Presentation on job evalution methods

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the numbers of salary grades are consolidated into fewer. . In broadbanding. pay ranges. the spread of the pay ranges is wider and there is less overlap with other pay ranges. but broader.Broadbanding y In a broadband pay structure.

Job evaluation methods Ranking method y Point method y Factor coparison y .

Ranking method y The simplest method of job eveluation that involves ranking each job relative to all other jobs.usually based on over all difficulty. .

y Select & group jobs y Select compensable factors y Rank jobs y Combine rating y .Ranking method Obtain job information.

Ranking method:advantages y 1. It is best for small companies . It is the simplest of all the method 2. It is easy to understand 3.

There are usually disagreements on values .Ranking method:disadvantages y y y y When there are large numbers of jobs. The job ranking method is limited in use hence is more appropriate or suitable to a relatively small organization having few jobs. The ranking system does not indicate any degree of differences between jobs. the ranking method can be very awkward and cumbersome.

Point method : factors Skill y Responsibilities y Effort y Working Conditions y .

y Can be applied to a wide range of jobs. y . y Can be applied to newly created jobs.Point method:advantegs The value of the job is expressed in monetary terms.

y .Point method: disadvantages The pay for each factor is based on judgments that are subjective. y The standard used for determining the pay for each factor may have built-in biases that would affect certain groups of employees (females or minorities).

or responsibility. all of which have predetermined weights indicating their importance to success. such as physical effort. . mental effort. Each job is ranked according to a specific set of factors.Factor comparison y The factor comparison method is more scientific and complex than any other method.

Physical requirement iv. Responsibility and v. Skill requirements iii. Mental requirements ii. Working conditions .Factor comparison i.

it also indicates how much more so the factors values can be more easily converted to the monetary wages.Factor comparison:advantages The method is tied to one organization hence each organization must necessarily develop its own key jobs and its own factors. y The method does not only tell which jobs are worth more. y .

Factor comparison:disadvantages The method is relatively difficult and complex hence it is not easy to explain to employees. y . y It is time consuming y It may not be appropriate for an organization with similar jobs.

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