Mountain Dew:
Selecting New Creative

Group 5, Section A

Analysis of Proposed Ads 4. Recommendations . Situation Analysis 3. Problem 2.Contents 1.

Problem Selection of the best three creatives to maximize the impact of Mountain Dew·s media budget .

Situation Analysis Consumers 1. Foray of non-CSDs like Gatorade and Red Bull 2. Cynical attitude . Reducing dependence on alternative sports ± µparking attendant¶ ad 3. Highest µgatekeeping¶ rating 1. Surge in ad spending by key competitors 3. Predominantly from the rural towns.Retro is born 5. Techno music gaining in popularity ± gave birth to raves ± most popular in metro areas 4. but most loyal across category 2. Decides to broadcast the ads at Superbowl . Oversaturation of alternative sports in ads Competitors Company 1. Trend towards new activities and music 3. Relies on more effective ads at lower costs 2.

Competition from non-CSDs ² Reinforce brand personality traits such as irreverence. Gatekeeping ² Emphasize energy in advertisements 3. daring and fun . Audience fatigue ² Add new dimensions to the Do the Dew campaign.Executional Strategies 1. move away from the alternative/extreme sports executions 2.

Brand Consistency Study Labor of Love Adventurous Wild Active Daring Courageous Exciting Free-spirited Rebellious Spontaneous Athletic Youthful Cool Hip Out-going P P P P P P P P Cheetah P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P Dew or Die P Mock Opera P Showstopper .

Labor of Love Positives ‡ Conveys energy and irreverence ‡ Scope for humor Negatives ‡ Humor may not be obvious to all ‡ Might not go down well with mothers .

Cheetah Positives ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Strongly aligned with adventure and daringness Ideal for Superbowl ± showcases a competitive spirit Exhilarating experience Easy to understand Negatives ‡ Gatekeeping factor .

excitement and fun ‡ Acceptance among a demographically diverse audience ‡ Competitive spirit Negatives ‡ Action involved in the league of alternative sports .Dew or Die Positives ‡ Is consistent with the brand imagery of daredevilry.

Mock Opera Positives ‡ Irreverent ± parody of a famous song ‡ Excitement ± alternative sports action Negatives ‡ Alternative sports have already been overused .

Showstopper Positives ‡ Movie of the 1930s ± cashing in on the retro phenomenon Negatives ‡ Doesn¶t convey daredevilry or excitement ‡ Dew Dudes as passive people ‡ BMX riders and skateboarders .

Recommendation Labor of Love Consistency: Excitement / Exhilaration & Cheetah (Superbowl) Dew or Die (Superbowl) Humor .

Section A .LOGO Group 5.

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