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Sustainable Growth Development Strategies Customer-centric Innovation Responsible Corporate Citizenship Customer Success Stories

Sustainable growth
Revenue (CNY in billions)

:2 GR CA


($ 21.8 125.2 B) ($18.3 B) 24%


($ 28 B)


($ 31 B)


Serving 1/3 of the world’s


Serving 45 of the world's top 50

($ 8.5 B)


($12.8 B)


telecom operators with ~65% of our sales from these operators

Global No. 2 telecom solution

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011


Main contributor of industry

(Unaudited) (Target)

Huawei Technologies releases an annual report with consolidated financial statements audited by KPMG  Revenue of 2006-2010 have been converted into USD from CNY based on the closing rate at the end of the corresponding year


Continuously creating long-term value for customers
As of the end of December, 2010


Huawei Confidential

Page 3

operations in 140+ countries Localized operation powered by global resources HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.A global company with Centers of Expertise worldwide Holland Germany ■ ◆ Hungary ■ Romania ▲ ■ Huawei Headquarters Mexico Bahrain India UAE ◆ ◆ ▲ ■ ▲ China ■ ◆■ Malaysia ▲ ◆ ■ Accounting share center Biding center (Planning) Supply center & Hub R&D center Training center Technical support center ■ Brazil ▲ Argentina Mauritius ▲ 110. LTD..000+ employees with 150 nationalities worldwide 15 Regional Headquarters. Huawei Confidential Page 4 .

.Advantageous position in the All-IP convergence era No. 3 IP No. 1 Mobile Fixed The only telecom supplier ranking in the top 3 for all these areas Comprehensive strengths in the All-IP based FMC era HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 5 FMC: Fixed Mobile Convergence FMC: Fixed Mobile Convergence . LTD. 2 All-IP based FMC No.

Huawei Confidential Page 6 .. LTD. efficiency enhancement and end-to-end quality delivery HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.World-class management Major Projects Since 1995 Integrated Product Development Integrated Supply Chain Human Resources Quality Management Financial Management Since 2005 Leadership Development Integrated Financial Services Customer Relation Management Key Accounts Management Joint Innovation Management Since 2009 Compressed Regional Organization Solution-oriented Organization E2E LTC Process Consultancies consulting Operational cost reduction.

"Wholesale network innovation" and "Consumer voting "Outstanding vendor of the year" award by Total Telecom innovation" awards with Vodafone. LTD. . BT and TalkTalk respectively by Global Telecoms Business  By Industry Organization   The top two LTE R&D awards in Europe and North America 2010 “Asia Pacific Growth Strategy Leadership Award” (Contact Center Application) by Frost & 2010 “SDM Equipment Vendor of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan “Consumer Messaging Application Award” by Informa "Solution Excellence Award“ (NGBSS) by TM Forum “Best Service Delivery Platform Award” by GSM Association Huawei Confidential Page 7 Sullivan     HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..Awards and honors in 2010 By International Media    “Corporate use of innovation” by Economist 5th most innovative company by Fast Company "Green base station innovation".

Contents Sustainable Growth Development Strategies Customer-centric Innovation Responsible Corporate Citizenship Customer Success Stories .

and adb Bro   Ubiquitous communications Digital flood Huawei Confidential Page 9 . LTD.5 billion telephone users 2 billion internet users 5 billion mobile users HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.ICT development in the past 20 years …… Digital Mo bil e 1..2 billion computers 1.

5 billion FBB users From pipe to content By 2020 …… all media will be on-line .. 1. LTD. 750 million connected TV users From people to machines 50 billion connections (the Internet of Things) Connected ICT Enabled Digitalized From CT to ICT 70% of companies (especially SMEs) will be using Cloud-based services SME: small and medium enterprise SME: small and enterprise HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.5 billion MBB users. Huawei Confidential Page 10 .Beyonds: new telecom services in the next 10 years From voice to data Digital Society 5.

Huawei Confidential Page 11 ..Carriers are embracing ICT services …… Connectivity Content & IT Services + Ultra Broadband & Ubiquitous Broadband Digital Media crossing TV/Phone/PC …. LTD. transforming from Telco to Telco+ HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. = ICT Transformation Telco Plus Carriers: embracing ICT services. & IT Services based on Cloud Computing …….

Migration & Management Huawei Confidential Page 12 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. B=Broadband. C=Cost Web Video B A C How to    reshape the curves to a profitable position? 270 times content (by 2020) VS.. LTD.Carriers are facing mismatched A/B/C curves…… Voice A=ARPU. Computing Capability & Cost 100 times traffic (by 2020) VS. Bandwidth & Cost Multi-Networks VS. .

LTD.Huawei’s E2E ICT strategy and customer strategy Establish in IT Solutions App App App Platform App Expand in Enterprise Market Data Center IP + Optical Lead in Networks Excel in Telecom Carrier Expand in Devices Personal Family Industry Brand in Consumer Market HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 13 .

LTD.Network strategy: “Single” for “No Generation” evolution in the next decade PON/ NG-PON GSM/ UMTS ADSL / VDSL LTE/ LTE-A 40G/ 100G 400G/ 1T SingleCloud Single Backbone Single Metro App1 Appn … … … … Single BSS Single OSS … U G M S T M S L T E P S T N X D S L F T T x FAN Platform RAN Platform IP+Optical Platform Cloud Platform All-IP Technologies SingleRAN SingleFAN GSM/UMTS/H SPA/LTE … ADSL/VDSL/PO N/Ng-PON… Multi Networks Sequent generations Single Network Supporting bandwidth demands and emerging technologies for next 10 years No Generation All-IP enabled platforms. emerging technologies are “plug and play” HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 14 ..

Service Aware  Best User Experience Monetize traffic growth Maximize bandwidth  Intelligent management of networks based on user experiences is the key HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Network strategy: “Smart” for improving user experiences and network efficiency App App App App    User insight & Device Awar Personalized Services Accurate marketing Consistent experiences Cloud Platform User Insight Device Aware Cl ou d Always Online PCRF GGSN BRAS Sm ar t Smart Network es ic ev tD ar Sm NodeB RNC DPI/CDN NodeB MDU OLT Synergized Solution MDU OnDemand Consistency Open OS Network insight. Huawei Confidential Page 15 utilization . LTD..

. LTD. OA/ERP/CRM Cloud E-health E-traffic E-government …… OSS/BSS for Cloud OSS/BS S in Cloud Cloud Operatio n Solution Telecom App. Huawei Confidential Page 16 .Cloud strategy: catching the second IT revolution Telecom Service Cloud Virtual Desktop Virtual Data Center IPTV App store …… Enterpris e App. Cloud Solution (Cloud Services) Cloud Application Platform Developme Executiv Deployme nt e nt Distributed Web Framework disruptive technologie s Cloud Operation system Distributed Database arallel Compute P Distributed File system OS & Virtualization Automatic management Dynamic Resource dispatcher Mainframes PC Cloud Cloud-Oriented Hardware Server Network Storage Security Power & cooling Cloud Datacent er Solution (Cloud Platform ) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

.Device strategy: diversification & customization Personal Mobility Focusing on Operators’ Requiremen ts  Mobile Internet Digital Home Internet of Things Smart & Simple Connected Home Joint innovation Roadmap Alignment Joint development Quick response   M2M Module  Big trends of telecom industry Enabling millions of applications and billions of machine connections Page 17 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential . LTD.

Enabler) SI: system integration SI: system integration HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.Service strategy: providing professional service solutions to enable operation transformation Transformation driven by… Technology Collaboration Professional Services solution portfolio aligned with operator’s business processes SI Solution Mobile Network Integration Fixed Network Integration DC Solution Site Solution Assurance Solution Managed Services Experience Enhancement Network Safety End-user experiences TCO & TVO Agility Reduction Enhancement Corporate social responsibility Infrastructure (Design. Assurance) Learning Solution Knowledge Transfer Consulting Huawei Certification Competence Corporate Management (Competence.. Huawei Confidential Page 18 . Deployment) Operation (Readiness.

