"Seel Tiuil and Tiuil Will sei you

Humaniiy is going io need a subsianiial new way of ilinling if
ii is suivive - Einsiein
By Ioln Paily - Giace New Age Reseaicl
W nfoimaiion and lnowledge - Tle Realiiy we aie facing: Slide-¸
W Tle Foundaiion of Modein Knowledge: Slide-Ũ
W Tle Piinciple Failuie of Modein Science: Slide-ũ
W Blacl Holes in Modein Knowledge: Slides-Ū io io
W New leads io New Woild View: -Slide-ii
W Tle Key io Know Tiuil of Naiuie: Slides-i: io iũ
W Tle Tiuil ilai Can Save ile Woild: Slide-iŪ
W Compielending Tiuil in a Sensible Way : Slides-iū io iŬ
W Tle Piinciple and Design of Building Blocls of Naiuie: Slide-iŭ
W Tle foimaiion of Sysiems and Blacl Hole in Naiuie: Slides-:o io ::
W Evolving iowaids Tiuil: Slides-:¸ io :Ū
W Re Discoveiing God and Spiiiiualiiy: Slides-:ū io ¸¸
W Wlai is lappening io Eaiil and lumaniiy: Slides-¸Ũ io ¸ũ
W Will lumaniiy Suivive on Eaiil? Slide-¸Ū
W Simpliciiy io complexiiy and Vice Veisa: Slide-¸ū
W Sieps we need io iale io Suivive: Slide-¸Ŭ
W Moie nfoimaiion and a Requesi: Slide -¸ŭ
W Refeiences - Slide-Ũo
W nfoimaiion and Knowledge is Exploding in oui woild
W nfoimaiion and Knowledge slould lave biougli oidei and peace
W nfoimaiion and Knowledge we aie expeiiencing is biinging opposiie iesulis
W Eaiil and lei foices aie becoming volaiile and incieasingly desiiuciive.
W Tle incieasing iempeiaiuie is sleaiing ile enviionmeni
W All ile ecological sysiems aie iuining incieasingly unsiable
W ndividual and colleciive minds aie iuining iesiless and self desiiuciive
W Tle economic fiame woil is liglly unsiable
W Tle flow in ile sysiem is becoming liglly coiiupi and siiangulaiing
This ¢a!!s Iov intvosp¢¢tion and v¢thinking oI th¢ v¢vv
Ioundation oI know!¢dg¢ on whi¢h w¢ ¢xist and Iun¢tion
W Modein lnowledge is founded on maieiialisiic ilinling
W i is buili on piediciing and conqueiing naiuie ilan undeisianding ii
W Heie obseivaiions fiom naiuie is squeezed inio ceiiain closen
mailemaiical language - Euclidean Geomeiiy íNewion] , Riemann's
Geomeiiy íEinsiein], Siaiisiical language íQuanium Science] eic.
W Tle ovei all piciuie of naiuie and iis funciioning is buili based on ile
ile above woils. Tlus we lad meclanical woild view based on Newion,
Relaiivisiic woild view based on Einsiein, Claoiic oi disoideied woild
view based on Quanium Science and so on
W Tle Life, Clemisiiy and Non Lineai science opened up a concepi ilai
oidei can emeige fiom disoidei and vice-veisa sponianeously. i also
gave iise io ile infoimaiion eia
WTle lnowledge obiained iliougl mailemaiical language las noi given
us a sensible piciuie of naiuie and life and iis woiling. i las failed in iis
obieciive. Human quesi foi lnowledge is ilus iuining self desiiuciive.
Tle piinciple failuie exisi in oui failuie io compielend wlai is ligli
maiiei, aiomic maiiei and low eneigy is enfolded in ilem.
W i exisi in oui failuie io obseive and undeisiand ile eneigy cycle of
naiuie in wlicl we exisi and exisi laimoniously wiil ii
W We aie now lefi wiil iwo sciences - Lineai science wleie cause is
piopoiiional io effeci and non lineai science wleie cause is noi
piopoiiional io effeci - Example a can of gasoline exploding because
of a small spail
W We aie lefi wiil a piediciable science ilai desciibes ouiei woild and
a unpiediciable science ilai desciibes ile micio woild
¢ hav¢ Iai!¢d to ¢ompv¢h¢nd its tog¢th¢vn¢ss. It ¢a!!s us to v¢vi¢w
and v¢think th¢ Ioundation on whi¢h w¢ ¢xist and Iun¢tion
W Tle foundaiion of Science was laid by iwo assumpiions of Newion
i] All sysiem in naiuie moves in siiaigli line in an unifoimly acceleiaied
:] All maiiei las an aiiiaciive piopeiiy . Bui le did noi explain wlai
piopeiiy gives ile aiiiaciive naiuie. Tlis piopeiiy is undeisiood by
ieim Giaviiy and Mass. Togeilei iley explained movemeni of planeis in
ciiculai oibiis and led io meclanisiic woild view
W Tle adveni of eleciiomagneiism biougli anoilei maiiei ilai denied
Newionian meclanisiic view. Einsiein came io ile iescue by adopiing a new
language, Riemann's Geomeiiy ilai deals wiil cuivaiuie and biougli oui a
vision wleie piopeiiy of giaviiy ielaies io space-iime nei í field] in wlicl
ile sysiem exisis. Following ii iwo moie new foices siiong nucleai and weal
nucleai foices weie discoveied. Scieniisi lave failed io unify ilese foices
W A big blow io science came wlen Heisenbeig discoveied ilai moiion ai ile
micio level is noi piediciable. A New language siaiisiical meclanics lad io
be developed io desciibe moiion.
W Tle consequences of Quanium Science is ilai ii biougli ile
expeiimeniei and obseivei as iniegial paii of ile expeiimeni. Tle
mind and life now became insepaiable fiom maiiei . Tle ieim
consciousness now became an iniegial paii of Science and iis
enquiiy inio Tiuil of Naiuie . Howevei, scieniisis lave failed io
compielend ii sensibly.
