What to expect from today

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Introduction to who we are Why we are the right people Brief overview of the proposal Review of financial forecasts Short term Vision Longer Term Vision Financial commitment Summary

Meet Klaus Kuhnke:
‡ Local businessman, entrepreneur, restaurateur and trained chef ‡ Currently owns three successful businesses ‡ Originally from Germany, worked in the UK for over 20 years ‡ Has vast experience in the commercial sector, in particular in catering and the restaurant business

Meet Stephen Izatt:
‡ International branding and marketing consultant specialising in entertainment and media ‡ Developed strategies and managed campaigns for venues like The O2, Roundhouse, BFI and British Music Experience. ‡ Experienced fundraiser for commercial ventures and causes ‡ Lives in Bonchurch with strong ties to London

Meet Julia Damrow
‡ Independent business consultant ‡ Has lived on the Isle of Wight since 2006 ‡ To be General Manager of the premise if the bid is successful ‡ Experience in management, business administration, human resources and finance

What we bring to the project:
‡ Expertise in catering and food preparation/presentation, entertainment marketing and management ‡ Well rounded business minded individuals with complementing skills ‡ Intricate local knowledge with connections to London and internationally ‡ Passion and determination to make this project a success and to give back to the community

The Plan: Food
‡ Temporary pop-up catering operation concentrating exclusively on the terraces to open within weeks of agreement ‡ Establish an outdoor bar and BBQ kitchen with family friendly atmosphere for 2012 and onwards ‡ Indoor restaurant to be a place for good food, featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner ‡ Focusing on fresh local ingredients, straightforward style of cooking with continental influences

The Plan: Entertainment
‡ Equip the venue as a cinema to establish regular use ‡ Work closely with local community groups to develop a varied programme of events ‡ Continued use for established events such as flea markets, theatre groups and public meetings ‡ Encourage new and up coming ventures to utilise premises, such as Isle of Arts, Ventnor Fringe, exhibitions, festivals etc.

The Plan: Public Use and Grant
‡ Strong focus on giving back to the community ‡ Charitable exercise to allow local groups to compete for grants ‡ Grants will be available to local groups demonstrating intentions which would benefit the local community ‡ Cost/Rent of the facilities for local groups will be on a sliding scale from zero upwards

The Plan: The building
‡ Urgent repairs needed as per recent updated survey (March 2011) ‡ Further works required to make the building fit for purpose according to this plan. ‡ Fire doors, safety updates, drains, asbestos, electrical and heating/hot water issues need immediate attention ‡ Initially minimal disruption to the current lay-out

Operation Year 1 to 3
‡ All figures are based on 30% food cost and fluctuate seasonally ‡ Initial figures are based on average spend of £15/customer, minimum of 86 to 108 covers a day in summer ‡ No cash return on the initial investment will be sought ‡ Moderate refurbishing costs outside of initial investment are included in forecast

Operation Year 4 and beyond
‡ Sustained investment for continued modernisation and structural upgrade plans ‡ Eatery is well established and adaptable to customer needs ‡ Increased utilisation and revenue from entertainment ‡ Strong communal input into events, meetings and productions

Financial Matters
‡ Initial outlay of at least £100,000 prior to full operation, from private funds ‡ First year investment is £250,000, from private funds, longer term financial commitment expected to be £750,000 ‡ Longer term capital will be secured through private capital, reinvestment and commercial loans. ‡ The purchase price offer to the current owner is £1

In Summary
‡ Demonstrably committed team, comprising the range of expertise needed for success ‡ Vision, determination and capital to restore the building and create a financially sustainable arts and entertainment destination ‡ Establish a lively, family friendly, year round eatery ‡ Marketing to entertainment and cultural event promoters to attract tours, festivals and movie screenings for a well-rounded programme ‡ Giving back to the community via the grant scheme and access for events, performances and meetings