Contents Sustainable Growth Development Strategies Customer-centric Innovation Responsible Corporate Citizenship Customer Success Stories .

. solution or process improvement Our customer-centric innovation focuses on customer strategies and needs and creates value for customers Huawei Confidential Page 20   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Customer-centric innovation User experiences are key to customers’ success Three Customer Segments Telecom Carrier Enterprise Consumer Four Business Units Network Application & Software Services Device s Shared Platform & Chips  User experiences are a major driving force for innovation and key to operators’ success We believe that business success is the ultimate measure of the value of any technology.. LTD. product.

. LTD.Innovation focusing on customer strategies and needs Customer’ Strategies sNeeds Challenges Driven by customer needs and focusing on strategic directions and customers’ emerging demands Joint Innovation Immediate translation of innovations into customers’ commercial success 20+ JIC (Joint Innovation Centers) established with 12 partners in 4 years Business Oriented Research on profitable business model Technology Strength Strong R&D capabilities with long-term investment Consumer & Enterprise Insight Understanding customers’ customers HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 21 .

& Software HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.Joint innovation with customer through operating JIC (Joint Innovation Center ) User Study BP Product trial environment and test specs Marketing & channels  Operator Engagement + JIC Global practices and knowledge sharing Solution R&D experts Equipments Solution fulfillment and verification  Huawei Engagement • Customer Satisfaction • Cost Reduction • Value Enhancement • New Solution R&D Platform Lab Go to market • TCO Savings • New App & Service • New Terminals • New Experience • New Business Model Access Transport Core Network App. Huawei Confidential Page 22 ..

France Milan. USA Dallas Texas.. Italy Ensuring products and technologies keep abreast with the industry trend HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Fixed Network Fundamenta l Algorithms Beijing Xi An Nanjing Chengdu Shangh Headquarter ai Hangzhou s Wuhan Shenzhen Bangalore New Jersey Dallas Microwav e Next Generation Internet. Germany Paris. India Stockholm/ Gothenbur g. and Software San Diego. LTD. USA Moscow. Huawei Confidential Page 23 . Chips. Sweden Munich.20 R&D centers worldwide Wireless & Device Sweden Moscow Ottawa Silicon Valley San Diego Chicago Wireless & Network Paris Munich Mila n Turke y FMC. Russia Bangalore .

Consumer & Enterprise Lab dedicated to understanding customers’ customers User Behavior  Business Model   QoE Research Digital Home  Mobile Internet  1. Huawei Confidential . Planning Innovation   QoE Report Interaction Design Report  Experience & Design Report of Home Environment China Mobile Internet Report Page 24  HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.. Research 3. Experience 2.

Huawei Confidential . LTD. Quality and Speed" built on platform sharing and CMM5 software quality management Page 25 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Customer-centric R&D process and platform R&D Process Driven by Customers’ Strategies Strategy comm.. Joint Innovation Center (JIC) Market mgt Huawei strategy & plans Customer strategy & requirements Case: SingleRAN solution    One network One deployment One team Consumer & Enterprise Research IPD Shared Platform Portfolio A Hardware Platform R&D Software Platform R&D Data Feature R&D Integration Testing Portfolio B Portfolio C Portfolio D Portfolio …… Matrix R&D Organization Comprehensive strengths in "Cost.

ieee.org http://standards. Google and Huawei *** The past recipients in the last 7 years are Mentor graphics. LTD. P&G and Nokia ** The top5 innovative companies in the World of 2010 by Fast Company: Facebook.Awards & honors “Corporate use of innovation” by Economist* Source : www. Huawei Confidential Page 26 .economistinnovation.. Lucent and IBM k Bac u e sli d p HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. HP. March 2010 issue Source : Fast Company. Apple.com 5th most innovative company** Source : Fast Company.ieee. Motorola. March 2010 issue Supplier of the Year 2009 Award by Vodafone “2009 Corporate Award” by IEEE Standards Association*** Source : Source : http://standards.org * The past recipients are Reckitt Benckiser.economistinnovation. Intel.com Source : www. Amazon. Sony.

Customer centric innovation recognized by customers for the value it brings Joint Innovations "Green Mobile Award" at GSMA MWC in 2009 Joint Innovation s GTB Innovation Award in 2010 2007~ 2009 Best Supplier Award from VDF Joint Innovation s World’s 1st LTE commercial network for TeliaSonera in Oslo.. Huawei Confidential u e sli d p Page 27 . Norway k Bac HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.

Huawei Confidential Page 28 . Value. BT and TalkTalk The Economist Innovation Award: Corporate Use of Innovation WVA by Total Telecom: “Outstanding Vendor of the Year” and “Technology Foresight” (SingleRAN Refarming) LTE Awards by Informa: “Significant Progress for a Commercial Launch of LTE” & “Best Contribution to Research & Development for LTE” InfoVision Award: Broadband Access Technologies and Services (SingleRAN@Broad) Femtocell Industry Award: Residential Femtocell access point design and technology innovation e slid Home (Femtocell-enabled up Media Center) ack B HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Industry recognition in 2010 BT Award: Best in Class 21cn Solution Maturity. LTD.. Service & Innovation GSMA Award: Best Service Delivery Platform (SDP) at MWC 2010 GTB Innovation Award: Three industry accolades with Vodafone.

Contents Sustainable Growth Development Strategies Customer-centric Innovation Responsible Corporate Citizenship Customer Success Stories .

Huawei Confidential Page 30 .A global advocate of sustainable development Huawei is dedicated to ensuring that all people can enjoy the basic rights of communications and information services We also attach great importance to the sustainable development of society and the environment HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD.

Huawei Confidential Page 31 . we are committed to the sustainable development of the social economy and the environment HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..Huawei CSR strategy Environmental Protection Green Communications  Green Huawei  Green World  Bridging the Digital Divide Expanding communications coverage (voice and broadband)  Elevating local telecommunications expertise  Supply Chain Improving CSR awareness and capability of Huawei and its supply chain  Strengthen supply chain CSR management  Fair Operation  Transparent in sales and procurement  Building a harmonious business environment Employee Employee occupational health and safety  Employee career path and growth  Open communication channels  Social Contributions   Disaster relief efforts Local community engagement Focusing on the above areas. LTD.

LTD.Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Reducing environmental impact throughout product life cycle  Global recycle platform in partnership with local professional recycling companies and organizations Re e ycl c  D es n ig   ac tu r A total of 10. Huawei Confidential Page 32 . ATIS .000 base stations powered by hybrid resources were sold in 2010 In use Tra nsp or t   Active participation in industry standards : ITU-T. JRC . ETSI .Energy Star and CCSA etc. Set up internal EcoDesign label certification standards Conduct LCA for major products Reduction of 30% CO2 emissions in two years Green Product Certification Program and Green Supply Chain Certification Program  M an e uf  Reusable green packages ~70% of carbon emissions occur in the operating phase of communications products HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..

LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 33 .Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Case study: high density BTS helps China Mobile reduce energy consumption and footprint swap.) enable ~30% power savings  HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. 5 Before After swap: 1 rack racks Reduce 80% footprint  High density & high energy efficiency (shutdown tech.

745 7.Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Case study: deployed green sites jointly with Vodafone 45% reduction in energy consumption 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2009~2010.047 18. LTD. 10mln tons of carbon emissions reduced 37.492 10.834 4.790 10. Huawei Confidential Page 34 22.869 578 Amph Thousand tonnes CO2 Power consumption per site (Am/h) Amph Before After Free cooling RAN swap 2.239 6..473 Total   Deployed green sites in Africa jointly with Vodafone Source: Vodacom “0”emission energy supply solutions solve the problems of network power supply in rural areas while protecting the environment HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.899 Hybrid power sites 3.895 .

45% energy consumption cut  HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 35 .03408 kWh  Result: 20.Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Case study: Telefonica significantly cuts energy consumption through dynamic traffic control Befor e After Before dynamic traffic control adopted: 26. LTD.44127 kWh  After dynamic traffic control adopted: 21..

