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Definition:Preposition is a word, which is used before a noun, a noun phrase or a pronoun , connecting it to another word.

against etc. e. . instead of.g. with. in the middle of. by the side of etc. e..g.. on.. in.. @ Compound prepositions: Prepositions which consists of two or more words. at.@ Simple prepositions: Prepositions which consists only one word.

Some prepositions .

Kinds of Prepositions .

. There’s a wooden floor underneath the carpet. Examples:Sanny was sitting under a tree. Some geese flew over their house. They are called prepositions of place. I have a friend who lives in America. John and Sarah were hiding inside the wardrobe. There was a tree beside the river.Prepositions of Place Some prepositions show where something happens.

We’re going to the zoo on Saturday. . No. I’ll do my homework before dinner. It’s past your bedtime already.Prepositions of Time Some prepositions show when something happens. You must finish the work by Friday. you can’t watch a video. They are called prepositions of time. I visited my grandparents during the summer. Examples:School starts at nine o’clock.

Prepositions of Direction Some prepositions show where something is going. . The football rolled down the hill. The freeway goes right through the city. A man was walking his dog along the riverbank. Examples:- The boys chased after each other. We were travelling towards Miami. They are called prepositions of direction.

. Would you like a glass of lemon juice? I need three pieces of paper. Most of the children in my class like Education. There are several ways of cooking fish.Prepositions with special uses Usage of OF Our modules are full of real life examples. I ate a plate of rice and a quarter of milk.


Usage of “WITH” He pounds nails with a hammer. Would you like to come with us to the cinema? I can do difficult problems with help from Mom. Who is the man with the beard? . She painted the picture with her new paints. Mix the flour with water.



.Verbs .Prepositions with Adjective .

They borrowed money from the bank. Tell me about the show you saw. I agree with you. The verbs in these examples are printed in color.Prepositions are used with some verbs. Cut the cake into five pieces. I’m looking for my pencil. . Have you seen it? Can you think of another word for ‘pleased’? Does this book belong to you? We’re listening to CDs.

What’s the answer to this question? Is there a reason for this delay? What’s the matter with you? Here’s an example of good behavior. The nouns in these examples are printed in color. Congratulations on winning the competition! Traffic can cause damage to the environment.Prepositions are used with some nouns. .

(place) 2. She ran ____the dog because she was frightened.TRY THIS: 1. (place) 7. She keeps her slippers____ her bed. We always wash our hands ____meals. (place) 8. We walked____ the street to the park. (direction) 4. She put the book ____her bag. (time) 9. (place) 6. A man was coming____ us on his bike. (time) 3. (time) 5. A cat was sitting _______the roof of my car. Some people were talking ___the movie. (direction) . The party starts_____ six o’clock.

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