W Scieniific piciuie of naiuie cannoi be compleie unless we undeisiand
Paiallel developmenis in ile concepi of eneigy and ile iwo basic
laws of Tleimodynamics. Tle second law of ileimodynamics
implied ilai no sysiem on eaiil can be siable. i looses eneigy and
iend io collapse io a poini in ile ceniei in iime. Tle Big Bang Oiigin
fiom a indefinable small poini, ilai is insensible and wleie all ile
laws of plysics bieal down, came fiom ilis iealiiy.
W Laiei Sieplen Hawling discoveied ilai all sysiem slould develop a "Blacl Hole"
in iime, inio wlicl all infoimaiion geis iiieveisibly losi. Tlis was opposed by
anoilei sclool of ilougli led by Di. Leonaid Susslind. Hawling ilen came up
wiil ile idea of iwo paiallel univeiseí Ref- i], in one blacl lole exisi and in
anoilei blacl lole does noi exisis. Paiallel Univeises and Muliiple univeises eacl
wiil iis own laws of plysics, foiming in space-iime and disiniegiaiing inio ii, io
be foimed again, as soap bubbles, is wlai ile piciuie of ile univeise ilai ile
modein scieniisis pieseni us ioday í Ref-:].
W Tle piciuie of naiuie ilus las become moie complex and incompielensible io
common man and even io maioiiiy of scieniisis
W By viiiue of second law of ileimodynamics ii now becomes ineviiable ilai all
ile paiallel univeise and blacl loles uniie io foim a singu!avitv.
W Tle compielension of singulaiiiy, dualiiy and muliipliciiy of univeises and iis
exisience in iime ilus becomes ciucial and ile ley io oui undeisianding of
naiuie and oui suivival on eaiil.
W f you iead iliougl biogiaplies of eveiy gieai scieniisi, we iealize iley weie awaie of
ile incompleieness of ileii woil and iis limiiaiions io explain Naiuie and Tiuil.
Newion said " fiame no lypoilesis" wlen confionied wiil quesiion wlai gives
piopeiiy of giaviiy io maiiei? Einsiein failed io compielend unceiiainiy and said
"God does noi play Dice"
W Tlese gieai ilinleis and ileii mind biooding ovei ile Tiuil of naiuie came close io
compielend ile simpliciiy of naiuie bui failed io biing ilem inio mailemaiical
foim io appease ile scieniific communiiy. Tle following quoies fiom some of
ilese gieai ilinleis, calls foi aiieniion.
i] ¨We can'i solve pioblems by using ile same lind of ilinling we used
wlen we cieaied ilem.¨ - Einsiein
:] Humaniiy is going io need a subsianiial new way of ilinling if ii is
io suivive - Einsiein
¸] "All maiiei oiiginaies and exisis only by viiiue of a foice... We musi assume belind
ilis foice ile exisience of a conscious and inielligeni Mind. Tlis Mind is ile
maiiix of all maiiei." - Max Plancl
Ũ] ¨Teclnological piogiess is lile an axe in ile lands of a pailological
ciiminal.¨ - Einsiein
ũ] "Science cannoi solve ile uliimaie mysieiy of naiuie. And ilai is
because, in ile lasi analysis, we ouiselves aie a paii of ile mysieiy
ilai we aie iiying io solve." - Max Planl
Ū] "A new scieniific Tiuil does noi iiiumpl by convincing iis
opponenis and maling ilem see ile ligli, bui iailei because iis
opponenis eveniually die, and a new geneiaiion giows up ilai is
familiai wiil ii" - Max Plancl
W Tlese siaiemenis fiom gieai scieniisi call oui io us
io ieview ile foundaiion. Tley weie poiniing io a faci ilai naiuie
and iis Tiuil cannoi be undeisiood in isolaiion life, specially
luman beings consciousness, lis mind, lis ilinling and lis aciions.
W i is inieiesiing io noie ilai Einsiein iiied io iniioduce a second foice
againsi giaviiy íAnii-giaviiy] and Cosmological Consiani, io avoid ile
bieal down of lis ileoiy exiended in iime. He also suggesied
in lis auio biogiaply ilai we need io ieplace consianis of plysical
science wiil iaiios
W i is appaieni ilai ile new woild view needs io be developed fiom ile
piemises of ilese iwo ilouglis. Raiio signify non equilibiium on
ile iigli and lefi. A non equilibiium is a necessiiy foi ile flow, wiilin
a sysiem and beiween sysiems. i slould be th¢ basa! d¢sign and
pvin¢ip!¢ on wlicl naiuie is founded. i slould be noied ilai ile
giaviiaiional ileoiy is founded on ile assumpiion of fundamenial non-
W i is appaieni ilai a second foice againsi giaviiy slould exisi ilai
susiains ile univeise againsi collapse in iime. Tle quanium scieniisis
ilinl ilis as ile conscious field. Bui iley lave failed io pieseni ii in a
sensible way. We need io discovei ilis foice in a sensible way io suivive on eaiil
W Tle ley io undeisianding Naiuie and life is io undeisiand ile
second law of ileimodynamics. i amounis io lnowing ile biiil and
deail and peipeiual exisience in iime
W Tle second law of ileimodynamics applied io oui maieiial ilinling
leads io a ineviiable singu!avitv, b!a¢k ho!¢ and !oss oI
inIovmation, d¢ath and so on wiiloui any sensible explanaiion io
oiigin and peipeiual exisience of ile sysiem in Time.