 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.. online health care etc.  Innovative services   Small in size and light in weight. it can rely on micro-renewable solar and wind energy generation on site.  Alternative energy solutions to lower Affordable terminals    First All IP-based compact BTS by Vodafone and us Featuring high coverage quality and low power consumption.Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Expanding communications coverage Low ARPU network solutions   All IP solutions to reduce TCO Large capacity and wide coverage network to enhance network efficiency Scalable network to protect investment Opex Customized terminals to meet diversified user needs in rural areas Wide choices of terminals and open platform Platform for publishing farm produce prices Mobile money. Huawei Confidential Page 36 . greatly reducing installation difficulties in remote areas. it can be mounted easily.

Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Elevating local telecommunications expertise Cooperates in R&D with leading universities in Europe Sponsored the “Youth Bridge” Summer Camp for outstanding university students Built WiMAX Lab in collaboration with KACST and Intel in the Middle East Jointly donated data communication equipment to 100 schools through the Ministry of Education of Oman. Carried out IT-STAR Internship Program in the Philippines Donated telecom equipment worth USD 150. Donated transmission equipment to the University of Brasilia Cooperated with science and technology institutes and leading universities in research and training   Establishing 36 training centers worldwide. LTD. Provided laboratories and training courses for BUET in Bengal University students from UAE attend training and communication in Shenzhen Established Huawei-DIM Communication Scholarship in Vietnam Supports the Internship Program for Malaysia Established joint training center with RMIT in Australia Established joint laboratory with IBES in Australia Sponsored key research programs of leading universities in North America Partnered with four leading universities in Thailand to conduct training on telecom technologies. helping cultivate local telecom talent Supporting local telecom R&D and education.. Huawei Confidential Page 37 .000 to the University of Santiago. enhancing local telecom expertise HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

conducts random inspections of medium risk suppliers.  Requires high risk suppliers to take corrective actions. Huawei Confidential Page 38 .90 % High risk 12. LTD. and asks low risk suppliers to establish self assessment mechanisms in compliance with our requirements. in order to further enhance supplier’s CSR awareness and capability.30 % Medium risk Low risk In 2009 and 2010 respectively. 85.Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Complete system for supplier CSR management Multilayered risk control measures Supply chain CSR policy Risk assessment & continuous improvement Organization Supplier CSR Management Uses Supplier CSR Risk Assessment Tools to assess CSR risks.. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei held the Supplier CSR Training Conference.80  2009 Supplier CSR Risk Assessments % Professional auditor team Processes 1.

97 billion in welfare allowance expenses in 2010 Comprehensive commercial insurance HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. disease treatment assistance Health check-up. disease prevention Environment al security Social security. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 39 . sports activities Psychological consultation Emergencies management system..Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Employee welfare Recreation. commercial insurance EHS management system Catering and sanitation Health and security    The Chief Staff Health and Safety Officer is a member of the EMT CNY 1.

Hunan etc. LTD.000 to China’s Ministry of Health to help fight against SARS Donated CNY15 mln and 25 mln-worth wireless equipment to flood-hit regions in China       HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.000-worth telecom equipment to forest fire-affected areas in Russia  Telecom restoration for Yushu. Huawei Confidential Page 40 . Qinghai quake-hit areas  Donated USD200.000 to the Philippines to help regions stricken by Ondoy typhoon Donated CNY 26.3 mln and CNY 58 mln-worth emergency telecom equipment to quake hit area of Sichuan  Donated USD 3 mln –worth equipment to Hurricane-hit areas in Myanmar   Donated telecom equipment worth USD 100..000 to Haiti and USD40. Made donations to people stricken by Katrina in the US Donated CNY3.000 to Chile for quake relief   Donated USD 30.8 mln to food-hit regions in Guangdong Donated CNY20 mln and CNY20 mln-worth telecom equipment to Southeast Asian countries hit by the Tsunami Donated telecom product worth CNY800.Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Disaster relief efforts 201 0 200 9 200 8 200 7 200 6 200 5 200 4 200 3 199 8 Donated USD600.000 to flood-hit areas in Vietnam Donated CNY4 mln to typhoon hit areas in Guangdong.

Huawei Confidential Page 41 . LTD. Night® Walk in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and ICARE in reclaiming electronic waste for two consecutive years • Offers financial support to orphanage in Uganda • Made donations to the Bharti • Collaborated with Chilean custom • Sponsored the Safaricom Marathon Tournament in Kenya for five consecutive years to raise awareness for education of children in remote areas and for protection of wild animals • Sponsored two Gold Table • Donated USD1 mln to the Ministry of Education of Venezuela games in Australia that supported the “IT Fund for Kids” Nelune Foundation in collaboration with Optus to help those battling against cancer.Environment al Protection Digital Divide Supply Chain Employe e Social Contributio ns Community engagement • Supports The Prince's • Sponsored the Richie Mann Trust in UK to help disabled children to learn living skills • Sponsored the performance of China Disabled People's Performing ArtsTroupe in India Invitational Golf Tournament in Canada that supported the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation • Provided financial and labor support to North Texas Food Bank • Works with NGO Deepalaya • Participated in the Light The to provide financial support to disabled children in India Foundation.. • Provided financial aid to the • Made donations to underprivileged children in Venezuela orphanages in Columbia  and Bolivia • Provided financial support for HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

Contents Sustainable Growth Development Strategies Customer-centric Innovation Responsible Corporate Citizenship Customer Success Stories .

China Telecom)  P53-71 Network (Nucleus Connect. China Mobile Shanghai EXPO) n e se r  p P90-96 Application & Software (Telfort/KPN. Mobistar. China Mobile. MTN Cote d’lvoire . Vodafone Spain. Operator T. Brazil VIVO. Telenor p Mobile.Telefonica. SKT. Telefonica. Norway. African eCity)  P97-99 Professional Services (Jazztel. Vodafone.ess XL) cc suMovil. Sprintu yo Nextel. Vodafone. Telefonica/O2. LTD.. China  P72-89 Core Network (America iate rHCPT Indonesia. Oi. Vodafone c sele n Comstar. China Unicom. e Etisalat. Telefonica. China Mobile. p ro t apEgypt. fo r s Vodafone UK. Celcom Malaysia. Telefonica Spain. China Mobile. WIND. Vodafone Romania. r Telefónica. China Telecom. China Mobile. Telenor Pakistan. T-Mobile in 8 European e Malaysia. StarHub. Huawei Confidential Page 43 . Operator M)  HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. EMOBILE. Guangdong Telecom. SFR. tori s Mexico TELMEX. Etisalat. ea s lTelecomtatio P Countries. China Mobile.Customer Success Stories P46-47 Joint Innovation cases  P48-52 Wireless (TeliaSonera. MTN Cote d‘ivoire.

Huawei Confidential .3% Data ARPU increased by 8% in 6 months Average TTM shortened from 6 months to 5-6 weeks Page 44  HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.Innovation case: customer business success through joint innovation 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 4% R e v e n u e (M $ ) % o f T o ta l A R P U 3% 2% 1% 0% 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Digital Album Fans Party Concert Star’s Belonging Music Magazine Exclusiv e Content CMS CDN  UPC Enable Server MSS  Integrated music platform to uplift ARPU by 3..

NIC. in UK IP+Optical. AIC. PCRF LTE SAE IMS Unified platform …  May 08. Terminal Innovation. LTE MIC. MIC. UK   UL cost Widget phone. Joint projects. Germany 200 9 200 8 2009. SingleRAN MBB … HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.07. Milan SBC. IP-MW NG-PON …  Dec.. UK   LTE trial Ph1~4 MetroZone … 200 7 2007. Huawei Confidential Page 45 . JIL … Apr. CIC. 08. ecoSpace … Oct. QoS. Madrid   Now+.Innovation case: continuous joint innovation helps customer synergize resources to maximize value 201 0 FMC JIC Lab Opening Ceremony Nov.06. Widget. Madrid 200 6   RAN Sharing. LTD. 08 2010.

