Image log & dipmeter analysis course Interpretation basics

Interpretation basics

Wtte o & a h a rs n 10000 Core Y ld g1 9 ie in 9 1 Cumulative fault density (faults per km) 1 cm 1 Borehole images and dipmeters 0.01 1 0.01 100 15 m 3D seismic 100 Fault throw (m) 10000 Interpretation basics .Scale of features Wls .

Apparent and true dip Hole deviation Apparent dip True dip Interpretation basics .

Vertical and deviated wells Interpretation basics .

Viewing perspective Vertical Fracture Bedding Plane Bedding plane Fracture 45° Deviation Fracture Bedding Plane Horizontal Fracture Bedding Plane Interpretation basics .

Local knowledge and calibration Use local/regional knowledge. core & petrography Interpretation basics .

Tadpole displays Interpretation basics .

Dip summary plots Cumulative fracture density Fault damage zone Interpretation basics .

Key interpretation displays Image/core plots 1:5 Dip Tadpole plots 1:500 Tadpole/image plots 1:20 Interpretation basics .

Key sedimentology plots Interpretation basics/1 .

Dip azimuth vector plots Top N Major cross-bedding azimuth change change in palaeotransport Top of well Base Bottom of well Interpretation basics/1 .

Stereoplots Interpretation basics/1 .

Azimuthal histograms Undifferentiated Differentiated by surface type Parallel lamination Scours Cross-bedding Interpretation basics/1 .

Dip sticks & seismic plots Interpretation basics/1 .

Pores to seismic Cumulative fracture density Fault damage zone Interpretation basics/1 .

parallel lamination .shale bedding .(resistive/conductive?) .microfault .scours .slumps .cross-bedding .sand bed base .bounding surface Fit-for-purpose classifications Interpretation basics/1 .erosion surface Fractures .shale bedding .Dip classification schemes Turbidites .axial plane Fluvial .deformation band .bed boundary .fault .reactivation surface .sandstone bedding .joint .

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