W Lei us now leave belind all ile sclools of ilougli impiegnaied inio
oui mind and lool ai naiuie fiom a poini of fieedom, iale down
some ley poinis and iiy io iesiiuciuie oui lnowledge sucl ilai ii
gives a simple, sensible and compielensible piciuie of naiuie
undeisiandable even io a common man.
i] Eaiil we live in, seems io be goveined by cycles of iime cenieied on iwo
basic foices ; ile foice of sun oi fiie ilai unwinds and cieaies disoidei and
ile foices of eaiil ilai winds and cieaies oidei. Tley manifesi as i: unii day
and nigli cycle, i: monil climaiic cycles, i: yeai cycles and so on io foim a
univeisal iime cycle. Heie one cycle give way io oilei smooilly ovei a peiiod
of iime ilus susiaining all ile life sysiem on eaiil. Obseivaiion ilus poini io
iwo opposing cycles ilai woils simulianeously io susiains ile sysiem
:] Tle sysiem is designed io oppose and wiilsiand iime and iis desiiuciive
foice beiween iwo ciiiical poinis. Howevei, ile second law of
ileimodynamics gives ii a diieciion wleie in all ile sysiem looses eneigy and
iends io wind and collapse io a ceniial poini-singu!avitv. Tle ieleased
eneigy, incieases ile iempeiaiuie of ile enviionmeni and ilus cieaiing a
sleaiing foice on all ile enclosed ecological sysiems. All ile sysiems now
iuins unsiable and violeni. Neai ciiiicaliiy ile climaiic foices peals and fall
abiupily and ilus causing luge desiiuciion and eveniually desiioying all ile
elemenis ilai cause ile iime diieciion. We aie wiinessing ilis desiiuciive
powei of naiuie aiound ile woild as global waiming and climaie clange. We
need io lnow wlai causes ile iime diieciion in naiuie io suivive on eaiil
¸ ] Tle insiabiliiy of luman mind ai individual, colleciive levels,
manifesiing inio wai ieiioiism, violence and ile self desiiuciive pail ilai
lumaniiy is ialing could be ielaied io ile insiabiliiy of ile ecological
Ũ] Tle mosi impoiiani poini leie is ilai we lumans by oui ignoiance aie
in faci ile piinciple cause foi ile insiabiliiy of eaiil and iis enviionmeni.
To undeisiand ilis iealiiy all we need io do is io siand bacl and obseive
naiuie. f you obseive a plani giow and lilies flowei, you noie ilai !iI¢ bv
instin¢t is anti-gvavitationa!. Tley giow againsi giaviiy. Tle second law
of ileimodynamics applied io maieiial and living sysiem slows ilis
ũ] Life is a woild wlicl opposes giaviiy of maieiial woild and iime diiecied
io deail. Wlen sunligli cieaies disoidei, plani life absoibs ligli and leai
and ilus opposes ii. Wlen nigli falls ii uses ilis eneigy and maiiei io
cieaie biological mass ilai giows againsi giaviiy. Tlus wlen iime diiecis io
collapse in maieiial woild, in living woild ii diiecis opposiie io ii.
Ū] Tle eneigy flow in eaiil manifesiing as day and nigli and climaiic cycle
along wiil plani life is iwo dimensional. f plani life is noi coniiolled ile
sysiem can go inio anii-giaviiaiional collapse. Tlus leibivoie coniiol planis
and cainivoie coniiol leibivoie and ile wlole sysiem is s¢!I-sustaining
Gaia wiiloui any specific iime diieciion. Tle eneigy cycle on eaiil wiil
planis and animals is iliee dimensional
ū] Bui wlen we include adu!t luman beings wlo aie capable of ilinling, we
see a iime diieciion io ile wlole sysiem. An aduli luman mind is self
cenieied and woils foi self advancemeni ai ile cosi of oileis. Unlile oilei
living sysiem wlicl lives by insiinci and is iniimaiely connecied io ile iime
and clange in ile enviionmeni, aduli luman beings live by lis mind and iis
powei, seeling self. He disioiis ile design and woiling of life and naiuie. He
iiies io conquei and coiiupi ile flow of life foice in naiuie. n ile piocess
causes insiabiliiy io oneself, family, communiiy and ile wlole.
Ŭ] Human mind and iis diieciion of ilinling ilus iales a pivoial poini in ile
way naiuie unfolds and enfolds. Wlen ile mind is diiecied io ile ouiei
maieiial woild and becomes self cenieied and slave io maieiial woild, ii
moves away fiom ile Tiuil of life and naiuie and wlen ii diiecis io ile innei
woild and becomes selfless ii moves iowaids Tiuil.
W Human mind and iis senses ilai is diiecied io ile ouiei space and becomes
self cenieied, sees ile ouiei maieiial woild]spiiii. i peiceives ile miseiies of
life and deail as coming foim ile ouiei woild. i engages ii self io conquei ile
maieiial woild and deail and aiiain eieinal life. Human mind ilai is self
cenieied and diiecied io ile ouiei woild becomes slave io maieiial woild and
cieaies iime diieciion oi fouiil dimension of iime
W Human mind ilai is self cenieied and diiecied away fiom iis own ceniei.
sees ile opposiie as enemy and engages in waie faie io gain eieinal life. Tlis is
a misdiiecied and illusionaiy pail. Tle pail iales us faiilei and faiilei fiom
Tiuil and Ligli inio dailness and cieaies self desiiuciive voiiex. We aie
pealing in ile voiiex.
W Tle only way foi lumaniiy io suivive on eaiil is io lnow Tiuil and Ligli. We
cannoi aiiain ii unless we ieiieai and iuin aiound oui mind fiom ouiei space
io innei space; a space ilai connecis ile wlole inio one
W Tle eaiil and ile univeise needs io be undeisiood as infoimaiion exclange
beiween iwo space-iime iealiiies ile innei and ouiei oi pava!!¢! wov!ds.