TeliaSonera: Global first commercial LTE network
Challenges and Needs
 

Maintain No.1 position in Nordic Europe Booming MBB requirements (10 times’ data service increase in 2008)

Huawei Solution
 

Provided E2E LTE/EPC equipment and service Rich experience in LTE ensured timely delivery and high network performance Oslo The Capital of
Norway Population 0.53 million, 453 Square kilometers

Customer Benefits

World’s 1st LTE/EPC network solidified TeliaSonera No.1 position in Nordic Europe LTE high capacity met its increasing MBB requirements

May, 2009 First LTE live connection TeliaSonera UMTS900M Dec.,2009 Commercially launch LTE service


Huawei Confidential

Page 46

China Mobile: World’s largest TD-LTE field trial
Challenges and Needs
  

MBB booming trend in China market Fierce 3G competitions Keep leading in mobile market

Huawei Solution
  

World’s 1st TD-LTE pre-commercial network Terminals with Self-designed Hisilicon chipsets High-speed data services, e.g. video surveillance, etc.

Customer Benefits
 

Verify commercialization of TD-LTE Consolidate leading brand


Huawei Confidential

Page 47

Telefonica/O2: SingleRAN, simpler network
Challenges and Needs

 

Low coverage (GSM 80%, UMTS 30%), High national roaming cost (EUR 150M/year) High TCO due to aged equipment Separate G/U network, making maintenance and operation difficult

Huawei Solution

SingleRAN solution

South Region, Germany
Stuttgar Stuttgar t t Munic Munic h h

Customer Benefits
 

Improve the network performance after swap ~30% TCO saving with SingleRAN  Convergence solution: 2G/3G co-cabinet  Smooth evolution: From GSM/UMTS to LTE Better coverage  GSM 90%, UMTS 60% after swap

In addition to the expansion of the network to almost 100 percent, our goal is the provision of the most state-of-the-art network infrastructure for mobile voice and data communications by 2009. Huawei is the ideal partner to meet our requirements ----- O2 Germany CTO Andrea Folgueiras


Huawei Confidential

Page 48

EMOBILE: Fastest HSPA+ network in Japan Challenges and Needs   Fierce 3G competitions MBB pressure Huawei Solution  HSPA+ solution Customer Benefits  Better end user experience .Highest speed in Leader in Japan’s mobile data service No.. Huawei Confidential Page 49 .1 UMTS user increase in 27 months Japan   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.

5G experience” -David Storrie. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 50 . Head of Integrated Network Engineering HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.StarHub: MBB pioneer in Asia Pacific Challenges and Needs   Fierce competition in Singapore market  M1: a close competitor  MNP entered the market in 2008 Increasing data service demand Huawei Solution  HSPA+ solution Customer Benefits 1st HSPA+ in Asia Pacific keeps leading brand in MBB market  Hardware ready for LTE evolution  “One Tunnel” solution simplified network structure  Lower tariff and various services to consumers  Smooth software upgrading saved TCO  “An excellent and leading network can help us establish positive brand image and provide more flexible and abundant 3G/3..

China Telecom: World’s largest CDMA network Challenges and Needs  Existing network  Difficult to upgrade DORA  Hard for LTE evolution  High power consumption  Large footprint  Poor after-sale service Huawei Solution    SingleBTS based Multi-mode BTS  Easy DORA upgrade and evolve to LTE  Saving 100million KWH power per year “Zero-footprint” Solution  with distributed BTS Efficient Tools and Manpower  5000+ experts’ service and Perform A tools DO boosts the market expansion Obtained over 30M users in 2009 Leading 3G brand in China Customer Benefits    HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 51 .. LTD.

“ NGNBN: Next Gen National Broadband Network operation of Retail SPs CEO of Nucleus Connect HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Build world’s 1st Open Access network for fair competition of Retail SPs. Nucleus Connect is confident that the state-of-the-art active network infrastructure will enable the delivery of a comprehensive range of service offerings to our customers today and in the future. IPTime E2E Terabit-grade Ultra BB solution: Terabit-grade Access. Need a prime partner for E2E network designing. the partnership with Huawei will   Customer Benefits   Timely & efficient deployment of NGNBN to meet the stringent allow us to deploy the network project milestones set out by the iDA in a timely and efficient manner Future-proof Ultra Broadband Network for scalable service to meet the stringent project development.Singapore NGNBN: World’s 1st end-to-end open access ultra broadband Needs Challenges and    Huawei Solution  Develop a nation-wide ultra-high-speed BB network for 1Gbps to residential and business users in Singapore.. building & operation. Huawei Confidential Page 52 . LTD. 10 Terabit-grade Metro. In addition. 100 Terabit-grade Backbone and E2E NMS IPTime E2E Innovative differentiated bandwidth wholesale solution (QoS-based wholesale by port/VPN/bandwidth/site) "With the appointment of Huawei. and differentiated services for flexible & fair service milestones set out by the iDA. 7-Year Service with E2E full turn-key of active network in NGNBN.

.Etisalat: World’s largest GPON FTTH network Challenges and Needs    Too many legacy services & outdated networks need maintain Strong demands for new services (e.g. solution. . enterprise and leased line 15% engineering cost decreased. 50% deployment efficiency improved Huawei Confidential Page 53 Huawei Solution    Customer Benefits    HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. plan. product and engineering Kept the leading position with innovation in Middle East 80% central office sites reduced with unified access for residential. IPTV) Ultra broadband plan for “Smart City” and new commercial buildings SingleFAN with full services access for diversified scenarios Innovation & versatile ODN product End to end project management with consultant.

. . LTD.China Mobile: GPON-based full-service strategy Challenges and Needs    Fiercer competition after the operators’ merger Lack of revenue from enterprise and residential subscribers Massive TD/LTE cell-site requires large amount of fiber backhaul Huawei Solution    GPON-based full service solution to enforce the competitiveness FTTB with SRG providing rich services for enterprise Unified access & aggregation solution to simplify the network architecture for lower TCO Customer Benefits    15% subscribers increased two months after launch New business model to reinforce competitiveness and enrich services Saving TCO by sharing one network for leased line and enterprise Huawei Confidential Page 54 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

and adding nearly 1% each month” ..Portugal Telecom: Largest GPON FTTH deployment in Europe Challenges and Needs    Bandwidth bottleneck for the attractive BB service & video service Revenues decline due to traditional services with high churn rate Exploring Cable TV for new business model with least investment Ultra broadband GPON FTTH solution Unified FTTH solution for IPTV & Cable TV Customized magic ONT with cable TV. Planning and Implementation HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential for PT Page 55 . LTD. and shortened installation time  “Achieved 25% of market share on the pay-TV market 1 year after launch. IPTV & BB interfaces Huawei Solution    Customer Benefits  Offering IPTV with more than 100 channels and download speeds reaching 100Mbps  Make full use of existing network resource for cable TV market  Simplified home networking..Director of Network.

leased line and wholesale users Customer Benefits   Fair access for multiple service providers. MNO) need to converge Huawei Solution   Virtual OLT access solution for service isolation and independent management Aggregation OLT solution converges access and aggregation. fair access & independent management Massive CO sites requires huge maintenance cost Separate service networks (20CN. LTD. . and integrates access for residential. enterprise.. flexible service provisioning and guaranteed H-QoS Simplified network structure and reduced central offices from 5500 to 800 Huawei Confidential Page 56 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.British Telecom: Largest open access FTTx with simplified architecture Challenges and Needs    Open access. 21CN.

Huawei Confidential Page 57 .. and future-proof Metro Network High reliability for Multi-play Experience SingleMetro with Metro Routers covering important cities. VOD. VoIP. IPTV. such as Madrid and Barcelona Hybrid L2/L3 capabilities over unified SingleMetro Platform Customized high reliability solution for mini-second level protection Investment protection by seamless integration with existing metro solution.Telefónica Spain: Multi-play on reliable & future-proof SingleMetro Challenges and Needs    Two vendors KPI for CEO to break the sole existing vendor Unified Solution compatible with existing vendor. VPNs Huawei Solution    Customer Benefits   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. and smooth evolution to FMC Non-stop Multi-play experience improves end-user loyalty: HSI. LTD.

