Prepared by:Urvi Shah Monali Chhatravala Hiral Patel Nilesh Bambhniya Khushbu Soni Pratik Lathigara

its customers. shareholders and most importantly.WHAT IS STRATEGIC INTENT ³Strategic intent´ is firm's ability to create a clear and compelling statement or vision for itself. ´ . capabilities. ´ Winning competitive battles through deciding how to leverage internal resources. and to communicate that vision to its employees. and core competencies.

We bring moments of delight to our consumers everyday and every time. play harder!. ´ Therefore at Cadbury India. as well as bournvita with Rs 10 pack ´ . ´ To approach the middle level and rural market cadbury had launched chocolates a Rs 2 version of its flagship brand Cadbury Dairy Milk.EXAMPLE OF THE CADBURY Cadbury India has defined its Vision as "Life Full Of Cadbury and Cadbury Full of Life". it's all about work hard. called CDM Shots.

EXAMPLE OF THE COCA. . but think about how prevalent Coke products are these days. By setting a developing a vision of the future and developing long-term goals. Coca-Cola made enormous strides in developing their brand. This seemed like a crazy idea at the time.COLA ´ Coca-Cola¶s strategic intent was for there to be a Coke within the reach of every human being on the planet.

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