W Tleie aie iwo ways io exploie Tiuil
i] Tle mind without s¢!I diiecied io ile ouiei space - ilis is modein
ileoieiical science ilai came inio exisience as an opposiiion io deieiioiaied oi
self cenieied spiiiiualiiy
:] Tle mind diiecied io ile innei space wiiloui self oi bondage. Tlis is iiue
spiiiiualiiy beyond ieligion
W Tle fiisi pail is based on ile assumpiion ilai univeise is maieiial. We lnow
ilis seaicl las led us io complexiiy, wiil vaiious concepis and ilinling ilai aie
self coniiadicioiy and fails io biing oui ile simpliciiy of naiuie and life. Tle
developmenis in science is incieasingly foicing scieniisi io diop ileii
maieiialisiic ilinling and adopi a new ilinling. Moie and moie scieniisis aie
inclined io ilinl in ile ancieni spiiiiualisiic way, wleie ii is cleaily wiiiien
ilai ile univeise is living and conscious being noi a maieiial iling. Bui iley
lave noi been able find a foundaiion on wlicl iley can advance modein science
and uniie ii wiil ancieni lnowledge. Fiom ile bacl giound ilinling piesenied
in ilis slide, we can exploie ile univeise as a living being ilai includes all ile
scieniific developmenis and expose ile spiiiiual Tiuil lnown io ile ancieni
bui losi some wleie along iime.
W Tle ley io undeisianding Tiuil of Naiuie and life is io lnow low ii conqueis
ile second law of ileimodynamics and peipeiuaies in iime. n sloii low
naiuie conqueis iime and iniiializes ii self. Scieniific quesi las led us io
concepis lile big bang, singulaiiiy, blacl lole, paiallel and muliiple univeises ,
consciousness as a foice, inielligence and cieaiiviiy as means of suivival and
susienance and so on. Bui iley lave failed io compielend ilese concepis in
sensible and simple mannei.
W Life we lnow is besiowed wiil ile capaciiy io conquei iime and iniiialize ii
self againsi iime and clange by a piocess called iepioduciion wleie a mixing of
infoimaiion occuis beiween iwo paiallel woilds; male and female. Tle piocess
begins in singulaiiiy, wleiein ile essence of ile male leaves iis body and enieis
ile body of ile feminine io begin a new cieaiion. Tle new cieaiion begins as a
wave fiom a poini in one closen cell, wlicl ilen cieaies images ímuliiple
univeises] of iiself io lefi and iigli coniinually diffeieniiaiing ile wlole
sysiem. Heie nfoimaiion fiom ile dominani collapses inio ile blacl lole of
feminine bui emeiges io give new life and peipeiuaie in iime. Undeisianding
ile Tiuil of naiuie now coineis down io undeisianding ile singulaiiiy in life
and th¢ pvin¢ip!¢ and d¢sign on wlicl ii woils
W Flow is fundamenial io naiuie and design slould faciliiaie ile flow ai ile
level of building blocls and all ile sysiem levels foimed fiom ilis building
blocls. A dualiiy and non-equilibiium beiween ile lefi and iigli ilus is a
necessiiy foi ile flow io occui. A paiiicle í building blocls] and all sysiem
foimed slould lave iaiio ielaiionslip beiween iis iigli and lefi say Ũ:¸. Tle
quanium naiuie of ile flow now leads io peipeiual uantum Dan¢¢ beiween
iwo siaies Ũ:¸ and ¸:Ũ wleie ile flow diieciion clanges
W Tle flow is diiven by an insiinci io seel equilibiium. Tle design and ile
quanium naiuie of eneigy iiansfei denies ii and lence wlen ile sysiem is
siiessed io peal ii clanges ile diieciion of ile flow. You can imagine ile
fundamenial paiiicle as a numbei Ŭ wiil iwo aims exisiing in ile iaiio Ũ:¸.
Tle non-equilibiium gives ile cause foi ile flow and ile quanium naiuie of
ile flow leads io uantum Dan¢¢ beiween iwo siaies Ũ:¸ and ¸:Ũ, wleie flow
diieciion clanges. A symmeiiy exisi in ile piocess of flow, bui ilis symmeiiy
is unsiable. Tle symmeiiy we wiiness in naiuie is ilus susiained ai a piice.
W Tlis paiiicle can be undeisiood as ligli paiiicle oi eleciiomagneiic paiiicle oi
eneigy paiiicle. Tle quanium dance of ilese paiiicles can cieaie a wave in ile
suiiounding enviionmeni.
W Tle quanium paiiicle oi eleciiomagneiic paiiicle we discussed in ile
pievious page is unsiable in space. i is impoiiani ilai we now lnow wlai
space is. Space can be imagined as eigli componeni sysiem wiil iliee iigli
and lefi fiames ilai aie oveilapped. To undeisiand ii, iale an apple and cui ii
veiiically ai iigli angles io one anoilei iliougl ile ceniei and once
loiizonially ai iigli angles io ile veiiical iliougl ile ceniei.
W Tle quanium paiiicle we discussed exisi as paiis, one wiil iigli iwisi í A oi
say posiiive] and oilei wiil a lefi iwisi íB oi say negaiive]. Wlen iley ioin in
space. Tley foim a sysiem AB. Tlis can be undeisiood as maiiei paiiicle. Lei
us assume ii as lydiogen aiom. Bui ile iwo paiiicles A and B slould exisi in
Ũ:¸ iaiio, sucl ilai ii can allow flow and communicaiion io occui. Equal and
opposiie cancels and cannoi cieaie ile dance and communicaiion. Tle
maiiei paiiicle so foimed is moie siable in space iley can wind and unwind in
space beiween iwo limiis.
W Tle sysiem foimed above cieaies a spiva! spa¢¢ wiilin ile sysiem ilai is
open foi inieiaciion in space. Tle sysiem AB las piefeiied iigli oi lefi iwisi
oiieniaiion decided by ile iwisi of ile dominani. Tle Sysiem AB is also
cieaied in paiis. Tlis means AB las a paii CD wlicl las an opposiie iwisi and
exisi in a iaiio Ũ:¸ wiil AB. Tlus we lave Hydiogen molecules. Tle molecule
foimaiion gives fuiilei siabiliiy io ile sysiem
W A liglei level of siabiliiy in space is foimed wlen a sysiem is foimed by ile
fusion of AB and CD. Tlis iesulis in ineii aiom ílelium]. Tlis aiom is siable in
Ŭ componeni space. i foims a closed mini b!a¢k ho!¢ wiilin ii ilai is
amenable foi opening and inieiaciion wlen siiessed io ciiiical limii by leai.
neii aioms we lnow is incapable of any clemical ieaciion bui iespond only io
leai induced winding and unwinding. i foims an innei space ilai is closed
bui is capable communicaiing wiil exieinal space wlen siiessed io ciiiical
poini. Tle wlole of peiiodic iable now can be explained foim ilis poini of
view of union of paiis oi muliiple paiis of paiiicles. Tle sysiems oi aioms
foimed lave moie siabiliiy in space.