Huawei Confidential Page 58 .Telecom Malaysia: Realize HSBB with future-proof ultra broadband Challenges and Needs  HSBB is to make Malaysia regional IP HUB and Data Center  Scalable network for 100Mbps/user & 2. and reliable network won 1.2M Triple Play users & thousands of VPNs services in 2 years Ultra Broadband with scalable links from 10G to 40G..2M users coverage by 2012  Provide excellence service experience (e-Life) to the users Huawei Solution   Future-proof E2E Ultra Broadband Network from Access to Metro & Service POP under unified NMS for Triple Play & VPN Non-stop protection for 50ms reliability Customer Benefits  Fast deployment. LTD. up to 100G  HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

China Telecom: World’s 1st 2+4 multi-chassis core router deployment Challenges and Needs    Increasing bandwidth requirement in IP core network Huge expansion cost pressure of existing vendor Simplify multi-layer aggregation core network Huawei Solution    Scalable router multi-chassis system. LTD. and to 4 chassis router in 2009 with 5T capacity Unique ISHE (In-Service Hardware Expansion) solution Customer Benefits    Flat network architecture by removing middle aggregation layer Investment protection in network expansion. and future-proof ultra broadband platform meet the requirement in coming 5 years In-service expansion guarantees the business competitiveness Huawei Confidential Page 59 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. up to 200T Single chassis in 2006. .. scalable to 2 chassis in 2008.

.56T capacity for Non-block traffic of triple play services Customer Benefits IPTV   Scalable to higher capacity without service interruption HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 60 . HSI and 2. LTD.SingTel: 1+2 cluster router clears the bandwidth bottleneck Challenges and Needs  Provisioning of triple-play services with excellent experience  Huge pressure of traffic of 640Gbps in core node Huawei Solution  2 sets of NE5000E 1+2 cluster system serving as P router   Unique ISHE (In-Service Hardware Expansion) solution Serving triple-play services including VoIP.

LTD.. meet UMTS/LTE requirement Evolve to IP network step by step Huawei Solutions    E2E IP backhaul solution with any media: IP microwave. Huawei Confidential Page 61 . Fiber & Copper Ultra broadband IP microwave with AM & XPIC. matching Vodafone’s long-term strategy Smooth evolution from TDM to All-IP for more than 50% investment protection Customer Benefits    HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. up to 800Mbps Unified platform of Hybrid and Packet microwaves Reduce up to 40% TCO by leased line substitution Future-proof large capacity for UMTS & LTE.Vodafone Spain: Future-proof any media IP Backhaul Challenges and Needs    Expensive leased line with low bandwidth Traffic pressure.

and GPS-class 1588v2 time sync. Problem Huawei Solutions    E2E IP backhaul via any media , radio or optical fibre The first packet MW with MPLS SDH-class Eth sync. Huawei Confidential Page 62 . optical fiber scarcity Existing TDM can’t satisfy MBB demands Construct MBB by IP network but introduced time sync. Customer Benefits    Construct network rapidly , no restrict by landform Satisfy future network demands Provide high quality service on IP network HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. LTD.Sprint Nextel: Industry’s 1st packet microwave deployment Challenges and Needs    Mountain landform.

. . and MBB is the direction Improve bandwidth on limited spectrum Limited machine room Huawei Solutions    TDM&IP Hybrid microwave Hitless Adaptive modulation Built-in MADM function and outdoor cabinet installation Customer Benefits  Investment protection by smooth evolution from TDM to All-IP Spectrum efficiency & link capacity improved up to 400% Saving 40% machine room for lower site cost Huawei Confidential Page 63   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Etisalat: World’s 1st microwave backhaul evolvable from TDM to IP Challenges and Needs    TDM and IP service coexist. LTD.

LTD. which is SDH-like. Challenges and Needs  All-IP mobile backhaul is a must for TD deployment & LTE Expensive GPS installation and maintenance Difficulty of training SDH engineers to maintain the IP All-IP mobile backhaul solution 1588v2 phase synchronization SDH-like O&M and Visualized IP management “Huawei all-IP mobile backhaul network.China Mobile: World’s 1st All-IP backhaul with 1588v2 phase sync. Huawei Confidential . meet the requirements of network transformation of CMCC” --Statement of the general manager meeting of CMCC Page 64   network Huawei Solutions    Customer Benefits    1588v2 instead of GPS clock reduce 90% cost of synchronization Easy maintenance to save 40% OPEX (3 SDH engineer with 10 days training can accomplish IP O&M with 2500+ nodes) LTE Ready for investment protection HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..

36% TCO saved: adapted by changing service board at different network evolution stage.SKT: Evolving mobile backhaul to All-IP Challenges and Needs    Faced net incomes slide down pressure since 2008 New service driving: Wibro and future LTE requirement SDH/MSPP/DCS/ATM… too many networks. Huawei Confidential Page 65 . Lower power consumption and saving space   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO... easy for maintenance. LTD. requires TCO reducing Huawei Solution   Flexible Transport Platform of TDM/hybrid/packet FMC platform with TDM plane for mobile network and packet plane for fixed network and future Wibro traffic Customer Benefits  smooth evolution is suitable for SKT network development plan One network & one NMS.

not smoothly One transport network. .WIND: Migrate from aged network to future-proof network and Needs Challenges    7.000 aged devices (10 years) with high OPEX. LTD.. difficult for IP service Requiring high-quality transport for existing TDM services Network migration maybe very complicated. improves above 40% efficiency Huawei Confidential Page 66 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. high integration. unified hardware & software platform Future-proof Hybrid MSTP solution for high-efficient IP services and best quality for TDM services E2E migration solution: automatic planning & simulation tools Huawei Solution    Customer Benefits   three years‘ OPEX saving enough for investment of new network Migrate smoothly by excellent interworking with the legacy network.

LTD. Compatible with existing MSTP network.FMC transport based on dual planes of TDM/packet Unified NMS of MSTP. Huawei Confidential Page 67 . WDM/OTN and Microwave Customer Benefits    TDM & Packet dual planes guarantee QOS for voice and cost-efficiency for data traffic..China Unicom: Dual-core transport for full services Challenges and Needs   Mobile & fixed broadband service fast development requires packet service transport with high efficiency Use a unified platform to transport various services for different application scenarios Huawei Solution    Core Layer: Packet networking of data services Aggregation Layer . HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. protect CAPEX of existing and future Unified transport network: lowering OPEX.

. For high reliability of service. LTD. bank) select Oi. Maintenance time saves 70% HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. VIP customers (government. Anti multi-failure solution has to be provided to improve the reliability The capacity of core node is not enough for traffic fast growing Huawei Solution   ASON-based MSTP supports anti multi-failure The capacity of core node is expanded from 400G to 720G. Customer Benefits    Traffic still survival with 7 fibers broken. Huawei Confidential Page 68 .Oi: Building highly reliable optical network with ASON and Needs Challenges   Frequent fiber broken leads to network failure.

hard to adjust traffic and maintain Unbalanced network resource. reduce 50% investment HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. utilization ratio of network is only 31% Build new MSTP plane for fast traffic growing & service providing Huawei Solution    Executable optimization solution replacing to build a new MSTP network plane Network layer restructure: select 5 nodes to build a core layer which flexibly switches all traffic Using ASON to enhance network reliability Customer Benefits   Layered network for improved capability and availability Reuse existing network for investment protection.XL: Optimized network to create value for customers Needs Challenges and    Disorder network structure. Huawei Confidential Page 69 .. LTD.

