Propaganda Movement

Defect of Spanish Colonial Rule
‡ No stability in Philippine Government
± Frequent changes in the government of Spain brought also political instability in the Philippines ± From 1837-1897, the Philippines was ruled by 50 Spanish governor generals, each serving an average of 1 year and 3 months in office.

‡ Filipinos were not given a voice in their own government.
‡ Their previous representation in the Spanish Cortes (law making body in Spain) from 18101837, was not restored. ‡ Only minor government offices were opened to the Filipinos ‡ Ventura de los Reyes the only Filipino who became part of the Spanish Cortes in 1812.

‡ Defective administration of Justice
‡ Courts were really courts of injustice. ‡ Spanish judges were ignorant and dishonest ‡ Judicial trials were slow and expensive

‡ No equality before the law
‡ Spaniards were given more rights and privilege that Filipinos ‡ Justice was for the rich and influential and not for the poor.

. and incompetent. abusive.‡ Many Spanish officials were corrupt. ‡ Filipinos were maltreated and regarded as inferior beings.


‡ It began in 1872. ‡ This movement was carried on by means of pen and tongue. when Rizal was exiled to Dapitan. after GOMBURZA s execution. . and ended in 1892.‡ The Propaganda Movement was a peaceful crusade for reforms ‡ It is not a revolutionary movement.

‡ Filipinization of the parishes ‡ Granting of individual liberties to Filipinos such as: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Freedom of Speech Freedom of the press Freedom of assembly Freedom to petition for grievances . ‡ Assimilation of the Philippines as a regular province of Spain.AIMS OF THE PROPAGANDA MOVEMENT ‡ Equality of Filipinos and Spaniards before the law. ‡ Restoration of Philippine representation in the Spanish Cortes.


Ferdinand Blumentritt Miguel Morayta .

Francisco Pi y Margall Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla .

professor in Ateneo de Leitmeritz.‡ Ferdinand Blumentritt Rizal s best friend. Austria ‡ Miguel Morayta Rizal s professor in the Universidad Central de Madrid ‡ Francisco Pi y Margall former president of the First Spanish Republic ‡ Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla leader of the Republican Party of Spain ‡ Don Juan de Atayde Spanish writer .


Del Pilar ‡ Lawyer-journalist from Bulacan. ‡ He was considered as the best propagandist. .Marcelo H. even better than Rizal.

Laguna.Jose Protacio Rizal ‡ The Great Malayan ‡ A physician from Calamba. .

Iloilo .Graciano Lopez-Jaena ‡ Orator of the propaganda movement ‡ A physician from Jaro.

.Mariano Ponce ‡ A journalist and historical researcher ‡ A physician from Baliwag. Bulacan.

Juan Luna ‡ The greatest Filipino painter from Badoc. Ilocos Norte .

‡ One of the greatest generals in Philippine history. .Antonio Luna ‡ Pharmacist and essayist. ‡ A Manila born Ilocano and brother of Juan Luna.

Jose Ma. . Panganiban ‡ A linguist and writer from Camarines Norte.

Pedro Serrano Laktaw ‡ Teacher and lexicographer from Bulacan. ‡ Wrote the first Diccionario TagalogEspañol .

.Pedro A. Paterno ‡ Lawyer and a man of letters from Manila.

.Jose Alejandrino ‡ An engineer and writer from Arayat. Pampanga.

Del Pilar ‡ Born in barrio Cupang.Marcelo H. he devoted his legal training and literary talent to fight Spanish misrule. . Bulacan on August 30. ‡ He fled to Spain in 1888 to escape Spanish persecution at home. ± Assumed editorship of the La Solidaridad. after Graciano Lopez Jaena. ± He became the leader of the Propagandists in Spain. 1850. ‡ Master of both Tagalog and Spanish languages.

