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Dr. Liza

Cancer can be cure with operation , chemotherapy and herbal 

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For cancer we can use keladi tikus (rodent tuber), curcuma alba , hedyotis corimbosa. This rodent tuber can be use after chemotherapy so the patients can add their eat passion, and reduce the effect of chemotherapy Especialy for cancer in uterus, we add with curcuma zedoaria (berg)roscoe The importand things, drink juice fruit everyday, and always positive thingking. By dr liza

Rumput mutiara (hedyotis corymbosa)
Cancer ( 30 – 60 gr braised) Tonsilitis, pharyngitisgitis, bronchitis, pneumonia (braise 15 – 60 gr) Hepatitis( braise 15 – 60 gr) Chafed ( braise out of 4 glass become 2 glass of 15 –

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ureter stone infection/ Turbid urine Hard of urine, ulcerated, hot, catalepsy, oedema, haemodialysis Edema of liver Thrown, high blood, pile, thypus, leprous Bleeding cough, vomit blood, nosebleed Cough asthma, tuberculosis Fever, chafe tonsil, ill of gullet, bronchitis Headache, poisoned of jengkol stomachache, Wormy, add passion eat Red-eyed, bloated poison of gelsenium elegans, arsenic cell Revitalisation ( hurt, singe, husk ulcer, preventive of keloid, ex- hurt hipertropi)

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PEGAGAN Centella asiatica

Centela asiatica

conteint : potassium, sodium, magnesium, Calcium, fe, asiaticoside, thankuniside, carotenoid Ureter infection , braise 30 gr plaint Venous revitalisation good to liking nosebleed Epilepsi hemoroid boill 4-5 sheet of the leaf and boil, drink after cold

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KUNIR PUTIH Curcuma alba L

Add passion eat reduce growth of cancer cell heal gastric pain in stomach Cancer By dr liza

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KELADI TIKUS Typhonium flagelliforme (Lodd) BL

cancer of the breast, lung, large intestine, rectum, liver, prostate, kidney, cervix uteri, red lane, brain case, spleen, leukemia, pancreas and bile  Netralize poison of drug  Reduce the effect of chemotherapy By: dr liza

Anti coagulant, contain saponin,  flavonoid , volatile oil
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Gynura segetum (Lour) Merr


Tumor Hurt beaten, catch a cold amerrohoe Haemorrahage of woman , breast eudema, coughed, vomit blood Nipped by snake ( other animal) Eliminate blood clot in vein to prevent and cure stroke and heart attack Urinary bladder stone

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Gynura segetum

if the menstrual havent come yet, hurt beaten. Crop the leaf and boxed, drink decoction and patch in contusion udema of the breast , coughed, vomit blood, complete plant 1 bar boil and drinking after cold Tumor, eat fresh leaf 4 sheet everyday Prevent stroke and coroner heart ( 5 fresh vegetable sheet) Eliminate blood clot in vein ( 3 X 4 fresh vegetable leaf sheet)

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Sambung nyawa (gynura procumbens)
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High blood pressure :5 fresh vegetable sheet / juice/ steam Tumor, raw 3 fresh leaf burnt every day ( see fomentation and abstention) Diabetes melitus in fresh vegetable pile, Cholesterolemia, gastritis As anti chafing is strong Cancer ( 30 – 60 gr braised) Tonsilitis, pharyngitisgitis, bronchitis, pneumonia( braise 15 – 60 gr) Hepatitis braise 15 – 60 gr Chafed ( braise out of 4 glass become 2 glass of 15 – 60 gr)

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Temu putih /curcuma zedoaria (berg.) Roscoe
 This

contain cineole, campahane, zingiberene, borneol, camphor, curcumin, resin, curcumol , curdione  Farmachology , antiinflamation, homeostatic, fibrynolitic, anti neoplastic  Especially for cancer cervix, cyst ovarium,  pain when menstruation

Containt: antivirus, anti biotic, anti cancer, laktone, deoxy andrograholide, andrographolide, neoandrographolide, 14 deoxy 11,12 didehydroandrographolide , flavonoid, polyemethosyflavone, andrographin, panicolin, mono o methylwithin, apigenin , demethyl ether, alkane,ketone Benefit: cancer Hipertention Typhus abdominalis ( 10-15 ) Dysentery basiler / diarrhoea Flu, headache, fever

Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees


Pharyngitis diabetes Scabies dysentery Snake bite gonorrhea fever cancer trophoblastic diseases mesotic infection awaken passion eat Trophoblastic disease

 Thank

you , if you like to contac me , don’t be hesitate to ask me.  God make a disease with the cure too  So don’t worry, God never test His creatures more than their ability

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