LTD. Page 70 . HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..America Movil: Saving USD277M in 3 years by adopting LDI Challenges and Needs     International traffic soaring 30M subscribers a year travel inside LA High OPEX due to Int’l network rent and TDM based IGW Realize One AM strategy High efficient and high reliable IP interconnection network: LDI (Long Distance International) solution  MSS Dual Homing with SIP-I based CMN  LCR (Least Cost Routing)  Centralized O&M New Revenue  Int’l Traffic Wholesale for local operators  New services great more revenue TCO Saving  No Interconnection fee between subsidiaries  Low Interconnection fee between AM and other networks  Low CAPEX & OPEX for LDI solution Huawei Confidential TCO Saving: USD 277M for 3 years Huawei Solution  TCO Unit: M USD 189 135 203 217 Customer Benefits  110 87 2008 2009 2010  Huawei solution Renting 3rd OP.

.Vodafone Romania: Achieving a simpler network with All-IP core network Challenges and Needs    Separate 2G and 3G networks. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 71 . complicated structure High operating expenses TDM transmission capacity restrictions Romania Huawei Solution    2G/3G unified All-IP core network Mature dual-homing architecture Large capacity MSS dramatically reduces the number of call control nodes Dynamic resource sharing ensures smooth migration of 2G subscribers to 3G Simplified network reduces OPEX Improved system reliability Fast project delivery accelerates return on investment Customer Benefits     9M Subs 5 months Swap completed HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

. Huawei Confidential Page 72 . LTD.7M subscribers Mature MSC Pool architecture Advanced IP solution: RTP multiplexing … 111 Original MSC ATCA MSS Reduced by 93% Reduced by 78% 53.84 Simplified network reduces 93% footprint Lower power consumption Improved system reliability IP solution save 60% Nb interface transmission resource Cabinet Footprint (m2) Power amount consumpti on (KW) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.28 50 11.China Mobile: Global 1st commercial ATCA-based mobile softswitch Challenges and Needs    Equipment room shortage High power consumption All IP transformation requirement Data from Phase 1 Reduced by 93% Huawei Solution     High capacity ATCA MSS replace legacy MSC Single MSS configured capacity 1.2 Customer Benefits     8 3.

Swap all NSN HLRs Customer Benefits     Meet 5 year expansion requirement 70% Transmission costs is reduced Flexible numbering.Telenor Pakistan: Largest ngHLR in the world Challenges and Needs    No expansion capability of existing legacy HLR A lot of silo HLRs make networking complex All 22 HLRs on live network are of NSN Huawei Solution    “ONE” HLR to decouple MSISDN and IMSI Capacity: 30M active and 40M static Subs. LTD. no FNR needed “0” time failover.. no service interruption HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 73 .

Cell C South Africa: Single subscriber database Challenges and Needs     Data silos. low reliability Small capacity. protect investment Future-oriented distributed architecture. simplify provisioning path Customer Benefits    Unified database. simplify subscriber data management and network.. facilitate new service deployment and network evolution HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. high risk of inconsistency Complicated service provisioning Mass of legacy HLR. difficult convergence Huawei Solution    3 sites’ with geographic redundancy Convergence supported: HLR/EIR/MNP Unified PGW. LTD. cut down OPEX ATCA platform. high OPEX. Huawei Confidential Page 74 .

LTD.Telenor Norway: Fair bandwidth usage policy with fine-grained management Challenges and Needs    10% user generate 80% data traffic P2P/VoIP occupies most bandwidth Premium content can not be differentiated from other low-valued traffic Huawei Solution    Usage control based on per subscriber per service Multiple IMSI/MSISDNs for same customer Premium content will not be restricted with high priority Customer Benefits    Provide the most effective service to all Customers Ensure everyone is getting a stable. reliable connection across the whole network Reduce investment of network HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 75 .

strengthen the ability of making profit. Huawei Confidential Page 76 . optimization user experience and improve the attraction HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Improve network more efficient. LTD.Vodafone Egypt: Convergent Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) Challenges and Needs    How to make the network more profitable? How to operate the services better? How to apply Fair Usage Policy? Huawei Solution    Customer Benefits   Operate the third-party VOIP (such as Skype) easily Deploy Fair Usage Policy based on flow and bearer Act as convergence policy control on fixed and mobile network  Less Nodes. Flexible quota management and charge package. and Low TCO.. Less Solution Cost.

.Celcom Malaysia: Policy control per service per user Challenges and Needs    Many APN bring bad experience to end user No policy to per user and per service No accurate prepaid service for user and service level Huawei Solution    Single APN (Access Point Name) IOT with EMA provisioning Policy Control per service and per user Customer Benefits    Single APN improve experience to customers Accuracy quota control and policy per user and per service can delivery service faster Promotes abundant service package based on usage and policy control HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 77 .

Brazil VIVO: 5. LTD.000. location.000 IP-CAN (Control Area Network) sessions Challenges and Needs   Deploy online charging system with Flexible online charging policy Need huge capacity to service repaid subscriber increase Large Capacity UPCC (5M PDP. Huawei Confidential Page 78 . low OPEX Flexible policy control Smooth evolution to SDM HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. multiple network supported solution.. content based Charging policy control Unified Policy control for GU and CDMA network Huawei Solution     Customer Benefits    Huge capacity. 37M Subs) One pair UPCC with geography solution URL.

” ----Zhong Tianhua.. especially for enterprise customers Homogeneous competition result in full services transformation Espace Green call Centre x CRBT Confere n • IMS Huawei Solution • Network Rapid deployment: IMS + PON offer convergence voice • Introduce convergence services: Centrex 、 Green Call and ICT for business application • Plenty of access mode: SIP , xPON 、 AG 、 IP PBX 、 TDM PBX. 2009. LTD. 1st “Relying on the advanced and complete HUAWEI solution. Huawei Confidential Page 79 .General Manager of Zhe Jiang subsidiary of China Mobile HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. • Shared success experience of full service operation with global operators in International Full Service Congress in June. we are able to provide converged services to customers faster and better so as to keep ahead in the full service operation era.CMCC: Entering fixed-market with innovative services Customer Challenge and requirement • After telecom consolidation. etc Customer Benefits • Fast deployment: Develop 1M user in 2 months • Grape high margin customer group: Bank. lacking fixed network market share. Transportation Centre.

LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 80 . old switch needs to be replaced IMS-based future oriented network architecture and full user access 100% PSTN service inheritance. brings high quality of voice over IP and rich multimedia services to enhance competition and user loyalty Secure future. IPTV…   VAS packages released in TM website Huawei Solution    Customer Benefits  Simplified network.Telecom Malaysia: Efficient fixed network transformation Needs & Challenges  Outdated network.. Access network upgraded to fiber. Most exchanges have served over 15 years and are near to EOS PSTN voice penetration is 95%. ultimate network architecture and advanced platform protect the investment SJA KMR KLJ2 JPC2 KLJ3 JPC3 KLJ1 RSH SCU Deploy 5M users in 3 years PPG   STM HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. no more growth. Voice ARPU declined 7% from 2007 to 2008 HSBB strategy. reduce the core network nodes from 277 to 25 Expanded business. VoBB rolled out Ready to deploy MM service: HD conference.

Multimedia Conference FMC architecture for convergence  FMC  Huawei Solution   Video call Onekey Conference Convergent Voice IP Centrex  IMS Core Customer Benefits  Broadband-oriented network architecture follows to network trend and increase market competition Converged services make Time-to-Market quickly Foundation of FMC with mobile network and ICT convergence   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 81 . VAS. Voice Mail. LTD.Comstar: Meeting rising multimedia network requirements with IMS core Needs & Challenges  FTTX/XDSL network renewal and abundant services NGN+MSAN for narrowband migration is unbefitting FMC experience for competition capability IMS core deploys for fixed broadband access FTTX / XDSL / HG and AGCF Multimedia services provide and integrate: PES/PSS.

