Operation Management


SAMVEDNA HOSPITAL is one of the upcoming multi-speciality Hospital in FARIDABAD.It is fully air-conditioned equipped with latest range of surgical and medical facilities.The hospital is located at Agwanpur Road near Molarband School,Om Enclave,Faridabad. It emphasis on highly trained doctors & paramedical staff, which is available round the clock to any emergency or accident.The hospital is fully equipped to deal with any surgical orthopedic and burns patient in addition to the routine emergencies.

g. Also the private health care facilities initially stated acting as a complementary mechanism to public health care facilities available in the country. e.There is appreciation for the entrepreneurs who organized and established the private healthcare facilities. health care facilities sprouted in various metropolitan cities whenever the demand was felt.there are other forces. which attempts to frustrate the growth of private sector health institutions.Introduction of Sector In the Indian scene. 3 . which come into play.

G etc 4 .C.Product Process Selection The Hospital maintains a separate file for every patient. The patient at the time of registration has to fill up a form There are separate cards and files for the child patients Separate cards are there for every test like E.

5 .Facility Location  It is located near the Molarband School. Om Enclave Faridabad.School is 5 min Walking Distance from Samvedna Hospital. Sec.  Govt. Boys Sr.  There is Temple of Santoshi mata in front of hospital.

General ward Deluxe Semi Deluxe I.C.U Chemist shop Reception O.P.I.D.C. LAB X-Ray Doctors chamber STORAGE Ambulance Ambulance 6 .U OT Wash Room N.

Facilities provided by the hospital are as follows:  35 ultramodern beds Facilities 7 .

1500/Rs.Room Tariffs ICU NICU CASUALITY GENERAL WARD Rs.700/- SEMI PRIVATERs.900/PRIVATE DELUXE Rs.1500/Rs.2500/Rs.2000/- 8 .250/Rs.

9 . fully equipped with Foetal Heart Monitoring Machine.One major OT with zero bacteria. Separate labor room. fully equipped with all major operation equipments.

 Oxygen concentration machine making oxygen supply.G.  24 hrs computerized E. 10 .C.  Computerized lab for all investigations.  24 hrs Chemist Shop.

 Baby nursery with incubators. phototherapy machine for jaundice mgt. 11 .  Modern X-ray plant  Latest Colour Doppler Machine with all probes functioning. radiant warmers. pulse oximeter.

 24 hour ambulance service  Fully Air-Conditioned  Proper seating arrangements for visitors 12 .

 Frequent medical camps (next on 20th dec in collaboration with Escorts hospital on Cardio) 13 .  Free medicines are also provided to them. Free treatment for underprivileged patients on Sunday.

 Hoardings and posters in the nearby areas. 14 .  They also give the ads in the cable.Marketing Strategies  Time to time pamphlet distribution.  Free camps are organized by them.

 There is a separate store room where all the equipments like syringes and other required things of the patients are stored.Inventory Management  They have their own medical shop inside the hospital itself. 15 .

K.  The Ventilator which is a very costly machine and the latest one is bought from U. 16 .Purchase Management  The Hospital purchase most of the equipments from the local Indian company like L & T.

 Proper inspection of machines done time to time.  Specialized visiting doctors from institutes like Apollo and AIIMS.Quality Control  All machineries and equipments are standardized and latest in market. 17 .  Labs provided with all modern facilities.

.Lab and even in the rooms shoes are not allowed.T.Maintenance Management 1.Regular cleaning of the hospital by three sweepers on shift basis.Inside the O. 18 .All the machines and equipments are under the vigilance of well trained staffs. 2. 3.

Samvedna Hospital has mainly divided the waste into three types which are as follows: WASTE BLACK RED YELLOW 19 . The wastage has been collected on every alternate day by the municipality and has been used to make biodegradable products.Waste Management The Hospital treated its wastage in a very effective and planned way.

Safety Management Safety is one of the main aspect of this hospital. 24 hours security is there in the hospital and there is also the alarm in the main launge. Many fire extinguisher are there throughout the hospital and the most important part is that all the staff is trained how to use those. 20 .

Total staff = 35 Specialised Doctors = 10 Well trained ward boys & nurses = 25 21 .Human Resource Management The Hospital Consists of 35 staff members.

22 .

 There should be camera in every ward to keep an eye on the patients and also for security purpose.  Canteen facility given by the hospital should be improved in respect of service.  The number of beds should be increased.  They should also allow the medical companies to held camps over there.Recommendation  There should be one common website for all having information about hospital. 23 .

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