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Shivam Trivedi Vidha Sharma Parth Sheth Viraj Jain Rohan Phatarpekar Ankita Chedda

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` The Power of a Domain Name What i a Domain Name Yo r own Domain Name ver a hared domain name Choo in an effe tive Domain Name Find and Re i ter a Domain Name .

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Websites .

Website Marketing GOOGLE FACEBOOK .

Search Engine Marketing Pa k .

Online Banner Ads .

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Process Of Sales ‡ Initial contact ‡ Application of Initial Fit Criteria ‡ Need identification ‡ Proposal ‡ Negotiation ‡ Closing ‡ Deal Transaction INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY .

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Advantages of The Bombay Online Trading System ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` Eliminated operational ineffi ien ie In rea e tradin apa it Improve market tran paren . eliminate nmat hed trade and dela ed reportin Promote fairne and peed mat hin Provide for on-line and off-line monitorin . raphi al er interfa e (GUI) to all the er of the tem Provide anal ti al data for e of the Sto k E han e S tem . ontrol and rveillan e of the market Provide broker with their trade data on ele troni media to interfa e with the Broker' Ba k Offi e tem Provide a ophi ti ated. ea to e.


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