Development activities in India is structured

based on the five year plans since 1951.  Successive five year plans clearly show the evolution of housing policies in India.

56)  Introduced housing in the national policy framework  Focus on institution building and housing for weaker sections of society  Major rehabilitation programme launched .First Five Year Plan (1951.

First Five Year Plan (1951.56)  8% of public sector outlay spent on rehabilitation & housing  Introduced several rural and urban housing schemes for poor  Established Ministry of works & housing National buildings Organisation (NBO) .

Second Five Year Plan (1956 ± 61)  Housing scheme for poor expanded  Industrial housing scheme expanded  Three new schemes introduced Rural housing Slum clearance Sweepers housing .

offered loan to state govt.Second Five Year Plan (1956 ± 61)  Central govt. decided to provide assistance to state govt. to develop low income housing  Gave rise to State Housing Boards  In 1959. central govt. for 10 yrs to acquire land for building sites .

000 or more receive priority ± ³urban´  Funds allocated for housing and urban development including water supply and sanitation .Third Five Year Plan (1961-66) Followed by Triennial Plan (1966-69)  Emphasis on planned development and land acquisition particularly for urban areas  Co-ordination of all agencies & orientation of all programs to the needs of poor  Due to limited resources.00. towns and cities with population of 1.

Fourth Five Year Plan (1969-1974)  Dual problem Rapidly growing population Slow growing housing stock  Govt. decided to encourage private and co-operative housing schemes by providing financial assistance ‡ HUDCO established in 1970 .

Fourth Five Year Plan (1969-1974)  To provide loans to low-income groups below peak interest rates and longer repayment periods  To finance urban development activities to help decongest cities  Support State Housing Boards ³whole lending arm for housing finance´ .

Fifth Five Year Plan (1974 ± 79)  Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act adopted. to make more land available for equitable disbursal . to prevent concentration of land holdings in urban areas.

as well as companies for staff housing .Fifth Five Year Plan (1974 ± 79)  India¶s first retail housing finance company HDFC was set up ± 1977 to provide financial assistance to individuals. groups and co-operative societies.

Sixth Five Year Plan (1980 ± 85)  Refocused attention on the provision of services along with shelter. particularly for poor.  More housing in small and medium size towns  Improving living conditions in the slum  Other housing finance companies also entered the market .

policy  Major responsilibity of house construction left to private sector  Govt.GSS  Announced first draft of National Housing Policy .Seventh Five Year Plan (1985 ± 90)  Radical change in govt. role ± facilitator promoting housing activity  1988 ± UN ± Global Shelter Strategy .

Seventh Five Year Plan (1985 ± 90)  NATIONAL HOUSING BANK (NHB) ± 1988 to promote and regulate housing finance companies and to mobilise additional resources for housing  BUILDING MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGY PROMOTION COUNCIL (BMTPC) for research and development  URBAN BASIC SERVICES FOR THE POOR (UBSP) ± first urban poverty alleviation scheme .

Eighth Five Year Plan (1992 ± 97)  Recognised the role and importance of the urban sector for the national economy  First National Housing Policy 1994  Incontinuation with predecessors ± encouraged private sector based housing development  Concentrated resources on upgrading urban centres  Encouraged development of mortgage market  Enhance the flow of credit to the housing sector through housing finance institutions .

Ninth & Tenth Five Year Plan (1997 ±2007)  Emphasis on affordable housing program for BPL category  National Common Minimum Program ± housing for weaker sections in rural areas will be extended on a larger scale  to continue encouraging mortgage market  Tenth Plan free housing only to landless SC/ST labourers Credit cum subsidy scheme for other BPL families .

the central govt repealed ULCRA ± Urban Land Ceiling and many state governments followed.Ninth & Tenth Five Year Plan (1997 ±2007)  Market friendly reforms in both taxation and infrastructure in a bid to increase capital spending in housing.  In 1999.  National Housing Policy revised to National Urban Housing and Habitat Policy in 2007  Aggressive entry of commercial banks into housing .

Bharat Nirman Programme (20052009) TARGET ± 60 LAKH HOUSES BY 2009 2. Indira Awas Yojana Scheme .Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007 ± 12)  Inorder to improve the quality of life in urban areas Improve housing stock through urban renewal In situ-slum improvement Development of existing housing stock in existing cities as well as new townships Schemes 1.

Capital Expenditure on Housing under Five Year Plans (IRN Billion) .

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