Mobistar: Multi-country with ONE Centralized IMS network Needs & Challenges  Develop wireless and broadband network with seamless customer experience Full consolidation of OLU in Luxemburg on technique level  Huawei Solution     Standard IMS solution provide convergent architecture Deep integration with exiting Broad soft AS Reuse exiting Huawei MSC R4 and EMS One site serving two countries with efficient management Source: Mobistar annual report 2009 Customer Benefits  160K 144K Right architecture for FMC strategy in residential and business market Maximize the synergy between Mobistar and OLU TCO saving:      Two countries one platform one team existing equipments reused Unify EMS for IMS and exiting PS/CS Source: Mobistar annual report 2009 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 82 . LTD.

LTD.. Huawei Confidential Page 83 .SFR: High value of convergence in full services operation Needs & Challenges     Fierce competition with FT in full services Lack of differential services against FT Unik Less market share (36%) in Enterprise segment costly legacy softswitch slow development of “NeufBox” service PSTN Enterprise VoIP 0% 36% 40% Fixed revenue share Mobile revenue share FT market share SFR market share Huawei Solution      Contribute two key elements: residential AS and business AS Efficient integration with other venders Phase 1 : Live at Home PC Client bundle with Mobile number Phase 2 : Box Office Box for FMC centrex Phase 3 : 5M Box Home subscribers will be migrated from Cirpack and Nortel softswith to IMS A reliable partner ease E2E solution integration enhances SFR mobile subscription Launched integrated solution for SMEs “Pack Business” in Jan 2010 SFR Live&Home SFR Box@Office Customer Benefits    SFR Box@Home HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

Feb. LTD. 2010 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.T-Mobile in 8 European Countries: From G/U to LTE.. with an assured evolution path to EPC Netherlands Austria Customer Benefits   Hungary Czech Republic Slovak Croatia * T-Mobile chose Huawei as the 1st EPC partner in Barcelona. leading MBB by using SingleEPC Challenges and Needs    Growth of mobile data exceeded existing packet network capabilities Requires business success as European data pioneer Needs a strategy partner in packet core to win in LTE Germany UK Huawei Solution    SingleEPC with “Large throughput + Intelligent” solutions for eight countries in Europe Customized solution supports feature service to excite users Collaboration on Evolved Packet Core research and trials T-Mobile recorded a staggering 46% growth in data revenues in 2009 Ability to offer innovative data services based on a high quality network. Huawei Confidential Page 84 .

improving users’ experience  Achieved fast market share increasing with data services flourishing based on steady PS core  Simplified network with reduced TCO Latin America Peru Brazil Chile Uruguay Argentina HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Telefonica: Deploying SingleEPC in EU & LA to expand business Challenges and Needs  Europe   Huawei Solution  Strategic transformation from CDMA to GSM Increased data traffic needed continuous network expansion. high Customer Benefits  performance for MBB booming away after Launched HSDPA service right PS project delivered. but even revenue High operating expenses Germany Spain 50/100Gbps packet core ensures bandwidth  Quick and high quality delivery in LA five countries guarantees network transformation  ATCA based SGSN deployed in Europe. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 85 ..

. and achieved accelerated development of data services.China Mobile: High quality packet network achieves fast development Challenges and Needs   Strategic transformation from voice to multimedia provider Rapid growth of data traffic with large subscriber base Large-capacity & high-throughput packet core builds the world’s largest 2G/3G unified PS network Content charging solution with precise content analysis Unified PS core ensures bandwidth. LTD. Huawei PS services 29 provinces of CMCC 31 provinces Huawei Solution   Customer Benefits    HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 86 . simplifying network and reducing costs Content charging meets the requirement of rapid service deployment and improved operation Experienced engineering services and prompt response guarantee rapid market entry CMCC successfully improved the quality of its packet network by cooperation with Huawei.

Sep 2009 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 87 .. supporting innovative MBB service for Expo visitors HD Live Program EXPO Service Platform HD Video Conference Huawei Solution  Quick FTP VOD Mobile video supervision High-speed Web browsing Customer Benefits  EXPO park: EPC/LTE Network provided by Huawei   Advanced MBB services excited visitors all over the world. 2010 “Huawei is the only vendor now can provide E2E full commercial EPC product. Nov.” ----comments from CMCC Shanghai. LTD.China Mobile Shanghai EXPO: Multiple services to excite visitors based on EPC Needs & Challenges    To enhance brand by showcase advanced EPC/LTE services in the World Expo To gain early experience for large scale deployment of EPC Needs a reliable partner to ensure success EPC network in the Expo park. improving CMCC branding Validated the capabilities of TD-LTE Impressive user experience made CMCC to choose Huawei EPC again for Asian Games in Guangzhou.

.component Simple: E2E solution complying with eTom and with open architecture Convergent for voice. and content services and for PPS and postpaid services Managed service with E2E responsibilities Original ‘cobweb’ E xp e r ia n P r e ve n te l B K R IS /V R e viv a D e a le r D&B K v KO n l ine O DS E-In c e n t VMDB D a ta G e n SARA Ex ac t T AB O O n lin e E x tr a n e t C AR T NPMS S c h lu m b e r g e r OPTA IP M IM PP M O n lin e D T U B a n k S ta tio n A PR O O r a cle L o gi stics ODS C AC S CCM e-V o u c h e r B an k In t e r p a y T o p U p I VR P o stiljo n P a y m e n ts o lle c t io n &C S a le s O n l ine s h o p BA T T A B -be h e e r O E DR nl in e -o S a le& s C h an n el Mgt In v e n to r y M g t P A S P Huawei Solution  A v a ya A C D C SC R -IV UPS C u s to m e r In t e r fa c e M gt Be l wi j ze r O nl in* e O C M ij n T e lfo r t R ig h tn o w Re t ou r ne t AC M 38 Vendors 200+ Interfaces S im U n lo c k C la r ify ODS ODS OD S O r a c le F in an ce AR FAR OD /F R e ta i l B il lin g G a lile o S im c a r d In fo C la r ify G a lile o C D V F a s ts a v e T a b o A rb o r N P M S O n. data. LTD.R e g ODS IS O p s W. e b t E S P H ig h us a g e M A CH N PM S IM CCD R o am in g P a r tn e r KiQ O m eg a O n lin e S e lf ca r e XM L gw CDV S u p p lie ra rt n e r /P B ill in g OLO I X BS CO I N P PM A M T R IX T U /F M M E Se r v P ro v U s age P o w e r C e n tr e T O L ED O B u sin e ss O b je c ts ODS O p-O u t t In sa d o E xpe rt D e s k C a p g e m in i / E r ic s s on In te rc o n n ec t P a rtn e r  E S P p.component Better user experience by unified billing.l . and service bundling Order management efficiency increase of 40%.s ys t F as ts a v e C C D N2 I T op U p IV R K iQ O m eg a B O PS R e . customer care.D T U l O p e ra t io n a Tl r a c k e r C RM HI E D N Er a se B RA T A rb or B P TR EX O CR T X M -L e /n a l G V C e n d r is o l -to C E N D R IS T ra cker N et w o r k . Page 88 .Telfort/KPN: Business transformation with Huawei NGBSS and Needs Challenges    High IT-costs: 5% of annual gross revenue 6~8 years old systems from over 30 vendors TTM: 3 weeks – 3 months – 3years for new tariff product .A S y s te e m N u m b er I n c lu sio n AD C A n a ly t ic a l C R M CCD B la ck B o x S h e r lo c k E n te r p ri s e Mgt CIO T J u s tic e W h o le s a le B il li n g ESP ESP W -G OD S S e ttin g s U s ag e P P AS K P NN e tw o rk T e lf o r t M oSb y s t e m ile T e lf or t V/ A S HLR O v e r v ie w  Customer Benefits  Huawei NGBSS Document Handling Scan shop Print shop TNT Customer Contact Telfort Portal 1200 IVR CTI   TTM: 3 days –3 weeks – 3 months for new tariff product .k n lin e O R a d ic a l D a s hb o ar d E2E T r a c k In ci de n t . maintenance & administrative overhead reduced by 30% Huawei Confidential BOSS NMS Business Intelligence Finance Related Credit Agencies CACS Directory Service Directory Services Providers Customer Care Product Management Inventory Management Point of Sales Order Management Channel Management E-Care Contact Management Campaign Management E-Shop Complaint Management Knowledge Base Postillion CIOT Payment manager KPN FMS DTU IVR Postcode Directory Logistics and Channels Ora2KPN CEVA R eviva System Mgt Number Porting COIN Telfort NPMS 3 Vendors 78 Interfaces Account Management Account Receivables Bill Formatting Internet Service COBS PQCC UDAS Intrix DRS KPN KEYMAN Convergent Billing Revenue Assurance Convergent Rating Provision Mediation SCP UVC CDR Interface EM M KPN TAP files COMPTEL IPCG Provision Interface EMA VMS ADC Real-time Charging Interface OCG Multiple Interface Type MMSC SCG WAP GW Ericsson MSC MSC SMSC HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