W Tlese sysiems iesisi disiuibance of iis siabiliiy oi balance and slow cieaiiviiy
as ii is siiessed io ile neai ciiiical limii. Tlus ii leads io foimaiion of clemical
compounds. Tle siiess in naiuie manifesi as iigli winding and lefi winding
W Tle ineii elemenis ilai lave fullness in eigli componeni space las unique
way of cieaiiviiy wlen siiessed io neai ciiiical limii. i adds maiiei on io ii self
io balance as we add weigli io balance ile balance. We can visualize ii as
iving Pavti¢!¢ ov Sou!. Tlis gives an explanaiion io ile foimaiion of DNA in
biological sysiem and iales oui undeisianding of life io new level.
W Tlis new vision and ilinling leads us io ieview gene and infoimaiion
unii in biological sysiem as noi paiied one bui minimum of foui paiied
dynamic unii in space. Six of ilem foiming a coie unii and iwo foiming
linling uniis wiil oilei dynamic uniis.
W i also means ile peicepiion and coniiol of ile wlole biological sysiem
exisi in ile blacl lole and ile genes aie only means by wlicl ii susiains
ile balance of ile sysiem.
W i means life oiiginaies fiom blacl lole and infoimaiion coniained in ii.
Life is claiacieiized by an innei space and ilis innei space plays an
impoiiani iole in life. Tle life is a siiuggle io mainiain ile balance
beiween ile innei and ouiei space and ile eneigy clanges íinfoimaiion]
in ii.
W Tlis also means ai ile univeisal level, ileie exisis a space-iime woild ilai
is beyond oui peicepiion. Scieniisis aie closing on ii, by viiiue of concepis
lile dail eneigy, dail woild, paiallel woild and so on
W Tle above ilinling las ile poieniialiiy of ialing oui lnowledge of
naiuie io liglei level by ieoideiing ile developmenis in science in a
simple sensible way and uniiing ii wiil spiiiiual lnowledge of ile ancieni.
We can iediscovei all ile developmenis in science and uniie ii in a sensible
way wlen we visualize naiuie foim a biological poini
W Life exisi in paiis, wlicl aie one and is claiacieiized by blacl loles. Tle
life is a piocess of inieiaciion of iwo paiallel univeises, consianily opening
up and uniiing and cieaiing new images of iiself io susiain againsi iime
and suivive againsi iime iliougl cieaiiviiy and iepioduciion. Tle maieiial
body is foimed in ile piocess. i is mainiained by consianily biealing ii
down and ienewing ii
W i all begins wiil infoimaiion fiom one blacl lole íTle dominani oi ile
Male] univeise collapsing inio ile blacl lole of ile feminine oi iecessive.
Tle cieaiion begins wiil ile union of ilese iwo blacl loles and ile
infoimaiion coniained in ii. Tle fiisi pulse of new life is bieailed io ile
selecied cell in selecied body, by ile Spiiii oi infoimaiion fiom ile Failei
enieiing ii.
W Cieaiion begins noi only wiil spiiiis fiom iwo woilds and infoimaiion
coniained in ile blacl loles, bui ii involves spiiii]maiiei ialen fiom ile
exieinal space as ii cieaies images of iiself - One cell divides io foim iwo, foui,
eigli and so on io foim new woild wiilin ile old.
W An impoiiani poini one slould noie is ilai, ile cieaiion plase begins wlen
ile spiiii of ile male leaves iis body and enieis ile body of ile female. Now
we lave a oiganic cyclic iealiiy, wleie ile spiiii of ile Failei is cieaiing new
woild oui of ile old. Tle body of ile Failei now becomes a feed foi ile
Moilei io nouiisl ile Clild in ile foiming. Tlis is singulaiiiy siaie oi ile
stat¢ oI maniI¢station. Tlis is followed by ile manifesied siaie, wleie
dualiiy and muliipliciiy comes inio being.
W Tle cieaiion plase is an oideiing face oui of disoidei. ¢v¢ th¢ spivit oI th¢
Fath¢v ¢xist as Un¢onditiona! ov¢.
W Tle manifesied siaie is dualiiy wleie iusiice and Tiuil pievails. n ile
manifesied siaie ile spiiii of Cieaioi moves beiween ile iwo woilds
susiaining ile sysiem. Cieaioi pays consiani piice io susiain ile sysiem.
W Fiom ile bacl diop of oui ilinling ii is appaieni ilai a conscious and
inielligeni foice exisi, wlicl susiains ile maieiial univeise againsi iime and iis
deieiioiaiive influence iliougl consiani piocess of cieaiion and dissoluiion.
W Tlis gives ciedence io ile spiiiiual lnowledge of ile ancieni, wlicl cleaily says
univeise is conscious and inielligeni and ilai we aie only ile individuaied
consciousness and inielligence, boin fiom ii in space-iime. Tlis means ileie
exisi a Cieaioi spiiii ilai cieaies and goveins ile univeisal exisience oi ile
univeise las a Failei and Moilei spiiiis ilai aie one and foims ile conscious
and inielligeni beings, wlicl cieaies and susiains ile wlole sysiem.
W Tle piocess of foimaiion of a body, involves cieaiion of new woild in iis own
image ialing maiiei and spiiii fiom exieinal woild.
W Living univeise is noi beyond iime. Tlis means ile univeise is susiained by
consiani piice being paid by ile Cieaioi io mainiain ile balance in ile sysiem.
