CONTENT Introduction Types of vertical wind turbines Darrieus Savonius Ropatec (Hybrid) Conclusion Distinct Types .

. and that VAWTs do not need to be pointed into the wind. which makes these components easier to service and repair.  Among the advantages of this arrangement are that generators and gearboxes can be placed close to the ground.Introduction  Vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are a type of wind turbine where the main rotor shaft is set vertically and the main components are located at the base of the turbine.

Darrienus Type  The first aerodynamic vertical axis wind turbine was developed by George Darrieus in France in the year1927. resulting in an apparent wind throughout the whole revolution coming in as a head wind with only a limited variation in angle.  Its principle of operation depends on the fact that its blade speed is a multiple of the wind speed. .  The rotational movement of the blade generates a head wind that combines with the actual wind to form the apparent wind.

lo low .Contd« If the angle of attack of this apparent wind on the blade is larger than zero. the lift force has a forward component that propels the turbine. . Angle of attack -20 Ûto +20Û Negative Features violent nt vibrations causing blade failure.

. bringing the opposing cup or drum into the flow of wind.  It is essentially two cups or half drums fixed to a central shaft in opposing directions. This cup then repeats the process. Savonius in 1922.Savonius Type  It is a vertical axis machine that uses a rotor that was introduced by Finnish engineer S.  Each cup or drum catches the wind & so turns the shaft. so causing the shaft to rotate further & completing a full rotation.J.

Contd« This process continues all the time the wind blows & the turning of shaft is used to drive a pump or small generator. Flute bladed devices. which have higher & less vibration than the twin cup or drum structure. .

 A central panel between the wings referred to as a turtle back acts as a diffuser & directs the wind flow towards the wings. turning the wind rotor at low speed.  A central pole referred to as the axis has the electrical generator bolted to the top. .Ropatec Type  Hybrid design.Wind rotors are made from air-foil sections like those of an airplane wing.

Rated Wind rotor power- 230 km/hr. Maintenance free -15 years .Contd« The axis & generator are inserted into the wind rotor assembly & the generator is bolted into the inner tube.

Other Types Turby Wind Turbine .

Contd« Helical Wind Turbine. .

& even the structures are claimed to withstands speeds of up to 110mph.  In addition. so they are less visible & can withstand much harsher environments & do not need to be shunt down when wind speeds exceed 64mph. they can be built lower. .Conclusion  An advantage of VAWT¶s is that they can catch the wind from all the directions eliminating the yaw mechanism.

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