First-Year Engineering Program

Creating a Production Drawing Set
Technical Graphics Chapter 9


Production Drawings 2 . 9 .First-Year Engineering Program Creating Production Drawings Goals Understand production drawings. including detail drawings and assembly drawings Reference Technical Graphics Ch.

on multiple sheets.First-Year Engineering Program Mechanical Production Drawings Production drawings (sometimes called Working drawings) are the complete set of drawings specifying the manufacture and assembly of a product. May contain written instructions called specifications. A title block appears on each sheet. 3 . Generally consists of multiple drawings.

An assembly drawing (or subassembly drawings) showing all parts in a single drawing. 2.First-Year Engineering Program Set of Production Drawings A set of Production Drawings has three main parts: 1. Detail drawings of each non-standard part. This is essentially a parts list. 3. A bill of materials (BOM). usually one part per sheet . 4 .

Example: simple fingernail clipper 5 .First-Year Engineering Program Reading Production Drawings Our first goal is to learn how to read a set of production or working drawings.

First-Year Engineering Program Example 1 .Assembly Drawing 6 .

First-Year Engineering Program Full Section View 7 .

First-Year Engineering Program Detailed Part Drawing: Rivet 8 .

First-Year Engineering Program Detailed Part Drawing: Bottom Clipper 9 .

First-Year Engineering Program Assembly Drawing 10 .

Butterfly Valve Isometric Halfsectioned isometric Exploded 11 .First-Year Engineering Program Example 2 .

First-Year Engineering Program Individual Part Drawings 12 .

First-Year Engineering Program Production Drawing Assignment DWG 45/46 Completing a Production or Working Drawing Set Check your course drawing packet for the necessary worksheets 13 .

First-Year Engineering Program Production Drawing Assignment Work in Pairs (or threes if odd number) Get out the drawing set for today Spread one set for your pair on the table Start with assembly drawing and parts list (Note which parts are provided by another company) Examine each drawing Note the overall tolerances Note which parts fit together 14 .

and missing lines added and one set of calculations per pair.First-Year Engineering Program Production Drawing Assignment Add missing lines and dimensions/tolerances Use a separate page(s) (Engr. tolerances. Paper) for tolerance calculations and checks Make a copy of your pair s answers and calculations Turn in one set of drawings with the dimensions. 15 . Prob.

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