By: Nilesh Kumar Karan Sanan Vamsi Krishna A.

Jagadish Neha Phanda Nandini Sinha

Infosys and GDM. ◦ GDM as an outsourcing tool, best performance, low cost and minimized risk. ◦ High process paralleled with high quality. ◦ Working of GDM and its benefits. ◦ Challenges faced because of competitors. ◦ Role of MCS and Infosys’ alignment with it.

Maximizing workforce and minimizing cost.t. Disadvantages of GDM. GDM as a competitive edge for Infosys. Development of model by Infosys to deliver IT services. Differentiation of GDM at Infosys w. Working of Infosys GDM. competitors.r.      .

“To be a globally respected corporation that provides best-of-breed business solution. employees.“ To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness. leveraging. technology.” . vendors and society at large. delivered by best-inclass people”  Mission:. honesty and courtesy towards our clients. Vision :.

1981 :. Canada and Japan. D.Fremont .16 billion (2009) US$ 1. :. UK. Kris Gopalakrishnan Shibulal (COO) & (Director) US$ 3.July 2. .  Infosys defines.CEO). designs & delivers technology-enabled business that help Global 2000 companies Win in a Flat World .45 billion (2009) 103.905 (2009) (CEO) & (MD) S.Nandan :.16 billion (2009) US$ 4.N R Narayana Murthy (Chairman) & (Chief Nilekani (Ex.    Founded Headquarters US HQ Key people Mentor).Bangalore.      Revenue Net income Total assets Employees ::::- It has offices in 22 countries and development centers in India. China Australia. California :.

. predominantly in the USA. Infosys Australia Pty Ltd: Infosys' Australian venture. 4. Subsidiaries:Progeon Ltd: The Infosys BPO arm. 3. 2. Infosys is the largest publicly traded IT services exporter in India providing services to 315 large corporations. Infosys Technologies (Shanghai) Company Limited: The company's base in China. such as GE and Nortel.  It was the first Indian company to list on the Nasdaq stock exchange in 1999.  1. Infosys Consulting Inc: The company's foray into the consulting business.

D.  In 1982.  Infosys got it first client -. S. K. Raghavan. .S. N R Narayana Murthy and six others Nandan Nilekani. Kris Gopalakrishnan.Data Basics Corporation from the US. Shibulal. Infosys opened an office in Bangalore which soon became its headquarters. Dinesh and Ashok Arora started the Infosys. N. In 1981.

E. Born in Madhva Brahmin Family in Mysore Education:-B. Masters From IIT Kanpur.Mysore 1967. .1946.1969. From NIOE. Born On August 20.      Nagavara Ramrao Narayana Murthy Founder & Ex.Univ.CEO of Infosys.

 His first position was at IIM Ahmedabad as chief system programmer. . Murty met wife Sudha Murty was an engineer working in TELCo.   He joined PATNI computer systems.(Tata Motors)  They have two kids.Rohan & Akshata. Pune.

Bombay where he graduated with a B. 1955) is an Indian entrepreneur and businessman.  Nilekani served as CEO and MD of the company from March 2002 to April 2007. and then at St.3 billion.Tech in Electrical Engineering in 1978. Joseph's High School Dharwad.  He has an estimated net worth of the Indian rupee equivalent of US$1. Nandan Nilekani (born June 2. . and later into IIT.  He studied at Bishop Cotton Boys School Bangalore.

(Computer Science) in 1979 both from IIT. Madras. Kris obtained M. Tech. Kerala. (Physics) in 1977 and M. He is current CEO of Infosys and the Chairman of the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (IIITM).    . He is an Indian industrialist. software engineer and one of the 7 founders of Infosys Technologies.Sc. During 1987-1994 he headed the technical operations of KSA/Infosys as a vice president.

Billing for Cross Border Teams. Deployed the resources and activities simultaneously with each module dealing with one aspect of the project. Daily Handoffs. .   Dividing the project into three different categories. Continuous Improvement. Two Types of GDC(Global Development Centers) – ODC and PDC. Recruiting and Training the right kind of people. Quality Control.          Major Components: Knowledge Playback. Connectivity of the locations. Distribution of Staff between Onsite and Offsite locations.

     . CMM – To Prevent the occurrence of the defects and modify its processes. Project Managers could access the knowledge repository to find a solution for any problem they were facing. Infosys had 38 global delivery centers – 20 in INDIA and the rest in North-America. Infosys had 37 marketing offices located across the globe – 14 in US. By 2006.Six Sigma Cross Functional Training and the Malcolm Balridge Framework to ensure quality.CMM. Infosys benchmarked against international quality standards like ISO 9000. KM Tool – People Knowledge Map. which had contact information of the individuals who were experts in specific areas. Asia-Pacific and Europe. 5 in INDIA and the rest in Australia and Europe.



.Real time meetings: -.  Irrespective of location of project.Status and progress of project   Infosys follow a strict mechanism for status reports. project managers has full control on project. Every week client meetings. Status reports were delivered to both client and all members involved in PDC’s & ODC’S.  They follow the simultaneous procedure instead of sequential method.

 Multiple satellite links were used – to connect GDC’s internationally. video conferencing are used to communicate across the Infosys. Infosys used services of a) service providers. .  Instant messaging. For communication between clients and development centers. b) mix of satellite and fiber optic links.

 GDM Plus ◦ Strategic response to changing market conditions ◦ Integrated delivery model ◦ Execution Excellence ◦ Avoiding risk of competitive pricing of competitors INFOSYS CONSULTING ◦ Providing IT services ◦ Providing consultancy services  .

40% of the revenue was GDM based.       . Rapid growth and increase in revenue i. Efficient implementation of packages Reuse of solutions : cost advantage Strategic benefits to the clients. US $2 billion in 2005 -06 Brand awareness in offshore through the model Able to attract the talented workforce In the year 2005-06 .e.

ex : Accenture. IBM Global Services  Entry of multinationals: In terms of hiring and retaining talented manpower.  Infosys faced growing competition from countries like China and Philippines.  a) Infosys adopted role – based structure. Other Indian IT companies providing offshore services.  b) Variable salary structure  Infosys GDM was highly dependent on business from US based companies. .


 Benchmarking against international quality standards.     Six Sigma Detailed checklist Standard Guidelines & Templates Competency Mapping .

 Use of satellites & fiber optic links with facilities of alternate routing.  Setup of various offices and purchasing of buildings within and outside India. Job allocation according to maximization of skills at minimum cost. .

Values & policies: ◦ quality manuals ◦ quality & productivity charters. People knowledge map.   Setting up of BOK. .

 Variable component in salary ◦ 50% for top management ◦ 30% for middle management ◦ 10% for junior level staff   Role based structure. High Compensation .

     Seamless communication Closure reports Daily worksheets Quality system documentation Body of Knowledge .

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