Manapat. ‡ Diariong Tagalog first bilingual newspaper which he established. Dolores. Jose Flores and transferred in College of San Jose in Manila ‡ He finished Law in UST ‡ Marciana del Pilar Marcelo s wife and second cousin. ± It publish observations and criticisms on how the Spanish government in the Philippines was misruled. 1896). .‡ He studied in the College of Mr. ‡ Plaridel. Piping Dilat as pen names ‡ Died in Barcelona of tuberculosis and as a poor man at the age of 46 (July 4.

.GREATEST WORKS ‡ Las Filipinas se Pierden the Philippines is being lost ‡ Le Redencion de Filipinas the redemption of the Philippines ‡ Autocracia brutal brutal autocracy ‡ Del Pilar was much feared by the Spanish authorities because of his fiery editorials and satirical articles.

sumpain ang ngalan mo.AMAIN NAMIN ‡ Amain naming sumasakumbento ka. malayo sa amin ang kasakiman mo. kitlin ang leeg mo dito sa lupa para ng sa langit. Saulan mo kami ngayon ng aming kaning iyong inaaraw-araw at patawanin mo kami gaya ng pagtawa mo kung kami y nakukuwaltahan mo. at huwag mo kaming ipahintulot as iyong mapanukso at iadya mo kami sa masama mong dila. Amen .

pinagpala naman ang iyong kaban. bukod ka niyang pinagpala t pinahigit sa lahat. ipanalangin mo kaming huwag anitan ngayon at kami ay ipapatay. and prayle y sumasaiyo.ABA GINOONG BARYA aba ginoong barya. santa barya ina ng diretsos. Sya nalang. nakapupuno ka ng alkansya. amen . Sya nawa.

Thou shall not steal with him 8. Thou shall not deny him of your property . Thou shall not cheat them of their stipends 3. Thou shall not accuse him even if thou be called a liar 9.TEN COMMANDMENTS 1.Thou shall worship and love the friars above all 2. Thou shall not refuse him your wife 10. Thou shall sanctify the friars. Sundays or holidays 4. Thou shall pawn thyself to pay for the burial of thy father or mother 5. Thou shall not covet his wife 7. Thou should not die if thou does not have the money to pay for the internment 6.

‡ He studied medicine at the University of Barcelona but did not finish it. . ‡ He tried to take up medicine in UST but was rejected due to lack of the required Bachelor of Arts degree.Graciano Lopez-Jaena Lopez‡ Born on December 18. 1856 in Jaro. Iloilo. ‡ Prince of Filipino Orators. ‡ Studied at the Colegio Provincial of Jaro under the care of Father Francisco Jayme who raised him.

and lust of the friars. laziness. 1896) . cruelty.‡ Founder and editor of the La Solidaridad ‡ Fray Butod a narrative where Jaena exposed the extreme greed. Spain at the age of 40 (January 20. ‡ Diego Laura assumed name of Jaena when he went back to the Philippines to solicit more aid for the Propaganda Movement. ‡ Died of Tuberculosis in Barcelona.

. under Maestro Justiniano Aquino-Cruz.Jose Protacio Rizal ‡ Born in Calamba. ‡ Studied elementary in Biñan. Laguna on June 19. ‡ He took up high school in Ateneo and his College in UST taking up Philosophy and Letters and Medicine but failed to finish. ‡ He continued his studies in Universidad Central de Madrid. 1861.

‡ Mi Primera Inspiraccion (My First Inspiration) written in Ateneo. written at the age of 18 when he was in UST. and drama. written when he was eight years old. urging love of native language. ‡ Sa Aking Mga Kabata first poem. dedicated to his mother. essay.‡ Prolific writer of poems. novels. satire. ‡ A La Juventud Filipina (To The Filipino Youth) won first prize. history. ‡ Ultimo Adios (Last Farewell) written at his death cell in Fort Santiago on the eve of his execution. .

Belgium in 1891. ‡ El Filibusterismo (Treason) dedicated to GOMBURZA ‡ Published in Ghent.Novels of Rizal ‡ Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not ) . Germany in 1887. ‡ Makamisa 1891 unfinished . dedicated to the Motherland ‡ Published in Berlin.