Tle Cieaioi Spiiii moves beiween ile iwo woilds giving life and susiaining life. i
opposes ile iime diieciion in ile maieiial woild. Tlis could be compaiable io
ligli giving way io dailness foiming day and nigli cycle, climaiic cycle and las a
iime diieciion io disoidei and collapse io a poini in ile ceniei ídeail]. Cieaioi,
woils io mainiain oidei and give life io ile sysiem by opposing ii by paying a
W Eveniually , ile spiiii of ile Failei íile liglei infoimaiion oi
lnowledge] by viiiue of second law of ileimodynamics oi iime sliinls io
a poini ilai ii becomes embedded in ile Moilei and goes inio cieaiion
W i is appaieni ilai wlen ile ligli and lnowledge ilai cieaies oidei goes
inio cieaiion mode ile disoidei peals in ile woild. Bui naiuie is designed
sucl ilai as ile disoidei peals ile oidei emeiges sponianeously. Wlen
ile Spiiii of ile Failei geis embedded in ile Moilei oi conceives, ii
conquei iime. Eveniually, ile ligli ilai Cieaies emeiges fiom ile
dailness of ile womb io lead ile sysiem again. Tlis could be undeisiood
as iniiializaiion of iime io siaii a ¢w Tim¢ Cv¢!¢
W Tle univeise needs io be undeisiood as ile consciousness and
inielligence of ile Cieaioi enfolding and unfolding io susiain ile wlole
sysiem in a piedeieimined pail.
W Tle gieai ancieni spiiiiual bool of lnowledge, ile Vedas , wiiie ilai ile
univeise was cieaied iliougl ile self saciifice of ile Cieaioi and ilis was
done by His own people oi demi gods. íYaiui veda VS : ¸o- ¸i]
W f you caie io siudy Bible we can conclude ilai ilis Tiuil is manifesiing
iliougl Cliisi and His Calvaiy Saciifice. f we can giow beyond ile
ieligions, we can see ile basal iealiiy in spiiiiual sciipiuies as a science of
liglei oidei.
W Gods consciousness and inielligence iliougl Cliisi is unfolding wiilin
and suppoiiing ile deieiioiaiing woild. Tlis is ile only lope foi oui
suivival and evoluiion bacl inio ile golden peiiod of lumaniiy.
W We aie called io be a paiiicipani in ile piocess of iesioiaiion of Kingdom
of God oi Dlaima yuga, wleie iusiice and Tiuil pievails.
W am noi suppoiiing any oiganized ieligion, bui am spealing ile Tiuil of
naiuie. Iesus is ieal, bui ile iealiiy of Iesus ieveals wlen we analyze ile aci of
Cliisi ai Calvaiy. "Self" is ieal and ii is life. Tle wlole sysiem woils io pioieci
and advance self oi life and defeai deail. To accepi deail, as means of life is
beyond ile compielension of any luman mind.
W Being in a luman body Cliisi did an aci ilai no luman mind can
compielend, le iooied limself in lis consciousness and inielligence,
connecied io His Cieaioi and did His Faileis will io accepi deail and become
a saciificial lamb, suiiendeiing all His powei. Tliougl Cliisi ile God ile
Cieaioi Spiiii, conqueied iime and las ensuied new oidei emeiges in ile peal
of ile disoidei io siaii a New Time Cycle.
W Tle ciux of ilis ilinling is ilai, univeise is living conscious and inielligeni
being. We lumans aie only individuaied cells boin fiom ii in space-iime io iis
lefi and iigli. Oui self, las no iiue independence. Oui self and independence
is an illusion ilai emeiges wlen oui mind disconieni fiom oui innei space-
iime iealiiy and becomes slave io ouiei space-iime iealiiy.
W Tlis disiances us fiom Tiuil oi ile Cieaioi spiiiis ilai susiains life. We
loose ile lnowledge and ligli ilai lelps us live in peace and oidei wiil
Naiuie and Hei Masiei. Beyond some poini, we gei losi in io ioial dailness
and lead ile woild io desiiuciion oi deail. Tlis calls foi iecieaiion and
iesioiaiion. Tlis piocess of iecieaiion and iesioiaiion is in piogiess wiil
Cliisi and His Spiiii.
W No wondei mucl of spiiiiual lnowledge, speals of Faiil in God and gives
a call io giow beyond once own mind and self io lnow ile Tiuil.
W Tle Biblical Cieaiion wlen undeisiood fiom ilis poini of view males
sense and exposes ile Tiuil of Singulaiiiy. Tle siaiemeni ilai God gave
Adam ile dominion ovei His cieaiion invaiiably means He gave lumaniiy
ile lnowledge and Tiuil io susiain and iule ovei ii. Tle foibidden
iiee]fiuii ai ile ceniei, is ile giaviiaiional poini oi deail poini io wlicl
maiiei and iis foice diiecis. i was a call io lumaniiy noi io foigei ile
Cieaioi íFailei and Moilei] and become slave io maiiei and iis powei
W Cliisi and lis plilosoply and ieaclings, does noi siiile down any spiiiiual
sciipiuies, plilosoply and ieligions, bui aciually biings life io ii.
W i is ile pinnacle of all lnowledge, a lnowledge ilai gives life and susiains
ii . i is ile Un¢onditiona! ov¢ ilai iiansfoims and gives life bacl io
eveiyiling. Tlis iiansfoimaiion is ile only way foi lumaniiy io evolve io
lnow Tiuil and eniei ile Golden Age of Tiuil and Iusiice. Unless lumaniiy
awalens io Tiuil, we would nevei see peace and oidei. Miseiy and deail will
lave iis dance ovei lumaniiy.
WWe lumans lave oui iooi fiom one single base. We aie cieaied in Puie Love
of ile Cieaiing Eniiiies manifesiing as consciousness and inielligence. Tlis
foice is anii-giaviiaiional and susiains ile maieiial body of ile Living
W Eveiy woid of Bible is a living foice. i is a poieniial spail ilai can lindle fiie
of life and iale us fiom dailness io ligli.
