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Store Layout, Design and Visual Merchandising - Principles & Optimization

Store Design, Layout, Visual Merchandising
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Opportunity for competitive advantage and increased sales Store as a “good story” – a beginning, middle, end
 Entrance sets up the story – creates expectations, contains

promises, entices, hints, teases  Inside the store is the middle of the story
 

should start slow (uncluttered) to allow consumers to orient themselves should lead customers on a journey of discovery, using layout, lighting, visuals, other atmospherics

 Checkout area is the store’s climactic ending

. drug stores. supermarkets. racetrack and boutique layout) – Sales-per-linear-foot (e.g. with long gondolas in grid layout) – Sales-per-cubic-foot (e.. positioning. wholesale clubs with multiple layers of merchandise) Flexible      .g.Five Major Store Design Objectives Consistent with retailer’s image. strategy Positive influence on purchase behavior Cost effective – space productivity Sales-per-square-foot (most common. etc.

fixtures. displays to draw customers Vary the tempo of music to achieve goals Arrange shelved merchandise strategically .Positively influencing purchase behavior Allow a transition zone Place high-margin merchandise to the right of the entrance Make merchandise accessible Use signs.

excitement . impulse purchases • Productivity of space • Energy.Tradeoffs in Store Design • Ease of locating merchandise for planned purchases • Aesthetics. space to shop comfortably • Relaxed environment • Exploration of store.

Grid Layout .

checkerboard pattern.  Efficient use of space  Simple and predictable to navigate  Focal points at aisle ends .  Vertical and horizontal aisles – May have one main aisle and many secondary aisles.Grid Layout  Linear design.

back corners. feature fixtures. escalators. women’s departments impulse goods – near entrances. impulse buying Location of departments) men’s vs. promotional areas. complementary – adjacent Display areas) – bulk-of-stock + feature areas (walls. encourages exploration. to the right.Racetrack Layout Major and minor loops with multiple entrances & multiple sight lines. draws shopper around the lines store. glass cases Fixtures + gondolas.of-sale areas areas. point-of-sale demand/destination – upper floors. rounders & straight racks for bulk-of-stock & sale merchandise . point. windows) Fixtures– feature fixtures – four-way. free-standing/mannequins.

asymmetrical. walls. rounders (very flexible) • Feature – glass cases. more sales assistance needed. more costly. custom-built fixtures Feature areas Windows. feature fixtures. Marking + Aesthetically pleasing. more theft Fixtures • Bulk-of-stock straight racks. gondolas. Receiving.Less efficient. free-standing. Receiving. 4-way. point-of-sale Casual Wear Pants Jeans Feature Skirts and Dresses Clearance Items Tops Tops . Marking Storage. relaxing.Free-Form Layout Storage. invites browsing Hats and Handbags Stockings Accessories Checkout .

Free-Flow Layouts  Opposite of grid layout. .  Fixtures arranged in interesting formations – Encourages browsing.  Ease of customer movement. – Must provide enough room between fixtures.

 Expected to last a long time. hold. within floor arrangements.Fixtures  Accept. stock and show merchandise.  Contribute to store brand image and ambience. . on top of counters.  Used in window displays.

 Usually placed in back of store.  Usually the largest fixtures in the store.Capacity Fixtures  Hold large quantities  Shows a single style in depth of selection. .

 Hold fewer items.  Also interspersed throughout store to add variety.  Best used as lead-in fixtures.Feature Fixtures  Used to highlight categories. .

Signature Fixtures  One-of-a-Kind units.  Reflects brand image  Designed specifically for the store to catch shoppers’ interest. .  Positioned at store or department entrance.

Ways to Display  Window Displays  Interior Window Displays  Wall Assortment Displays  Focal Point/Aisle End Displays .

Window Displays  Closed Back Window  Open Back Window  Straight Front Window  Angled Front Window  Arcade Front Window  Corner Window .

Window Examples .

