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Elvek Consulting Services Private Limited is a global training and placement solutions company established in the year 2008. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the worlds most successful companies, ECS collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance. STRENGTHS



Extensive industry expertise Broad and evolving service offerings Expertise in skill improvement and technical training solutions Commitment to the long-term development of our clients Proven and experienced academic team

ECS Labs is a division of Elvek Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. which masters the art of imparting technical trainings to students as well as working professionals. ECS Labs came into being in the year 2008 and joined hands with North India Technical Consultancy Organization Ltd. (NITCON) in the endeavor to impart technical skills to individuals. Owing to its core technical capabilities and highly experienced faculty, ECS Labs is all set to reach new horizons in this arena.


Industrial Training What, Why and How Eligible Trades How to Choose a Training Institute Course Content Deliverables ADOPTION Model


Practical Orientation Broadening your perspective In-depth Knowledge base Benefit towards job


Electronics and Communication Computers / Information Technology Electrical Masters of Computers Application



VLSI Design Embedded Systems

Embedded Wireless PCB Design

Introduction Component Placement and Design Different Layers Introduction to Wireless technology Design for Manufacturing GSM for Mobile Development System Layout File Bluetooth Technology Gerber File RFID Development System Schematic design using OrCad Zig Bee Development System Capture Advance PCB Design TCP / IP Interfacing using OrCad layout plus Post processing designs to prepare them for manufacturing

Introduction to VLSI Microcontroller and its interfacing 8051 PLD Architecture CPLD / FPGA Architecture Introduction Design using VHDL Basic concept of digital electronics VHDL Features Micro processor and micro controller Process Architectural Features and PIN Details Sequential Statements Concept Assembly Language Synthesis Programming in Embedded C Simulation


PLC / Industry Automation

PLC Overview Introduction PLC History PLC in Industrial Automation PLC architecture Ladder Logic Relays PLC Software Programming BasicsLadder Logic Inputs & Outputs Ladder Program Development Data Transfer Instruction Arithmetic Instructions Data Comparison Instructions Program Control Instructions Pulse Instruction Different Programming Techniques PLC Hardware Introduction PLC Inputs and Outputs Types Source and Sink Concept PLC Wiring Interfacing with Sensors and Actuators I/O Modules Communication Modules


Software Programming Web Designing Networking Networking for PHP Programming C Sharp Basics of RHCE HTML Core Java CCNA VB.NET Windows Development Introduction to Web7 Classes & objectsOverview of HTML Redand variables Basics of Network Data types Hat Linux Rh033
.NET Platform PHP Script Setup & Execution technologies Inheritance Operators Essential Formatting text with HTML Structure of C# Basics of Networking PHP features and Syntax Interfaces packages Cisco Router Hardware Flow Control & Remote Links Methods and parameters Essentials Data types & Operators Router IOSAdding Local RH133 Red Hat Linux Working with Exception handling Cisco Constructor Adding Graphics Arrays Building Functions and control Management Multi Threading Creating lists in HTML Inheritance System Administration Classes and objects Microsoft Certified structures File Processing (IO) Introduction TCPCreating tables in HTML / IP Overloading Using encapsulation Technical Specialist Manipulating Strings Graphics programming Protocol & Subnetting Body and background Linux Arrays Red Hat RH253 and strings Setting Using reference type Working with Files and Directories Routing Applet IP User controls Networking and Attributes variables Managing Windows Manipulating arrays working with Event Handling Web page design guidelines Implementation of File processing Security Administration Using constructors Server 2008 databases and PHP Socket programming VLANS Graphic and Socket Adding hyperlinks Inheritance in C# Managing State information Using NAT IDE (Eclipse) programming Socket programming Developing Object oriented PHP WAN ADO .NET



Executive Communication
Accent neutralization Soft Skills Group Discussion Concepts Personal Interview Concepts Public Speaking Power Dressing Extempore Assertiveness

Campus Recruitment
Introduction to Group Discussion Group Discussion Concepts Current Affairs Personal Interview Concepts Stress Management Resume Writing Report Writing


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Practical Technical Knowledge Personality Development Industry Interface Certificates Campus Recruitment Preparation


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Under this unique opportunity, Elvek Consulting Services virtually adopts the students during their finishing school training. We provide them with technical certified trainings throughout their course duration and thereafter, place the students. This model not only helps the students to gain complete knowledge within their domain but also provides them with a platform to enter into the corporate world.


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STEP 1 Student is Admitted in the Finishing School

STEP 2 ECS provides with extensive certified technical training sessions to students during the entire duration of their finishing school which gives them the opportunity to stand out of the crowd STEP 3 When the student is ready to enter the corporate world, ECS provides the platform


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