W Tle only way foi lumaniiy ilai is deieiioiaiing undei maieiial bondage is
io lnow Tiuil beyond all ieligions. Tle Good News of Cliisi siand as a
simple science and only ilis undeisianding can bieal ile baiiieis of
ieligions io awalen lumaniiy as a wlole and lead ii fiom dailness io ligli.
W was noi believei in God, bui my conscious appioacl io science led me
iliougl ile naiiow pail, leading io an enliglienmeni ai ile fooi of
Calvaiy. Since ilen, wiilin my limiiaiions and adveisiiies, lave been
iesponding io my innei call io advance science and call ile aiieniion of ile
woild io ile simple Tiuil of Calvaiy Saciifice ilai ieveled io me.
W Spiiiiual sciipiuies of ile easi also speals of God manifesiing on eaiil
íEg- Loid Rama and Kiislna]. Tlis iealiiy can be undeisiood fiom ile iwo
basic iealiiies of ile Cieaioi - Tle piocess of Cv¢ation and ile
Sust¢nan¢¢ of ile cieaied. n ile foimei case God manifesi as
Uncondiiional Love giving fieedom io lumaniiy io iecieaie and iesioie. n
ile laiiei case God manifesi as pioiecioi of iusiice and Tiuil.
W Bible says "Seel Tiuil and Tiuil will sei you Fiee". n ile absence of Tiuil we
exisi in feai, live a self cenieied life wiil coiiupiion and end in siiangulaiing ile
flow in ile sysiem of wlicl we aie only a paii. We end in visualizing ile
opposiie as enemy and develop a conqueiing moiive, cieaiing a socieiy ilai is
buili on wai, ieiioiism and self desiiuciion. Oui paiiial lnowledge and lacl of
Tiuil, is leading us even io bieal down ile veiy abode called eaiil ilai is
suppoiiing us.
W Oui "self" and ile migli of ile maieiial powei we lave gained is noi lelping
us io suivive on eaiil. i is leading us inio a voiiex of self desiiuciion. We aie
deieiioiaiing ai individual, ai ile family, communiiy, naiional and ile wlole
level. Tle socieiy is piomoiing individuals wlo aie spiiiiually dead]deieiioiaiing
and ilus causing ile fall of ile family, socieiy and ile woild.
WWe need io clange oui ilinling and ilouglis. We need io suiiendei oui evil
"self" and awalen io oui iealiiy and oui uniiy wiil God. Tle spiiii of God and
ile life givei is loveiing ovei us. i is a maiiei of we opening io suiiendei io God
gain New Life and oidei.
W am convinced ilai, ile woild will see ligli and awalen io Tiuil, bui
am noi suie low mucl moie piice lumaniiy las io give befoie le
awalens io Tiuil and iales guaid of eaiil and eniei ile Go!d¢n Ag¢.
W Tle iemples of science and iis occupanis, Temples of Gods and iis
occupanis needs io awalen beyond ieligion and baiiieis io save eaiil
and lumaniiy and biing oidei io ile woild.
W Tle ancieni spiiiiual culiuie and piaciices lave immense depil. i
needs io be iediscoveied and biougli foiwaid foi ile well being of
i is iime io awalen io Tiuil and iale guaid
of oui life and oui abode
W Eaiil is going fiagile and iis foices aie iuining violeni. Tle foices of naiuie
aie pealing and falling abiupily causing luge caiasiioples, all ile ecological
sysiems aie iuining unsiable and luman mind is becoming iesiless and ialing
self desiiuciive appioacl. Feai of eaiil and Humaniiy collapsing is becoming
incieasingly evideni - Tle quesiion aiises wlai is lappening io eaiil?
W Tle eaiil is designed as a double pump and piimaiily woils io susiain ile
iempeiaiuie of eaiil wiilin ceiiain limii io susiain all life on eaiil iusi as life
funciions io susiain iis iempeiaiuie io mainiain life. We saw ilai an oideiing
and disoideiing cycle coexisi. Wlen unilaieially pusled ile sysiem is
designed io clange ile diieciion of ile flow. We saw ilis iealiiy in ile eneigy
cycle on eaiil wlicl manifesi as day and nigli cycle and climaiic cycle ilai
susiains life.
W Time is ineviiable iealiiy of naiuie. We saw ilai all life woils againsi giaviiy
and second law of ileimodynamics and ilus againsi ile collapse of Kingdom
of God. i is designed io self susiain wiiloui a iime diieciion. Tle only
excepiion is aduli lumans, wlo becomes self cenieied and disiances fiom ile
Cieaioi io come io live by lis mind and iis exiensions. Humans wlo becomes
slave io maieiial woild, cieaies a iime diieciion io ile sysiem. God ile Cieaioi
iesisied ilis iendency of Humans by ile Fivst aw ov Fivst Iovbiddan¢¢.
W neviiable naiuie of iime males lumaniiy foigei and becomes slave io
maieiial foice and iales ile woild io a collapsing poini oi deail. Tlis calls
Cieaioi io iecieaie and iesioie new oidei. Wlen ile Cieaioi goes inio
cieaiion mode, wiil fiee will and uncondiiional love, wlai piedominaies is
ile mind of ile cieaied ilai became slave io maieiial woild. Consequence
is ilai ile sysiem slips inio gieaiei and gieaiei disoidei and desiiuciion.
His unilaieial inieiveniion exploiiing maieiial naiuie and iis foice,
incieases ile iempeiaiuie of eaiil cieaiing disoidei. Human inieiveniion
inio ile nigli cycle of naiuie lindeis ile inleieni capaciiy of eaiil io
cieaie oidei.
W Tle consequences of ilis disoidei is quiclening of iime, leading io luge
peals and fall in naiuial foices. We aie expeiiencing ilis faci as luge,
global waiming and climaiic abeiiaiions ilieaiening ile veiy exisience of
life and lumaniiy on eaiil.
