and Referential Partitioning ‡ Enhanced Compression ‡ Storage & Query of Semantic Content ‡ Developer Productivity ‡ APEX 3.0 including support for Flash Charting and PDF output ‡ Improved PHP Scalability ‡ .


Technical Consultant Oracle Public Sector .<Insert Picture Here> What¶s New in Oracle Database 11g Blaine Brothers Sr.