 End of Aisle--displays assortment of merchandise together for sale.  Wall Cabinets--create “windows” by showing merchandise on top.Other Display Methods  Interior Windows--create a scene inside the store by grouping mannequins. . props etc.

Display Examples .

Display Types  One Item Display  Line of Goods Display  Related Merchandise Display  Variety or Assortment Display .

Display Types Examples .

Display Settings  Realistic  Environmental  Vignette/Semi  Fantasy  Abstract realistic .

Display Settings .

Back Room Boutique With young. The wood units are finished in white and the metal units offer decorative finials . With a multitude of different accessories and clothing styles. yet sophisticated apparel. this Winter Garden. units needed to be versatile to keep the inventory fresh. Florida boutique wanted a mix of wood and metal fixtures. .

By using creative architectural features in a combination of metal fixtures powder coated black. the ultimate look was achieved. . a fun one at that...Sunset Strip This unique clothing store offers an interesting twist to the idea that "Shopping is a Sin".. This was an exciting project because creativity had no limits.

Their creative use of photographic tiles and going a little more on the counter set up. What we came up with a stock/vendor supplied layout.Sparkle Brite Pool Store Sparkle Brite Pool Store came to Barr Display. . allows for a not so typical pool supply store. looking for a package to offer their new pool store franchisees.

Florida wanted to create a fun environment that promoted the fun colors of children's clothing. The custom counter was laminated from top to bottom in white and given a built in selling area.Lulu Belle's Children's Boutique There is nothing better than dressing your favorite little person and this children’s boutique in Baldwin Park. which conveniently hides the business end of the point-of-sale area. Semi-custom white wall units and floor fixtures are the perfect presentation pieces for these fun and colorful children's clothes .

The helmet display mimicks a Wrigley Field like dug-out. The walls were covered in slatwall that is made to look and feel like old brick. the goal was to highlight all products and make the space feel full. The flooring was chosen to direct traffic through this immense space.Rawlings Sporting Goods Store What a space! The challenge here was space. This look has definitely hit a homerun! . With thousands of square feet and extremely high ceilings.

we were delighted. By adding more slat wall and floor fixtures.Timmy's Toy Chest When Timmy's Toy Chest came to us for their new space. this shop encourages adults to glance back to childhood and the children with them reap the benefits. The original store Barr designed was much smaller. Florida. Located in Lake Mary. The wall units were in excellent condition and could be used in the new space. they are always happy to see new visitors to their fun space! .

yet simple crown molding . All units are maple painted white with decorative. white background to feature the colorful children's shoes. wanted a clean and crisp. A custom counter was designed with a showcase area.Tiny Toes Children's Shoe Boutique This upscale children's shoe store in Orlando. Florida.

Metal Shelving and Wood Shelves compliment the specific areas of this specialty store. Grid. yet supply a safe and sturdy display for the chemicals and pool toys. . Our challenge was to showcase the furniture and glasswear one might find around the pool.Swim & Style Swim & Style carries both the luxurious side of the pool life and the maintenance side.

This specialty beauty product store wanted a unique and custom wall system that would portray a clean and spacious environment.Riegel Beauty Concepts Inc. . A mix of metal. wood and glass gives this space a timeless feel.

Maple slatwall combined with wall units and versatile floor displays created the flexible. .Timmy's Toys .Original Space This customer wanted a fun. functional space the customer desired. Due to a broad product mix with a variety of sizes. kid-friendly space that would utilize as much display space as possible. the flexibility of displays was also a big concern.

Banner Mercantile Creating the feel of an old-fashioned General Store was the goal for this retail store design. plank style wall units. . Worn. country feel of the past with the function and versatility of today's fixtures. H-merchandisers topped with an oxen harness. and country cupboards create a rustic.

we had an affordable layout and sturdy options for this cycle supply center. short-time frame. Stock wall standards. and grid create style for a storage/showroom combination. Within three weeks. . sturdy shelves. little back-room storage and small budget were our building blocks here.Power sports Center Large space.

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