³Oracle Approval Manager´ ± a quick walkthrough

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This document describes the various steps required to create AME (Oracle Approval Manager) rule for a particular Business Scenario.

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‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Projects involved : Aetna H/W Platform: Windows S/W Environment: Oracle Application Release 11i Appln. Type: ERP Project Type : Implementation

Topics Covered 
   Creating a Attribute Creating a Condition Creating a Approval Group Testing the Rule

Business Requirement To form an AME rule for the condition where for the invoice line the condition is checked that Is µApproval Required¶ flag on PO Header descriptive flex field = µY¶? .

‡ Make sure that the Transaction Type is selected as µPayables Invoice Approval¶ . ‡ An approval Group of two persons will be used for approval.Assumptions ‡ Let us assume that the µApproval Required¶ flag is the Attribute 1 of the PO Header Descriptive Flex Field.

for a given transaction. .Creating a Attribute In AME an attribute is a variable that has exactly one value per item.

.Creating a Attribute ‡ Creating a attribute for the PO Header DFF. Navigate to the Attribute TAB.

Creating a Attribute Press the Add Attribute button .

Creating a Attribute Create a attribute for the Item Class Header as the Approval Required will be at the Invoice Header level .

Creating a Attribute Create a new Attribute name for the DFF value in the PO Header table .

.Creating a Attribute Provide an appropriate name to the attribute.

Creating a Attribute For a Dynamic Attribute write a select query to fetch the Approval flag from the DFF for the transactionID(Invoice Id) .

Creating a Attribute The attribute is created which can be used in a condition .

You need to create conditions before you can define your rules. all of its conditions must be true for the transaction. .Creating a Condition For the rule to apply to a transaction.

Creating a Condition For creating a condition go to the Conditions TAB and press the Add a Condition Button .

Creating a Condition Select the condition type as µOrdinary¶ and Item Class as header .

Creating a Condition Select the attribute as Approval Required (Created above) .

Creating a Condition Enter the Attribute Value as µY¶ .

Creating a Condition More values can be added for the condition check for the attribute .

Creating a Condition Ordinary Condition is created .

which is dynamically generated at rule evaluation time.Creating a Approval Group An approval group can either be an ordered set of one or more approvers (persons and/or user accounts) or it can be a list. .

Creating a Approval Group Typically approval groups represent functional approvers outside a transaction¶s chain of authority .

Creating a Approval Group For the static Approval Group you can add Approver using the µAdd Approver¶ button .

Creating a Approval Group You can search for a FND User or an HR User .

Creating a Approval Group Enter the User Name or E-mail id as search criteria .

Creating a Approval Group Once you find the user press the µContinue¶ button .

Creating a Approval Group Give an Order Number then press µCreate Member¶ .

.Creating a Rule Rule associate one or more conditions with an approval in an if-then statement.

Creation Rule .Creating a Rule Create a Header List.

Creating a Rule Select the Rule Type as µlist-creation¶ .

Creating a Rule To include the approval group created above select ± chain of authority includes an approval group .

Creating a Rule Select the Action as Require approval from Approval_Group_Test .

Creating a Rule Select the Header_Attribute as Approval_Required .

Creating a Rule This will created a Rule which select the members from the approval group for Invoice approval if the Arroval Required flag in the PO Header DFF is set to µY¶ .

Creating a Rule The rule is now created for Transaction Type µPayables Invoice Approval¶ .

Testing .

In our setting we have added MANOJV as the first approver in the approval group hence the invoice will be directed to him for approval. .Steps ‡ For the testing Purpose create a Purchase Order and in the Approval Flag required please enter µY¶. ‡ Then press the µActions¶ button ‡ In the approval form check the µInitiate Approval¶ ‡ Press µOK¶ ‡ It will select the first member from the approval group. ‡ Create an Invoice and match it against the Purchase Order.

Testing the rule In the Approval Status you can see the name of the Pending Approver .

Testing the rule ‡ Login with the user name MANOJV ‡ Login to the responsibility Workflow Administrator Web Applications ‡ Navigate to Administrator Workflow->Notifications .

Notifications For the User in the Notification TAB he can see the invoice awaiting his approval .

Reject.Notifications You have 3 options.Approve. Request Information .

Notifications You have use the µView Invoice¶ option to view the invoices .

Invoice Details µView Invoice¶ option will open the Invoice Overview .

Notifications Approver Comments can be entered for his Approval or Rejection .

Approval History The Approval History can be seen in the Invoice Entry Form using Tools->Approval History .

Thank You .

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