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. y One of world medium of communicating language. y Why English is important? Malaysia as a multi-cultural country has many native languages spoken by its people.Introduction: y Communication can be best defined as a process to deliver any message from a source (or speaker) to a receiver (or listener). y Developing effective communication skills requires repeated practice.

and is increasingly being used at job interviews. feelings. y English is used in the best careers. the best universities. . opinions and ideas .y Communication is about expressing and conveying your thoughts.

2009) . y Noise or interference happens in the communication. (Devito. y There are three main models of oral communication. physiological interference. psychological interference and semantic interference.How oral communication works: y "Oral Communication" means to communicate by talking. interactive model and transactional model. y The transactional model contains interdependent. y Physical interference. linear model.

Transactional Model .

y Computer mediated communication such as Yahoo Messenger. y Direct and indirect mediums of communication such as face to face interaction. . persuading. asserting. y Include all aspects of communication such as listening. nonverbal communication. Skype and so on. and more.Interpersonal communication: y Interpersonal communication defined as message sending and message reception between two or more individuals.

Interpersonal communication: .

y A small group may be a professional group. y Develop effective team communication in your small group by maintaining good manners. good attention and open-mindedness. an educational group or a social group. .Small group communication: y Small group communication is the communication that is carried out within a small group. y More effective and productive than a single individual handling at a project.

Small group communication .

y Often expressed as "who is saying what to whom using what medium with what effects?" y Effective public communication is the successful delivery of a message to a large group of people where each individual is impacted and moved to take action. . y Sending and receiving of messages on a large scale . or entertain the listeners. influence.Public c unic ti n ( r ublic s king ): y Process of speaking to a group of people in intended to inform.

Public speaking .

symbols.Conclusion: y Communication is a complex process of exchanging messages through words. y Deliver the messages from source to receiver. expressions and body language. . reducing the interferences between the speaker and the listener and using the best type of communication which is depends much to our social surroundings. y The accuracy of the messages depends much on how effective the source delivers the messages to the receivers. y Communicating effectively in English depends on ability to deliver the message in English.