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First Day Business

Mr. Duez AP World History (WHAP!)

About Mr. Duez
My Education: BA in History, Political Science and Secondary Education from Juniata College My family: I am married to a wonderful woman, Norma. She teaches in the red house ± Economics and AP Econ. We have one child: Aidan. He¶s entering 1st grade this year. Some of Mr. Duez's hobbies and activities include: Technology Reading and spending time with his son. Big fan of his beloved Texans, Astros and Rockets. He is also a big fan of hockey and the Houston Aeros and Pittsburgh Penguins. Mr. Duez loves Penn State Nittany Lions, State College PA is located about 40 minutes north of Huntingdon, PA where he went to college.

AP is a College Course
‡ This is NOT a college prep class. ‡ It is not a junior-college class. ‡ This class is intended to be used as credit toward graduation at a major four-year university. ‡ Credit is awarded based on the AP examination given in May. ‡ You will prepare for the AP exam.

AP or Humanities?
‡ Core curriculum (Strayer text) is identical. ‡ Humanities will give greater emphasis to literature in conjunction with English. ‡ The workload may vary from week to week (Gillespie may assign 10 more pages than us or the reverse) ‡ The core curriculum tests and quizzes are identical.

NOT your older sibling¶s Humanities
‡ AP drives the scope and sequence. ‡ We DO NOT have the time for the sort of activities that happened in Humanities in previous years. ‡ Mrs. Bates and Mr. G are working to align literature with history and create a course that is both engaging and meaningful. But they will not be having class together at the same time.

philosophy of education:

The person who does the work, does the learning.

Bloom¶s Taxonomy
Happen primarily in class: discussion, debate, simulation, etc.

Happen primarily outside of class: Reading, note-taking, organizing the text

Weekly Schedule
‡ Monday: reading check and content activity ‡ Tuesday ± Thursday: content activity ‡ Friday: chapter test ‡ Weekend: get ready to do it all again
We will never, ever, ever, ever, ³cover´ all of the material for which you are accountable on exams. You must read on your own. Don¶t walk up to me on the day of the test, scratching your head and saying, ³I don¶t remember us covering this.´

‡ 30% Formative, 70% Summative ‡ Monday reading checks: Open note/journal ‡ Literature reading checks: Open note/journal ‡ Summative Assessments are Open Mind!

The Website
‡ Go to ‡ For all of your needs. The calendar will have every day, every test, and every quiz mapped out for you for the entire year.

TEST TOMORROW! Bulliet, 1-2