W Tle pieseni siaie of ile eaiil iaises feai of possible laige scale
desiiuciion of life and lumaniiy. íRef- ¸ and Ũ]
W Howevei, fiom ile peispeciive of mind ilai las iuined spiiiiual ileie is
lope foi ile woild in Cliisi and His Calvaiy saciifice. As ile eaiil is
unfolding io collapse, ile spiiii of Cliisi is suppoiiing ii fiom wiil in io
lead us bacl io new oidei. Tle singulaiiiy is only a passing siaie in
quanium collapse and ieoiganizaiion piocess, ile iealiiy is dualiiy. Time
diiecied io maieiial ilinling is iime diiecied io disiniegiaiion and deail
in singulaiiiy, bui oui of ilis singulaiiiy emeiges ile dualiiy and biiil of
new woild.
W Tlis iealiiy and lope is besi undeisiood fiom oidei oi ligli emeiging
foim peal of disoidei oi dailness. Univeise needs io be undeisiood as iiue
infoimaiion íconsciousness and inielligence] unfolding and enfolding io
susiain ile life and ile univeise. We aie due io eniei ile Golden age wleie
Iusiice and Tiuil pievails
W Oui quesi io undeisiand naiuie and Tiuil iliougl mailemaiical language
and oui maieiialisiic ilinling las led us io complexiiy of Knowledge. i las led
us io incompielensible big bang ileoiy, blacl lole and loss of infoimaiion,
paiallel univeise and muliiple univeises, ceiiainiy and unceiiainiy, singulaiiiy
and muliipliciiy and so on, wleie God las no place
W A simple clange in oui ilinling fiom maieiialisiic io biological males sense,
giving a simple and coniiolled piciuie of ile woild ilai incoipoiaies eveiyiling,
including God.
W Tle explosion of lnowledge and singulaiiiy we speal of ioday is an exiension
of oui maieiialisiic quesi, wlicl is desiioying ile fabiic of space iime . Tle
Good News is ilai New fabiic of space-iime is alieady in slape io susiain ile
woild and give ii life. As ile old ieacles iis end ile new emeiges io life. Fiom
ile singulaiiiy a dualiiy and muliipliciiy emeiges. i is ile biiil of new iime and
space. We on oui own cannoi visualize anyiling beyond singulaiiiy. Fiom ile
piemises of wlai is lappening aiound ile woild, scieniisi and inielleciuals, see
a loiiific end, bui foi a new boin in God, ile fuiuie appeais piomising. i is
iouiney inio Golden Age oi ile Coming of Dlaima yuga, wleie iusiice and
Tiuil pievails.
W Boil ligli and dailness aie ile cieaied fields of ile Cieaioi. He susiains ilem
iliougl His spiiii moving beiween ilem. You and me lave no iigli io iudge.
W Fiisi siep is io awalen io Tiuil and spiead ile ligli, sucl ilai lumaniiy
and lis ilinling and way of life clanges ai all levels.
W We cannoi go on adding moie leai inio ile enviionmeni and inieifeie inio
ile funciioning of eaiil io mainiain iis iempeiaiuie. We need io iegulaie ile
ieclless buining of fossil fuels and any indusiiial expansion ilai adds leai
inio ile enviionmeni. We need io cui down on oui iniiusion inio nigli.
lnow, ii would lave seiious implicaiion on economical poweis buili basically
on oil and waifaie. i is up io us io decide wleilei oui life and oui fuiuie is
piecious ilan money and powei.
W Tle feais of eneigy ciuncl and collapse is unnecessaiy. Foi naiuie las many
clues io eneigy geneiaiion and iis uiilizaiion. Tlinl of ilis, leaii ile size of
oui lefi fisi, pumps blood, caiiying moie ilan ũo iiillion cells along ioo.ooo
lm, ilai is equivaleni io enciicling eaiil iwice, :o iimes]minuie. Body does
so many oilei funciions simulianeously and does ilis on few pieces of biead
and waiei and yei ieleases veiy liiile leai. i means we lave luge poieniial foi
ieclnological innovaiion and applicaiions io be discoveied susiain ile woild.
All ilai we need io do is io biing some fundamenial clange in ile foundaiion
of oui ilinling on wlicl we exisi and funciion.
W Tle lnowledge slaied comes io you by Divine Giace, by a life in suiiendei and in seaicl of
Tiuil foi ile lasi : and lalf decades afiei auiloi gave up luciaiive caieei in bioieclnology.
Tle following linl and siies ileie off gives gieaiei insigli inio ile maiiei.
W liips:]]siies.google.com]siie]:oi:sciencemeeisgod]infoimaiion-blacl-lole-and-Tiuil
W lave done my besi wiilin my limiiaiions, would appieciaie, if some one iiansfoim ilis
slide slow inio video foimai and posi ii io "youiube" and sucl media so ilai ile woild
awalens io Tiuil and iale concieie aciion io save luman life and eaiil.
i] iŪ] Hawling Paiadox oi nfoimaiion Paiadox
A] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=zmiYRlfKA
B] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=Xnp:WyŪEfRY
C] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=KfLvVPiŭevs
D] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=MRpcvlwnwPM
E] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=iU¸uC¸pGUSs
iū] ũ seiies By BBC on Paiallel Univeises
iūA] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=iMsOiiŨWHWo
iūB] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=eSxw_UWEiŨY
iūC] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=nBlp-f¸ix:
iūD] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=ūŬIQ¸eŬVQ¸A
iūE] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=awTWfKbdllŬ
i] Hawling Paiadox oi nfoimaiion Paiadox
A] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=zmiYRlfKA
B] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=Xnp:WyŪEfRY
C] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=KfLvVPiŭevs
D] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=MRpcvlwnwPM
E] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=iU¸uC¸pGUSs
:] ũ seiies By BBC on Paiallel Univeises
A] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=iMsOiiŨWHWo
B] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=eSxw_UWEiŨY
C] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=nBlp-f¸ix:
D] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=ūŬIQ¸eŬVQ¸A
E] liip:]]www.youiube.com]waicl?v=awTWfKbdllŬ
¸] Iames Lovelocl - A Final Waining by Naiuie
Ũ] Sixil Mass Exiinciion

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