cannot support Wimax Long TTM (3 to 6 months) Low operation efficiency.. Customized development is reduced 90% via configuration Dynamic tariff helps revenue increase 3%. Wimax.MTN Cote d’lvoire: Evolution to NGBSS Challenges and Needs    Silo system for multinetwork (G/U/xDSL). high TCO Huawei Solution    E2E convergent NGBSS for 2G. LTD. and Broadb Business processes improvement Dynamic tariff enabled to optimized network usage MMS Full service Music Voice GPRS Customer Benefits  SMS IPTV   HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 3G. peak traffic reduce 10% TTM: 60% reduction in time from concept to production Huawei Confidential intern et Movie Page 89 .

WAPGW and SP’s platform. Weather Forecast. average from 5 months to 5 weeks for a new application Increase new services offer. Reminder. Color SMS. MMSC. LTD.43 USD Huawei Confidential Page 90 Customer Benefits    HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. incl. Mymail. etc Enable new revenue generation. penetration: 3% in 5 months. ARPU up: 0.. WAP banner. In Mexico Node. . M+. etc. e. Shorten TTM.Telefonica: First multinational SDP in the world for 13 LA countries Needs Challenges and    Easy sharing and deployment of successful service across countries Expose network capabilities to shorten TTM of new service , 5 months Capex /Opex reduction by simplifying network and IT integration Huawei Solution    1st multinational SDP deployment with two-layered architecture worldwide Successful integration with legacy billing. MNS. eg. SMSC. M+ Service.g Mobile Facebook. 35 interfaces from network & IT completed in 4 months Service operation consulting with rich services.

.0400k 200k compliant. Service provisioning of a new application takes a long time (longer than half a year) and is very expensive. Rapid growth result in complaints increasing). base 1400k 1200k on Service Quality Monitor solution to find the risk in 1000k 800k advance. 600k Migrate other two platform to unified platform with IPTV 2. 2005 First IMS-based IPTV trial system in the world Commercial launch 2006 Sep 2007 t Aug 2008 July 2009 June 2010 Active subscribers System capacity Customer Benefits    HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.264.g. channel change time is longer than 3 seconds. and upgrade the encoding format to H. The IMS Core must be smoothly integrated to provide convergent services 52537 43973 32642 39780 Feb-10 Mar-10 Apr-10 May-10 Huawei Solution  A typical increasing of new subscribers within 4 months   Dedicated network optimization team to enhance QoE. 2008 ARPU increased from 24. LTD.000 new subscribers per month on average from Jan. QoE can not satisfy the customer (e. 2010) 25. 2008 to Jun.5USD to 30USD on Triple play package Huawei Confidential BEST SUBSCRIBER GROWTH ACHIEVEMENT Page 91 .Guangdong Telecom: Fast growing IPTV subscribers Challenges and Needs    IPTV was launched on given network. 1M active subscribers (from Jan.

FMC & Internet SME is more than 85% percent in enterprise market Churn rate being greater than 30% Week partner control capability Huawei Solution   Business place for developers and partners Enterprise gateway: office-in-a-box for SME to provide connectivity. LTD. generating 30% service incomes Better partner management. and service innovation and creation HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Vodafone: Add Real Value To SMEs Challenges and Needs    Full Service Operation: From GSM to 3G. Huawei Confidential Page 92 . security. and services Customer Benefits   Besides traffic incomes..

inconsistent features. which achieves multi-national short number dialing Video conference and data sharing México(5 countries) & Center America Huawei Solution  Ecuador Venezuela  Perú  Customer Benefits  Chile Argentina & Uruguay  Centralized VPN platform serving 12 countries One service and one point access Cloud + Terminal deployment increasing multinational subscriber ARPU HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 93 . LTD..Telefonica: First Multi-national VPN in the world Challenges and Needs    Four legacy VPN vendors. and high OPEX Weak growth of high-end enterprise subscribers No enough services based on the IMS network Centralized VPN platform. which replaces the legacy VPNs of four vendors in 12 countries International VPN.

Nigeria: Construction of a new eCity
Challenges and Needs
 

Objective: to establish a national contact center covering 37 states The crime rate is so high that make government support dropped quickly






Huawei Solution
 

To build 37 ECCs with a unified platform call code To integrate advanced GIS and CAD with the call center Low-cost: integrated with the old system to reduce investments
Digital City

Customer Benefits

 

Serving more than 140 million people throughout the country The crime rate dropped by 23% Government Support increased by 8 percentage points
Huawei Confidential Page 94


Jazztel, Spain: Total solution (business & technical) for better services
Challenges and Needs
 
Technology Build FLM FO BO SPMS Vendor

Ambition for heavy growth in a highly Voice competitive market Pressure for network expansion and evolution Improve profitability by TCO Datacom optimization especially OPEX reduction


Huawei Solution
  

Solution: Network Outsourcing + Network Evolution, RNOC People & Assets Transfer Technology: Voice (fixed), Datacom, Access, Transmission Period: 60 months



Customer Benefits
  

“one-stop-shop” total solution: CAPEX + OPEX + Financial OPEX & TCO savings Better managed technology & network evolution


Huawei Confidential

Page 95

Etisalat, Egypt: Enhanced revenue with quick network setup & fas subscriber acquisition
Challenges and Needs
  

New comer to Egypt wireless market Eager for fast Time-to-Market Lack of technical competencies

Subscrib ers 7M

Huawei Solution
 

3M E.O.T Start Sep. 2006 1M

Fast acquisition of 1M+ subscribers within only 50 days after First year commercial launch
First three months

Solution: EOT + (outsourcing) Technology: GSM, UMTS, Core, Transport, VAS, IP Period: 24 + (36) months

Time May. 2008 Dec. 2008

May. 2007 2007 Aug. Commer cial Launch

Customer Benefits

Compete by fast Time-to-Market:
 

Reliable partner to handle all network issues Focus on core business

Commercial launch within 8 months 1000+ full turnkey sites on air within 12 months Rapid network traffic growth


Huawei Confidential

Page 96

  Cost efficiency Huawei Confidential Page 97 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Saudi Arabia Network quality guaranteed for committed satisfaction Challenges and needs    Huawei Solution    Operator M: GSM/GPRS/3G.” ----.Mobily.. gratitude. it give us a great pleasure to express Mobily's top managements. Highest customer satisfaction among the 3 providers. thanks and appreciation for all efforts and hard work carried by all of HUAWEI teams. 5 equipment providers (Moto+NSN+HW+E///+AL) Network performance issues during peak seasons Need to simplify vendor management Solution: Multi-Vendor Management SOW: NOC+NPM+SPMS+FO Huawei managed both Huawei & Motorola equipment Objects: 2G & 3G base stations (Huawei + Moto).from Mobily Project Team  Customer Benefits  Simplified vendor management (from 5 to 3) Improved network quality. Microwave “Reference to Mobily's excellent network performance during Hajj season. . LTD.

huawei. All Rights Reserved. The information contained in this document is for reference purpose only..com Copyright©2011 Huawei Technologies Co. and is subject to change or withdrawal according to specific customer requirements and .Thank you www. Ltd.

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