´Distribution Mapping, Dealer Satisfaction & comparison of Lupin Diabetes Productsµ

Dealer Satisfaction & comparison of Lupin Diabetes Product . company profile Lupin and products of Lupin are given. In the first phase of the research project. It was my fortune to do this dissertation.INTRODUCTION This project deals with Distribution Mapping. The main objective of the research to do the survey to check the sale & dealer satisfaction . there is a introduction of pharmaceutical industry.

To get a sense of how well Lupin diabetes care is serving its customers. To analyze the performance of Lupin products at medical shops of Kanpur region.OBJECTIVES 1. 3. 2. To find the factors that dealer keeps in mind while purchasing the particular brand. .

. Broachers. Internet sites. Newspaper articles.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY PRIMARY DATA: Direct collection of data from the source of information. technology including personal interview. SECONDARY DATA: Text books. telephonic interviews with the help of Questionnaire.

3. 14% through Phone and remaining 10% through E-mail. None of the respondents is using post to communicate with the company.FINDINGS 1. From the above study it is clear that Lupin has good name and fame in the market. 27% says good and remaining 15% says that the performance of Lupin is average in their shop. 2. 58% respondents favored that the performance of Lupin in their shop is very good. . From the above study it is clear that 76% respondents communicate with the company through Marketing Representatives.

Cost Competitiveness. Well Developed Industry with Strong Manufacturing Base. manufacturing facilities. Strong marketing and distribution network. 2. . Access to pool of highly trained scientists. both in India and abroad.CONLUSIONS 1. From the study it is clear that Lupin is one of the leading companies in pharmaceutical industry. The success of the company lies in strict quality control. It is also revealed from the study that 99% respondents deal in both salts and Lupin is leading company in both these salts.

The company should provide gifts. 2. incentives and tours at free of cost to retailers and dealers to promote the sale of Lupin. The company should determine the pricing strategy of other company and fix the price of their product by keeping price of other company in their mind 3. .RECOMMENDATIONS 1. To maintain relationship with customers for long time company should provide credit facility to customers.

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