. 1896 at the age of 35 years old.‡ Executed in Bagumbayan on December 30.


‡ Graciano Lopez-Jaenafirst editor ‡ Marcelo H. Del Pilar second editor .La Solidaridad ‡ The well known newspaper of the propaganda.

± Stopped publication due to lack of funds.‡ En Filipinas founded by Eduardo de Lete in 1887. . a newspaper that was envisioned to serve as the voice of the movement.

1889. ‡ Aims: ‡ To work peacefully for reforms ‡ To portray the sad conditions of the Philippines so that Spain might remedy them. ‡ To promote liberal ideas and progress ‡ To champion Filipino aspirations for democracy and happiness. .LA SOLIDARIDAD ‡ Founded by Graciano Lopez Jaena in Barcelona on February 15.

Kalipulako. Tikbalang ‡ Antonio Luna Taga-Ilog ‡ Jose Maria Panganiban Jomapa . Laong-Laan ‡ Dominador Gomez Ramiro Franco .JMP ‡ Jose Rizal Dimas-Alang.Contributors ‡ Mariano Ponce Naning.

his first Masonic Lodge. Del Pilar established the Lodge Solidaridad which was recognized by the Grande Oriente Español ‡ Jose Rizal joined Lodge Acacia. ‡ Marcelo H. ‡ Pedro Serrano Laktaw founded the first Filipino Masonic Lodge in Manila called Lodge Nilad .Freemasonry ‡ Graciano Lopez-Jaena established the first Filipino Masonic Lodge in Barcelona known as Revolucion.

Associacion Hispano-Filipino ‡ Founded by Filipino Propagandists and their Spanish friends in Madrid on January 12.Secretary . Dominador Gomez . ‡ Officers include: ‡ Miguel Morayta President ‡ General Felipe de la Corte Vice-President ‡ Dr. 1869.

Tondo.LA LIGA FILIPINA ‡ The Philippine League ‡ July 3.Secretary . Manila ‡ Its constitution was written in Hongkong ‡ Ambrosio Salvador President ‡ Agustin de la Rosa Fiscal ‡ Bonifacio Arevalo Treasurer ‡ Deodato Arellano . 1892 established by Rizal in a house at Ilaya St.

vigorous and homogenous body ‡ Mutual protection in every want and necessity ‡ Defense against all violence and injustice ‡ Encouragement of instruction. agriculture. and commerce and ‡ Study and application of reforms .Aims of the La Liga Filipina ‡ To unite the whole archipelago into one compact.

and a Popular Council for every town.‡ Motto: Unus Instar Omnium (One Like All) ‡ The Constitution was written by Rizal in Hong Kong. ‡ Every Filipino who loves the Philippines is qualified to be a member. . ‡ This Constitution provided for the creation of a Provincial Council for every province.

Eulogio Despujol ordered the arrest and exile of Rizal in Dapitan. Gov. Gen.‡ 3 days after its establishment. ‡ Andres Bonifacio exerted efforts to organize chapters in various districts of Manila. ‡ Due to lack of funds and Rizal s arrest. the La Liga split into two groups: ± Cuerpo de Compromisarios pledged to continue supporting the La Solidaridad ± Katipunan radicals headed by Bonifacio .

Some Reforms Granted by Spain ‡ Abolition of the tobacco monopoly in 1882. ‡ Extension of the Spanish Penal Code to the Philippines in 1887. . Albay. Batangas. ‡ Establishment of city government in Cebu. Jaro. Iloilo. ‡ Creation of the office of civil governor for every regular province and making the alcalde mayor as judge of the court of first instance. ‡ Abolition of the hated tribute in 1885. Naga and Vigan.

C. B. Tragic failure of the Reforms La Solidaridad closed due to lack of funds Rizal was exiled in Dapitan Panganiban. and Del Pilar died in poverty .END OF THE PROPAGANDA 1. Jaena. A.

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