RACI – Roles & Responsibilities The RACI .” is taken.a summary There can be more than 1 “R” There can only be 1 “A” Responsible Accountable ““The person who performs the activity”.” can if all goes wrong.” .” ““Must always be informed AFTER aa decision or action has Must always be informed AFTER decision or action has been taken.” Consulted Informed ““Must always be consulted BEFORE aa decision or action Must always be consulted BEFORE decision or action is taken. They are The person who performs the activity”.(“The Doer”) responsible for action (“The Doer”) ““The person who has the power of veto and who carries the The person who has the power of veto and who carries the can if all goes wrong.” been taken. They are responsible for action -.

We use RACI for ■Project management: To assign responsibilities and ensure task get done ■‘As Is’ analysis: To diagnose problems in the organisation ■‘To Be’ design: To create a new organisation structure that meets the needs of the “To Be” design RACI chart analysis Horizontal (by task) If you find Lots of Rs Too many involved? Vertical (by role) If you find Then ask Then ask Lots of Rs Too much work? No Rs or As Why do it? Is the job getting done? No empty space Too much work? Too much consultation? More than one A Confusion. indecision? No Rs or As Can the function be eliminated Lots of Cs Does everyone consulted add value? Too many As Is accountability at the right level? Is the organisation too hierarchical? Lots of Is Do they all need to know? .

identifies where the team is overloaded and who has spare capacity Conflict resolution and decision clarity Ensures ownership of tasks and therefore completion When to use: When there are undefined/unclear accountabilities for individuals or departments Where work is not being accomplished Where there is inadequate communication In creating a new team or organisation structure Where decisions are made at the wrong levels  Top tips: Review and update on a regular basis Use to review and close out work Avoid going into too much detail Conduct ‘sanity check’ to ensure balanced RACI: One ‘A’ for each task and no more. When & How What. Too many / too few ‘R’s’ – resource efficiency or too much work? Too many ‘C’s’ – too much red tape?   .Responsible (the doer – shared role) A .RACI: What.Informed (who to inform of decisions)  it helps: Building a RACI will flush out the communications links   Good management tool to ensure that resources are matched to activities . when & how What is it: It’s a way of understanding and identifying who does what in How an organisation Promotes commitment to roles and responsibilities R .Consulted (who to talk to 2 way) I .Accountable (the buck stops here) C .

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